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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "What is that?"
2.  "Yes, to you, my friend, who read them for the first time;but not for me, who have grown pale over them by manynights' study, and have reconstructed every phrase,completed every thought."
3.  "Improve yourself!" repeated Dantes; "why, how can youmanage to do so?"
4.  "Well?"
5.  "To-morrow."
6.  "Mercedes came again, and she found him so altered that shewas even more anxious than before to have him taken to herown home. This was M. Morrel's wish also, who would fainhave conveyed the old man against his consent; but the oldman resisted, and cried so that they were actuallyfrightened. Mercedes remained, therefore, by his bedside,and M. Morrel went away, making a sign to the Catalan thathe had left his purse on the chimney-piece. But availinghimself of the doctor's order, the old man would not takeany sustenance; at length (after nine days of despair andfasting), the old man died, cursing those who had caused hismisery, and saying to Mercedes, `If you ever see my Edmondagain, tell him I die blessing him.'" The abbe rose from hischair, made two turns round the chamber, and pressed histrembling hand against his parched throat. "And you believehe died" --


1.  "You are right; it is not you who should apprise M.Danglars, it is I."
2.  "Speak as fully as you please, sir," said the king, whobegan to give way to the emotion which had showed itself inBlacas's face and affected Villefort's voice. "Speak, sir,and pray begin at the beginning; I like order ineverything."
3.  "I will respect his age as he has respected the honor of myfamily; if my father had offended him, why did he not attackhim personally? Oh, no, he was afraid to encounter him faceto face."
4.  "You are certainly an extraordinary man," said Danglars;"and philosophers may well say it is a fine thing to berich."
5.  "Indeed?" said Albert.
6.  "My dear count," replied Albert, "I was announcing yourvisit to some of my friends, whom I had invited inconsequence of the promise you did me the honor to make, andwhom I now present to you. They are the Count ofChateau-Renaud, whose nobility goes back to the twelvepeers, and whose ancestors had a place at the Round Table;M. Lucien Debray, private secretary to the minister of theinterior; M. Beauchamp, an editor of a paper, and the terrorof the French government, but of whom, in spite of hisnational celebrity, you perhaps have not heard in Italy,since his paper is prohibited there; and M. MaximilianMorrel, captain of Spahis."


1.  "Yes, since Madame de Morcerf invites me."
2.  Fear, that relentless pursuer, clogged Dantes' efforts. Helistened for any sound that might be audible, and every timethat he rose to the top of a wave he scanned the horizon,and strove to penetrate the darkness. He fancied that everywave behind him was a pursuing boat, and he redoubled hisexertions, increasing rapidly his distance from the chateau,but exhausting his strength. He swam on still, and alreadythe terrible chateau had disappeared in the darkness. Hecould not see it, but he felt its presence. An hour passed,during which Dantes, excited by the feeling of freedom,continued to cleave the waves. "Let us see," said he, "Ihave swum above an hour, but as the wind is against me, thathas retarded my speed; however, if I am not mistaken, I mustbe close to Tiboulen. But what if I were mistaken?" Ashudder passed over him. He sought to tread water, in orderto rest himself; but the sea was too violent, and he feltthat he could not make use of this means of recuperation.
3.  "Now you get angry, and attack our poor agents. How will youhave them protect you? The Chamber cuts down their salariesevery day, so that now they have scarcely any. Will you beambassador, Albert? I will send you to Constantinople."
4.  "There! But listen to me -- listen -- and you will pity mewho has for twenty years alone borne the heavy burden ofgrief I am about to reveal, without casting the leastportion upon you."
5.   The old servant introduced Morrel by a private entrance,closed the door of the study, and soon the rustling of adress announced the arrival of Valentine. She lookedmarvellously beautiful in her deep mourning dress, andMorrel experienced such intense delight in gazing upon herthat he felt as if he could almost have dispensed with theconversation of her grandfather. But the easy-chair of theold man was heard rolling along the floor, and he soon madehis appearance in the room. Noirtier acknowledged by a lookof extreme kindness and benevolence the thanks which Morrellavished on him for his timely intervention on behalf ofValentine and himself -- an intervention which had savedthem from despair. Morrel then cast on the invalid aninterrogative look as to the new favor which he designed tobestow on him. Valentine was sitting at a little distancefrom them, timidly awaiting the moment when she should beobliged to speak. Noirtier fixed his eyes on her. "Am I tosay what you told me?" asked Valentine. Noirtier made a signthat she was to do so.
6.  "Certainly." And the next moment Luigi Vampa appeared beforeDanglars.


1.  "What am I to do?"
2.  ...essed of ingots, gold, money,...know of the existence of this treasure, which
3.  "Grandpapa Noirtier can speak now, then," said Edward, withhis habitual quickness. However, his remark did not makeMadame de Villefort even smile, so much was every mindengaged, and so solemn was the situation. Astonishment wasat its height. Something like a smile was perceptible onMadame de Villefort's countenance. Valentine instinctivelyraised her eyes, as if to thank heaven.
4、  "Upon your honor?"
5、  "And where is she, then? If you know, why don't you tell?"




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      "No, no, friend," replied the doctor, "you will soon ceaseto suffer."

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      "Ah, yes," said Monte Cristo smiling; "it is all a matter ofimagination. Why should we not imagine this the apartment ofan honest mother? And this bed with red hangings, a bedvisited by the goddess Lucina? And that mysteriousstaircase, the passage through which, not to disturb theirsleep, the doctor and nurse pass, or even the fathercarrying the sleeping child?" Here Madame Danglars, insteadof being calmed by the soft picture, uttered a groan andfainted. "Madame Danglars is ill," said Villefort; "it wouldbe better to take her to her carriage."

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       "Now," said Valentine, motioning to Morrel to sit down nearher grandfather, while she took her seat on his footstool,-- "now let us talk about our own affairs. You know,Maximilian, grandpapa once thought of leaving this house,and taking an apartment away from M. de Villefort's."

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      "Just as he was, his mind perfectly clear, but the sameincapability of moving or speaking."

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    {  Faria then drew forth from his hiding-place three or fourrolls of linen, laid one over the other, like folds ofpapyrus. These rolls consisted of slips of cloth about fourinches wide and eighteen long; they were all carefullynumbered and closely covered with writing, so legible thatDantes could easily read it, as well as make out the sense-- it being in Italian, a language he, as a Provencal,perfectly understood.

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      "Will you drink some of this ether and water?"}

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      "`Woman is fickle.' said Francis I.; `woman is like a waveof the sea,' said Shakespeare; both the great king and thegreat poet ought to have known woman's nature well."

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      "Albert will tell you," replied the count "that I gave himthe same advice. Look," added he. "I am finishing the mostexecrable morning's work."

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       "And a pair of oxen?"

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    {  "I think so; am I not right, M. de Villefort?" asked MonteCristo.

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      "Amen!" responded Caderousse, waving his hand in token ofadieu to Danglars, and bending his steps towards the Alleesde Meillan, moving his head to and fro, and muttering as hewent, after the manner of one whose mind was overchargedwith one absorbing idea.