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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  I feel it, you but spare my ignorance, The gentleman to shame me stoops thuslow. A traveller from complaisance, Still makes the best of things; I know Toowell, my humble prattle never can Have power to entertain so wise a man.Garden Scene: Garden scene with Mephistopheles, Faust, and Margaret.Lithograph by Eugene Delacroix.]
2.  Mephistopheles
3.  In seasons past we snatch'd, 'tis true, Some tit - bits by our cunning; Ourshoes, alas, are now danced through, On our bare soles we're running.Will - o' - the - Wisps
4.  Faust
5.  But, who, I wonder, could the caskets bring? I fear there's something wrongabout the thing!
6.  Spider's foot and midge's wing, A toad in form and feature; Together verses itcan string, Though scarce a living creature.


1.  How mean you that? have you of every sort?
2.  There sit a pair, the old one with the young; Already they have bravelydanced and sprung!
3.  Would I could happier tidings show! I trust mine errand you'll not let me rue;Your husband's dead, and greeteth you.
4.  But ere you leave us, quickly tell! I from a witness fain had heard, Where,how, and when my husband died and was interr'd. To forms I've always beenattached indeed, His death I fain would in the journals read.Mephistopheles
5.  A broomstick dost thou not at least desire? The roughest he - goat fain wouldI bestride, By this road from our goal we're still far wide.Faust
6.  People


1.  May this wild scene my senses spare! This, may in truth be called a fair!Mephistopheles
2.  How mean such handicraft as this you cannot feel! How it revolts the genuineartist's mind! The sorry trash in which these coxcombs deal, Is here approvedon principle, I find.
3.  Suppose there did! One must not be too nice. 'Twas well it was not grey, letthat suffice. Who 'mid his pleasures for a trifle cares?Faust
4.  Mephistopheles
5.   Chance hath the matter happily dispos'd! So thou my captive art? No doubt!By accident thou thus art caught!
6.  Mephistopheles


1.  Siebel
2.  In The Cathedral
3.  Mephistopheles
4、  Gaze not upon her! 'Tis not good! Forbear! 'Tis lifeless, magical, a shape ofair, An idol. Such to meet with, bodes no good; That rigid look of hers dothfreeze man's blood, And well - nigh petrifies his heart to stone: The story ofMedusa thou hast known.
5、  Mephistopheles




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      Call not the spirits who on mischief wait! Their troop familiar, streamingthrough the air, From every quarter threaten man's estate, And danger in athousand forms prepare! They drive impetuous from the frozen north, Withfangs sharp - piercing, and keen arrowy tongues; From the ungenial east theyissue forth, And prey, with parching breath, upon thy lungs; If, waft'd on thedesert's flaming wing, They from the south heap fire upon the brain,Refreshment from the west at first they bring, Anon to drown thyself and fieldand plain. In wait for mischief, they are prompt to hear; With guileful purposeour behests obey; Like ministers of grace they oft appear, And lisp likeangels, to betray. But let us hence! Grey eve doth all things blend, The airgrows chill, the mists descend! 'Tis in the evening first our home we prize Whystand you thus, and gaze with wondering eyes? What in the gloom thus movesyou?

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      Mephistopheles (to Faust)

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      Well spoken, I admit! But one thing puzzles me, my friend; Time's short, artlong; methinks 'twere fit That you to friendly counsel should attend. A poetchoose as your ally! Let him thought's wide dominion sweep, Each good andnoble quality, Upon your honoured brow to heap; The lion's magnanimity,The fleetness of the hind, The fiery blood of Italy, The Northern's steadfastmind. Let him to you the mystery show To blend high aims and cunning low;And while youth's passions are aflame To fall in love by rule and plan! I fainwould meet with such a man; Would him Sir Microcosmus name.Faust

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    {  Oh of the motley throng speak not before me, At whose aspect the Spiritwings its flight! Conceal the surging concourse, I implore thee, Whose vortexdraws us with resistless might. No, to some peaceful heavenly nook restoreme, Where only for the bard blooms pure delight, Where love and friendshipyield their choicest blessing, Our heart's true bliss, with god - like handcaressing.

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      Forbear to trifle longer with thy grief, Which, vulture - like, consumes thee inthis den. The worst society is some relief, Making thee feel thyself a man withmen. Nathless, it is not meant, I trow, To thrust thee 'mid the vulgar throng. Ito the upper ranks do not belong; Yet if, by me companion'd, thou Thy stepsthrough life forthwith wilt take, Upon the spot myself I'll make Thy comrade;Should it suit thy need, I am thy servant, am thy slave indeed!Faust

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      All's to my gentleman child's play!

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       You're right! Leipzig's the place for me! 'Tis quite a little Paris; people thereAcquire a certain easy finish'd air.

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    {  Around us as in doubt I see him shyly bound, Since he two strangers seeth inhis master's stead.

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      Profoundly learned I would grow, What heaven contains would comprehend,O'er earth's wide realm my gaze extend, Nature and science I desire to know.Mephistopheles