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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  While they were still conferring there, several other ofHurstwood's friends entered, and not long after eleven, thetheatres being out, some actors began to drop in--among them somenotabilities.
2.  By this the spell was broken. Even while the soldier resumed hisshort, solemn walk, other figures shuffled forward. They did notso much as greet the leader, but joined the one, sniffling andhitching and scraping their feet.
3.  "Don't say anything, will you?" he asked, giving the girl's arm agentle squeeze.
4.  One day Carrie's bell rang and the servant, who was in thekitchen, pressed the button which caused the front door of thegeneral entrance on the ground floor to be electricallyunlatched. When Carrie waited at her own door on the third floorto see who it might be coming up to call on her, Mrs. Vanceappeared.
5.  "'Tis cold, all right, this morning," said the one on the left,who possessed a rich brogue.
6.  "We'll go right up and get rooms," he said.


1.  Hurstwood watched him calmly. He had seen motormen work before.He knew just about how they did it, and was sure he could do aswell, with a very little practice.
2.  "Call Olsen," he said, turning to the clerk.
3.  "Beds, eh, all of you?"
4.  The two policemen looked about them calmly.
5.  Drouet, for one, was lured as much by his longing for pleasure asby his desire to shine among his betters. The many friends he methere dropped in because they craved, without, perhaps,consciously analysing it, the company, the glow, the atmospherewhich they found. One might take it, after all, as an augur ofthe better social order, for the things which they satisfiedhere, though sensory, were not evil. No evil could come out ofthe contemplation of an expensively decorated chamber. The worsteffect of such a thing would be, perhaps, to stir up in thematerial-minded an ambition to arrange their lives upon asimilarly splendid basis. In the last analysis, that wouldscarcely be called the fault of the decorations, but rather ofthe innate trend of the mind. That such a scene might stir theless expensively dressed to emulate the more expensively dressedcould scarcely be laid at the door of anything save the falseambition of the minds of those so affected. Remove the elementso thoroughly and solely complained of--liquor--and there wouldnot be one to gainsay the qualities of beauty and enthusiasmwhich would remain. The pleased eye with which our modernrestaurants of fashion are looked upon is proof of thisassertion.
6.  Carrie was so bewildered that she swallowed the whole story.


1.  Carrie's heart sank.
2.  The two officers kept silent for a few moments.
3.  Timid as Carrie was, she was strong in capability. The relianceof others made her feel as if she must, and when she must shedared. Experience of the world and of necessity was in herfavour. No longer the lightest word of a man made her headdizzy. She had learned that men could change and fail. Flatteryin its most palpable form had lost its force with her. Itrequired superiority--kindly superiority--to move her--thesuperiority of a genius like Ames.
4.  He took Carrie's little hand, and a current of feeling swept fromone to the other.
5.   "Oh, that's all right," answered the little girl, good-naturedly,glad to be of service.It had been days since Hurstwood had done more than go to thegrocery or to the news-stand. Now the weariness of indoors wasupon him--had been for two days--but chill, grey weather had heldhim back. Friday broke fair and warm. It was one of thoselovely harbingers of spring, given as a sign in dreary winterthat earth is not forsaken of warmth and beauty. The blueheaven, holding its one golden orb, poured down a crystal wash ofwarm light. It was plain, from the voice of the sparrows, thatall was halcyon outside. Carrie raised the front windows, andfelt the south wind blowing.
6.  "His stuff is nearly as bad as 'Dora Thorne,'" concluded Ames.


1.  Young Hurstwood, Jr., was in his twentieth year, and was alreadyconnected in a promising capacity with a large real estate firm.He contributed nothing for the domestic expenses of the family,but was thought to be saving his money to invest in real estate.He had some ability, considerable vanity, and a love of pleasurethat had not, as yet, infringed upon his duties, whatever theywere. He came in and went out, pursuing his own plans andfancies, addressing a few words to his mother occasionally,relating some little incident to his father, but for the mostpart confining himself to those generalities with which mostconversation concerns itself. He was not laying bare his desiresfor any one to see. He did not find any one in the house whoparticularly cared to see.
2.  Being left alone in this little place, Carrie did without a girl.She made it charming enough, but could not make it delight her.Hurstwood was not inwardly pleased to think that they should haveto modify their state, but he argued that he could do nothing.He must put the best face on it, and let it go at that.
3.  "You wouldn't stop to argue or arrange?"
4、  All the time she was conscious of certain features out of theside of her eye. Flush, colourful cheeks, a light moustache, agrey fedora hat. She now turned and looked upon him in full, theinstincts of self-protection and coquetry mingling confusedly inher brain.
5、  "Oh, no," said Carrie, the whole motive of the man flashing onher at once. "I have an engagement myself."




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      "We're all out of flour," she said; "you'd better get some thisafternoon. We haven't any meat, either. How would it do if wehad liver and bacon?"

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      "Lord!" he said, in his own thoughts, "this can't go on."

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       The suggestion of marriage struck Hurstwood forcibly. He sawclearly that this was her idea--he felt that it was not to begotten over easily. Bigamy lightened the horizon of his shadowythoughts for a moment. He wondered for the life of him how itwould all come out. He could not see that he was making anyprogress save in her regard. When he looked at her now, hethought her beautiful. What a thing it was to have her love him,even if it be entangling! She increased in value in his eyesbecause of her objection. She was something to struggle for, andthat was everything. How different from the women who yieldedwillingly! He swept the thought of them from his mind.

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      Her little brain had been surging with contradictory feelings--shame at exposure, shame at Hurstwood's perfidy, anger atDrouet's deception, the mockery he had made at her. Now oneclear idea came into her head. He was at fault. There was nodoubt about it. Why did he bring Hurstwood out--Hurstwood, amarried man, and never say a word to her? Never mind now aboutHurstwood's perfidy--why had he done this? Why hadn't he warnedher? There he stood now, guilty of this miserable breach ofconfidence and talking about what he had done for her!

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    {  "There's more marching in this opera than ever I did before,"added the girl.

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      He wondered now why he had not asked whether this train went onthrough to Montreal or some Canadian point. Perhaps he couldhave saved time. He jumped up and sought the conductor.}

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      "How long are you here?" asked Hurstwood.

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      "Oh, about six and six," said the other."Rotten weather, isn't it?"

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       "On Washington Boulevard." he answered, expecting her eye tolight with immediate remembrance.

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    {  "Why don't he get something?" she openly said to herself. "If Ican he surely ought to. It wasn't very hard for me."

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      In the course of his present stay in Chicago, Drouet paid someslight attention to the secret order to which he belonged.During his last trip he had received a new light on itsimportance.