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巴黎人网投【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  "I do not mean to say you will lose, but, nevertheless, mindyou hold to the terms of the agreement."   The general, with his head thrown back, hands extended, gazefixed, looked silently at this dreadful apparition; thenseeking the wall to support him, he glided along close to ituntil he reached the door, through which he went outbackwards, uttering this single mournful, lamentable,distressing cry, -- "Edmond Dantes!" Then, with sighs whichwere unlike any human sound, he dragged himself to the door,reeled across the court-yard, and falling into the arms ofhis valet, he said in a voice scarcely intelligible, --"Home, home." The fresh air and the shame he felt at havingexposed himself before his servants, partly recalled hissenses, but the ride was short, and as he drew near hishouse all his wretchedness revived. He stopped at a shortdistance from the house and alighted.

    "But why, mother?"

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   "Poor young man," said Monte Cristo in a low voice; "it isthen true that the sin of the father shall fall on thechildren to the third and fourth generation." MeanwhileAlbert had revived, and, continuing to read, he threw backhis head, saying, "Florentin, is your horse fit to returnimmediately?"

   Albert turned frightfully pale; he endeavored to speak, butthe words died on his lips. "My friend," said Beauchamp, inthe most affectionate tone, "I should gladly make anapology; but, alas," --


    "Because, in the first place, they transfer from the vesselto their own boat whatever they think worth taking, thenthey bind the crew hand and foot, they attach to every one'sneck a four and twenty pound ball, a large hole is choppedin the vessel's bottom, and then they leave her. At the endof ten minutes the vessel begins to roll heavily and settledown. First one gun'l goes under, then the other. Then theylift and sink again, and both go under at once. All at oncethere's a noise like a cannon -- that's the air blowing upthe deck. Soon the water rushes out of the scupper-holeslike a whale spouting, the vessel gives a last groan, spinsround and round, and disappears, forming a vast whirlpool inthe ocean, and then all is over, so that in five minutesnothing but the eye of God can see the vessel where she liesat the bottom of the sea. Do you understand now," said thecaptain, "why no complaints are made to the government, andwhy the vessel never reaches port?"

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   Albert expected to have something new this time to show tothe traveller, but, to his great surprise, the latter,without seeking for the signatures, many of which, indeed,were only initials, named instantly the author of everypicture in such a manner that it was easy to see that eachname was not only known to him, but that each styleassociated with it had been appreciated and studied by him.From the salon they passed into the bed-chamber; it was amodel of taste and simple elegance. A single portrait,signed by Leopold Robert, shone in its carved and gildedframe. This portrait attracted the Count of Monte Cristo'sattention, for he made three rapid steps in the chamber, andstopped suddenly before it. It was the portrait of a youngwoman of five or six and twenty, with a dark complexion, andlight and lustrous eyes, veiled beneath long lashes. Shewore the picturesque costume of the Catalan fisherwomen, ared and black bodice, and golden pins in her hair. She waslooking at the sea, and her form was outlined on the blueocean and sky. The light was so faint in the room thatAlbert did not perceive the pallor that spread itself overthe count's visage, or the nervous heaving of his chest andshoulders. Silence prevailed for an instant, during whichMonte Cristo gazed intently on the picture.

    "Then, count, if you will not wait, we must look upon theseprojects as if they had never been entertained." The countbit his lips till the blood almost started, to prevent theebullition of anger which his proud and irritable temperscarcely allowed him to restrain; understanding, however,that in the present state of things the laugh woulddecidedly be against him, he turned from the door, towardswhich he had been directing his steps, and again confrontedthe banker. A cloud settled on his brow, evincing decidedanxiety and uneasiness, instead of the expression ofoffended pride which had lately reigned there. "My dearDanglars," said Morcerf, "we have been acquainted for manyyears, and consequently we ought to make some allowance foreach other's failings. You owe me an explanation, and reallyit is but fair that I should know what circumstance hasoccurred to deprive my son of your favor."

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   At this name a murmur of astonishment passed around thegroup of spectators of this scene. They had talked of no onebut Morcerf the whole day. Albert understood the allusion ina moment, and was about to throw his glove at the count,when Morrel seized his hand, while Beauchamp andChateau-Renaud, fearing the scene would surpass the limitsof a challenge, held him back. But Monte Cristo, withoutrising, and leaning forward in his chair, merely stretchedout his arm and, taking the damp, crushed glove from theclinched hand of the young man, "Sir," said he in a solemntone, "I consider your glove thrown, and will return it toyou wrapped around a bullet. Now leave me or I will summonmy servants to throw you out at the door."

    "What brief?"

<  "Who are those gentlemen?" asked Danglars of Monte Cristo.   "I would swear to it; what I heard of his symptoms agreestoo well with what I have seen in the other cases."Villefort ceased to contend; he only groaned. "He firstkills M. de Saint-Meran," repeated the doctor, "then Madamede Saint-Meran, -- a double fortune to inherit." Villefortwiped the perspiration from his forehead. "Listenattentively."

    "Yes; let us go."


<  "But Peppino did not even belong to my band: he was merely apoor shepherd, whose only crime consisted in furnishing uswith provisions."   "No. 27," said the inspector.

    "Backhanded." Again the abbe smiled. "Disguised."





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