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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  * Dr. Guillotin got the idea of his famous machine fromwitnessing an execution in Italy.
2.  "To the residence of Baron Danglars, Rue de la Chausseed'Antin." This conversation had passed as they stood uponthe terrace, from which a flight of stone steps led to thecarriage-drive. As Bertuccio, with a respectful bow, wasmoving away, the count called him back. "I have anothercommission for you, M. Bertuccio," said he; "I am desirousof having an estate by the seaside in Normandy -- forinstance, between Havre and Boulogne. You see I give you awide range. It will be absolutely necessary that the placeyou may select have a small harbor, creek, or bay, intowhich my corvette can enter and remain at anchor. She drawsonly fifteen feet. She must be kept in constant readiness tosail immediately I think proper to give the signal. Make therequisite inquiries for a place of this description, andwhen you have met with an eligible spot, visit it, and if itpossess the advantages desired, purchase it at once in yourown name. The corvette must now, I think, be on her way toFecamp, must she not?"
3.  "You will see," said the man proudly; "in five minutes hewill speak."
4.  "And when shall we know?" inquired Franz.
5.  "Never; you can talk to her, she so delights in yourconversation."
6.  The old man uttered a cry, and turned round; then, seeinghis son, he fell into his arms, pale and trembling.


1.  "Saturday."
2.  "Why," said Albert, "he was talked about for a week; thenthe coronation of the queen of England took place, followedby the theft of Mademoiselle Mars's diamonds; and so peopletalked of something else."
3.  "No, count; but to leave Paris" --
4.  "Not even me?" asked the count with deep emotion. Morrel'sclear eye was for the moment clouded, then it shone withunusual lustre, and a large tear rolled down his cheek.
5.  "I wish to consult you on this passage, `Molli fugiensanhelitu," you know it refers to a stag flying from a wolf.Are you not a sportsman and a great wolf-hunter? Well, then,what do you think of the molli anhelitu?"
6.  "I have both seen and heard her. I saw her at the theatre,and heard her one morning when I breakfasted with thecount."


1.  "And you ate in your carriage?" asked Morcerf.
2.  "As many thousands as you give me hundreds! Truly, it isonly bastards who are thus fortunate. Five thousand francsper month! What the devil can you do with all that?"
3.  "Bravo! an excellent idea. We will disguise ourselves asmonster pulchinellos or shepherds of the Landes, and weshall have complete success."
4.  "I was saying to him only yesterday, `You are imprudent,Monsieur Count; for when you go to Auteuil and take yourservants the house is left unprotected.' Well,' said he,`what next?' `Well, next, some day you will be robbed.'"
5.   "You will soon know."
6.  "She is quite well," replied Danglars quickly; "she is atthe piano with M. Cavalcanti." Albert retained his calm andindifferent manner; he might feel perhaps annoyed, but heknew Monte Cristo's eye was on him. "M. Cavalcanti has afine tenor voice," said he, "and Mademoiselle Eugenie asplendid soprano, and then she plays the piano likeThalberg. The concert must be a delightful one."


1.  "You see, I do not conceal myself."
2.  "Oh, no, no," said the general, smiling faintly, "I did notcome for that purpose; you are right. I came to tell youthat I also look upon you as my enemy. I came to tell youthat I hate you instinctively; that it seems as if I hadalways known you, and always hated you; and, in short, sincethe young people of the present day will not fight, itremains for us to do so. Do you think so, sir?"
3.  "No, no," cried Maximilian, quite unable to restrain hisfeelings.
4、  "With your tastes, and means of gratifying them," continuedDanglars, "you will exhibit a splendor that must effectuallyput us poor miserable millionaires quite in the shade. If Imistake not you are an admirer of paintings, at least Ijudged so from the attention you appeared to be bestowing onmine when I entered the room. If you will permit me, I shallbe happy to show you my picture gallery, composed entirelyof works by the ancient masters -- warranted as such. Not amodern picture among them. I cannot endure the modern schoolof painting."
5、  "Ah!" said Eugenie.




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      "Who wrote to Yanina?"

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      "No," replied Beauchamp, "I have not considered thequestion; a totally different subject interests me."

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       "Exactly so. Imagine a man who has transacted business withme for I don't know how long, to the amount of 800,000 or900,000 francs during the year. Never a mistake or delay --a fellow who paid like a prince. Well, I was a million inadvance with him, and now my fine Jacopo Manfredi suspendspayment!"

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      "Indeed? Then your father ought to have met with you on theroad, for it is exactly the same route which he himselftook, and that is how we have been able to trace yourjourney to this place."

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    {  "No, I do not," replied Monte Cristo, without even knowingof what or to whom he was speaking, so much was he occupiedin watching Morrel, who was holding his breath with emotion."The discourse is over; farewell, gentlemen," said thecount. And he disappeared without anyone seeing whither hewent. The funeral being over, the guests returned to Paris.Chateau-Renaud looked for a moment for Morrel; but whilethey were watching the departure of the count, Morrel hadquitted his post, and Chateau-Renaud, failing in his search,joined Debray and Beauchamp.

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      "What is that?"}

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      Villefort interrupted him; he had neither listened norheard. "Oh, I will find it," he cried; "you may pretend heis not here, but I will find him, though I dig forever!"Monte Cristo drew back in horror. "Oh," he said, "he ismad!" And as though he feared that the walls of the accursedhouse would crumble around him, he rushed into the street,for the first time doubting whether he had the right to doas he had done. "Oh, enough of this, -- enough of this," hecried; "let me save the last." On entering his house, he metMorrel, who wandered about like a ghost awaiting theheavenly mandate for return to the tomb. "Prepare yourself,Maximilian," he said with a smile; "we leave Paristo-morrow."

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      "You hear, M. de Morcerf, I am referred to you," said thecountess.

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       "At once."

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    {  "Mademoiselle Danglars is too rich for me," replied Morcerf,"and that frightens me."

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      "Yet, had he come," thought Dantes, "he would have found thetreasure, and Borgia, he who compared Italy to an artichoke,which he could devour leaf by leaf, knew too well the valueof time to waste it in replacing this rock. I will go down."