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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Extremely," replied he; "she looked so pale this morning, Iscarcely knew her." These apparently simple words piercedMorrel to the heart. This man had seen Valentine, and spokento her! The young and high-spirited officer required all hisstrength of mind to resist breaking his oath. He took thearm of Chateau-Renaud, and turned towards the vault, wherethe attendants had already placed the two coffins. "This isa magnificent habitation," said Beauchamp, looking towardsthe mausoleum; "a summer and winter palace. You will, inturn, enter it, my dear d'Epinay, for you will soon benumbered as one of the family. I, as a philosopher, shouldlike a little country-house, a cottage down there under thetrees, without so many free-stones over my poor body. Indying, I will say to those around me what Voltaire wrote toPiron: `Eo rus, and all will be over.' But come, Franz, takecourage, your wife is an heiress."
2.  "She belonged to one of the first families in Italy, Ithink, did she not?"
3.  "Yes."
4.  "The receipt of M. de Monte Cristo is as good as money; takeit to Rothschild's or Lafitte's, and they will take it offyour hands at once."
5.  "Of whom? -- how? -- of what?"
6.  In fact, a moment later M. Morrel appeared and was salutedwith an enthusiastic burst of applause from the crew of thePharaon, who hailed the visit of the shipowner as a sureindication that the man whose wedding feast he thusdelighted to honor would ere long be first in command of theship; and as Dantes was universally beloved on board hisvessel, the sailors put no restraint on their tumultuous joyat finding that the opinion and choice of their superiors soexactly coincided with their own.


1.  "Well, you must allow it is the best thing for the stomach;but I hear Beauchamp in the next room; you can disputetogether, and that will pass away the time."
2.  "I am wholly a stranger to Paris -- it is a city I havenever yet seen."
3.  "Because in 1807 I dreamed of the very plan Napoleon triedto realize in 1811; because, like Machiavelli, I desired toalter the political face of Italy, and instead of allowingit to be split up into a quantity of petty principalities,each held by some weak or tyrannical ruler, I sought to formone large, compact, and powerful empire; and, lastly,because I fancied I had found my Caesar Borgia in a crownedsimpleton, who feigned to enter into my views only to betrayme. It was the plan of Alexander VI. and Clement VII., butit will never succeed now, for they attempted itfruitlessly, and Napoleon was unable to complete his work.Italy seems fated to misfortune." And the old man bowed hishead.
4.  Chapter 58M. Noirtier de Villefort.
5.  "Listen, Morrel, and pay attention to what I am about totell you. I knew a man who like you had fixed all his hopesof happiness upon a woman. He was young, he had an oldfather whom he loved, a betrothed bride whom he adored. Hewas about to marry her, when one of the caprices of fate, --which would almost make us doubt the goodness of providence,if that providence did not afterwards reveal itself byproving that all is but a means of conducting to an end, --one of those caprices deprived him of his mistress, of thefuture of which he had dreamed (for in his blindness heforgot he could only read the present), and cast him into adungeon."
6.  "That is very well before one is over forty. No, I do notdance, but I like to see others do so. Does Madame deMorcerf dance?"


1.  "Shall I assist you in repairing your negligence?" askedFranz.
2.  "I will go directly," was Edmond's reply; and, embracing hisfather, and nodding to Caderousse, he left the apartment.
3.  "Follow me, then," said the abbe, as he re-entered thesubterranean passage, in which he soon disappeared, followedby Dantes.
4.  "What do you mean?"
5.   "Well, yes, and I had good reason to be so," repliedChateau-Renaud. "I was retreating on foot, for my horse wasdead. Six Arabs came up, full gallop, to cut off my head. Ishot two with my double-barrelled gun, and two more with mypistols, but I was then disarmed, and two were still left;one seized me by the hair (that is why I now wear it soshort, for no one knows what may happen), the other swung ayataghan, and I already felt the cold steel on my neck, whenthis gentleman whom you see here charged them, shot the onewho held me by the hair, and cleft the skull of the otherwith his sabre. He had assigned himself the task of saving aman's life that day; chance caused that man to be myself.When I am rich I will order a statue of Chance from Klagmannor Marochetti."
6.  Caderousse lingered for a moment, then taking leave of oldDantes, he went downstairs to rejoin Danglars, who awaitedhim at the corner of the Rue Senac.


1.  "Hush, the curtain is rising. Listen! I never lose a note ofthis opera if I can avoid it; the music of William Tell isso sweet."
2.  "He must be a prophet, then," said Valentine, smiling.
3.  "If they did not speak of me, I am sure they thought aboutme, and I am in despair."
4、  "So I should suppose by her dress; if you know no more thanthat, every one here is as well-informed as yourself."
5、  "Are we quite alone, my friend?"




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      "Well, M. de Monte Cristo has just carried off their fivemillions."

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      "I understand," he said, "you confess; but a confession madeto the judges, a confession made at the last moment,extorted when the crime cannot be denied, diminishes not thepunishment inflicted on the guilty!"

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       "You are, then, doubtless, the Count of Monte Cristo, ofwhom Hermine has talked to me so much?"

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      "One evening a wolf emerged from a pine-wood hear which theywere usually stationed, but the wolf had scarcely advancedten yards ere he was dead. Proud of this exploit, Vampa tookthe dead animal on his shoulders, and carried him to thefarm. These exploits had gained Luigi considerablereputation. The man of superior abilities always findsadmirers, go where he will. He was spoken of as the mostadroit, the strongest, and the most courageous contadino forten leagues around; and although Teresa was universallyallowed to be the most beautiful girl of the Sabines, no onehad ever spoken to her of love, because it was known thatshe was beloved by Vampa. And yet the two young people hadnever declared their affection; they had grown together liketwo trees whose roots are mingled, whose branchesintertwined, and whose intermingled perfume rises to theheavens. Only their wish to see each other had become anecessity, and they would have preferred death to a day'sseparation. Teresa was sixteen, and Vampa seventeen. Aboutthis time, a band of brigands that had established itself inthe Lepini mountains began to be much spoken of. Thebrigands have never been really extirpated from theneighborhood of Rome. Sometimes a chief is wanted, but whena chief presents himself he rarely has to wait long for aband of followers.

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    {  "What do you want, sir?" asked the driver.

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      "I swear to you it is true. Tell me, I entreat."}

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      "Very well, my dear sir; then I consent to cut throats withyou. But I require three weeks' preparation; at the end ofthat time I shall come and say to you, `The assertion isfalse, and I retract it,' or `The assertion is true,' when Ishall immediately draw the sword from its sheath, or thepistols from the case, whichever you please."

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      "No," replied the turnkey; "you destroy everything. Firstyou break your jug, then you make me break your plate; ifall the prisoners followed your example, the governmentwould be ruined. I shall leave you the saucepan, and pouryour soup into that. So for the future I hope you will notbe so destructive."

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       Albert bowed to Madame Danglars, and advanced towards Madamede Villefort, whose lips opened as he approached. "I wageranything," said Albert, interrupting her, "that I know whatyou were about to say."

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    {  The following day Dantes presented Jacopo with an entirelynew vessel, accompanying the gift by a donation of onehundred piastres, that he might provide himself with asuitable crew and other requisites for his outfit, uponcondition that he would go at once to Marseilles for thepurpose of inquiring after an old man named Louis Dantes,residing in the Allees de Meillan, and also a young womancalled Mercedes, an inhabitant of the Catalan village.Jacopo could scarcely believe his senses at receiving thismagnificent present, which Dantes hastened to account for bysaying that he had merely been a sailor from whim and adesire to spite his family, who did not allow him as muchmoney as he liked to spend; but that on his arrival atLeghorn he had come into possession of a large fortune, lefthim by an uncle, whose sole heir he was. The superioreducation of Dantes gave an air of such extreme probabilityto this statement that it never once occurred to Jacopo todoubt its accuracy. The term for which Edmond had engaged toserve on board The Young Amelia having expired, Dantes tookleave of the captain, who at first tried all his powers ofpersuasion to induce him to remain as one of the crew, buthaving been told the history of the legacy, he ceased toimportune him further. The following morning Jacopo set sailfor Marseilles, with directions from Dantes to join him atthe Island of Monte Cristo.

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      "And who," said Albert with a forced smile, "is to marryMademoiselle Danglars instead of me, which grieves mecruelly."