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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "That an unfaithful tutor, bought over by the enemies ofyour family" --
2.  "Your son shall be happy, Mercedes," repeated the count.
3.  "Well?" said Villefort. "Go to the kitchen and get me somesyrup of violets." Villefort went immediately. "Do not bealarmed, M. Noirtier," said d'Avrigny; "I am going to takemy patient into the next room to bleed him; this sort ofattack is very frightful to witness."
4.  "Come in, come in," said Morrel, "for I presume you are allat the door."
5.  "Then what do you fear, my lord?"
6.  "Ah, how good you are to say so, Valentine! You possess aquality which can never belong to Mademoiselle Danglars. Itis that indefinable charm which is to a woman what perfumeis to the flower and flavor to the fruit, for the beauty ofeither is not the only quality we seek."


1.  "Unquestionably."
2.  "Certainly; but is this all you have to say to me?"
3.  "And," said Cavalcanti, "I know that Lake Fusaro alonesupplies lampreys of that size."
4.  "Ask the Vicomte de Morcerf."
5.  "My grief will kill me of itself."
6.  "And yet the murder, if you choose to call it so, would besimply a measure of self-preservation."


1.  "Was he liberated, then?"
2.  "He's heavy though for an old and thin man," said one, as heraised the head.
3.  "And," asked the abbe, "is M. Morrel still alive?"
4.  "Well, now, what do you say to a cart? I dare say such athing might be had."
5.   "When one thinks," said Caderousse, letting his hand drop onthe paper, "there is here wherewithal to kill a man moresure than if we waited at the corner of a wood toassassinate him! I have always had more dread of a pen, abottle of ink, and a sheet of paper, than of a sword orpistol."
6.  "But you are not always travelling."


1.  "She is under the big chestnut-tree," replied the spoiledbrat, as he gave, in spite of his mother's commands, liveflies to the parrot, which seemed keenly to relish suchfare. Madame de Villefort stretched out her hand to ring,intending to direct her waiting-maid to the spot where shewould find Valentine, when the young lady herself enteredthe apartment. She appeared much dejected; and any personwho considered her attentively might have observed thetraces of recent tears in her eyes.
2.  "First, madame, who are you?"
3.  "Well, let it be three weeks then," said Morcerf; "butremember, at the expiration of that time no delay orsubterfuge will justify you in" --
4、  Meantime the subject of the arrest was being canvassed inevery different form.
5、  "They are on the track of the man who appointed the meetingwith him."




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      "Larboard your helm," cried the captain to the steersman.Dantes glanced that way as he lifted the gourd to his mouth;then paused with hand in mid-air.

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      M. de Blacas returned as speedily as he had departed, but inthe ante-chamber he was forced to appeal to the king'sauthority. Villefort's dusty garb, his costume, which wasnot of courtly cut, excited the susceptibility of M. deBreze, who was all astonishment at finding that this youngman had the audacity to enter before the king in suchattire. The duke, however, overcame all difficulties with aword -- his majesty's order; and, in spite of theprotestations which the master of ceremonies made for thehonor of his office and principles, Villefort wasintroduced.

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       "He remained there fourteen years, Morrel," said the count,placing his hand on the young man's shoulder. Maximilianshuddered.

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      "I understand," he said, "you confess; but a confession madeto the judges, a confession made at the last moment,extorted when the crime cannot be denied, diminishes not thepunishment inflicted on the guilty!"

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    {  "Why," said Dantes, "if in two or three days you hail anyfishing-boat, desire them to come here to me. I will paytwenty-five piastres for my passage back to Leghorn. If youdo not come across one, return for me." The patron shook hishead.

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      "My father knows me," replied Villefort; "he is quite surethat his wishes will be held sacred by me; besides, heunderstands that in my position I cannot plead against thepoor." The eye of Noirtier beamed with triumph. "What do youdecide on, sir?" asked the notary of Villefort.}

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      "Do so then, for of all themes which you could choose thatwill be the most agreeable to her taste." Albert turnedtowards Haidee. "At what age did you leave Greece, signora?"asked he.

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      "A Lutheran?"

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       "My dear Franz," replied Albert, "when, upon receipt of myletter, you found the necessity of asking the count'sassistance, you promptly went to him, saying, `My friendAlbert de Morcerf is in danger; help me to deliver him.' Wasnot that nearly what you said?"

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    {  "Well, since we must part," said the count, holding out ahand to each of the young men, "allow me to wish you both asafe and pleasant journey." It was the first time the handof Franz had come in contact with that of the mysteriousindividual before him, and unconsciously he shuddered at itstouch, for it felt cold and icy as that of a corpse. "Let usunderstand each other," said Albert; "it is agreed -- is itnot? -- that you are to be at No. 27, in the Rue du Helder,on the 21st of May, at half-past ten in the morning, andyour word of honor passed for your punctuality?"

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      "I must again excuse myself, M. Morrel, for after this firstvisit has been paid I have another which I am most anxiousto pay."