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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The count stopped. "Well?" asked the young girl, with anauthoritative tone the count had never observed before, andwhich startled him. "Well, if any misfortune happen to me,"replied Monte Cristo, "I wish my daughter to be happy."Haidee smiled sorrowfully, and shook her head. "Do you thinkof dying, my lord?" said she.
2.  As we have said, the inspector, from discretion, and that hemight not disturb the Abbe Faria's pupil in his researches,had seated himself in a corner, and was reading Le DrapeauBlanc. He did not see the Englishman fold up and place inhis pocket the accusation written by Danglars under thearbor of La Reserve, and which had the postmark,"Marseilles, 27th Feb., delivery 6 o'clock, P.M." But itmust be said that if he had seen it, he attached so littleimportance to this scrap of paper, and so much importance tohis two hundred thousand francs, that he would not haveopposed whatever the Englishman might do, however irregularit might be.
3.  "Valentine, you are an angel!"
4.  "That is not probable."
5.  "Oh, no, sir," said Madame Danglars; "but you suppose scenesin a manner which gives them the appearance of reality "
6.  "Three days ago? You are crazy. Why, three days ago theemperor had not landed."


1.  Mercedes courtesied gravely, and said -- "That is not myname, and in my country it bodes ill fortune, they say, tocall a young girl by the name of her betrothed before hebecomes her husband. So call me Mercedes, if you please."
2.  "Ah, lips that say one thing, while the heart thinksanother," murmured Edmond. "But, never mind, he is aneighbor who has done us a service on a time, so he'swelcome."
3.  "I wish to consult you on this passage, `Molli fugiensanhelitu," you know it refers to a stag flying from a wolf.Are you not a sportsman and a great wolf-hunter? Well, then,what do you think of the molli anhelitu?"
4.  "But tell me," said Beauchamp, "what is life? Is it not ahall in Death's anteroom?"
5.  "Unfortunately," said the governor, "I know beforehand whatyou are about to say; it concerns your treasures, does itnot?" Faria fixed his eyes on him with an expression thatwould have convinced any one else of his sanity.
6.  "I say so, M. Debray, because I have no friends now, and Iought not to have any. I thank you for having recognized me,sir." Debray stepped forward, and cordially pressed the handof his interlocutor. "Believe me, dear Albert," he said,with all the emotion he was capable of feeling, -- "believeme, I feel deeply for your misfortunes, and if in any way Ican serve you, I am yours."


1.  "No," said Villefort, rising hastily; "stay where you are.It is for me to give orders here, and not you."
2.  "Whether I am in my senses or not," answered Franz, "that isthe way I feel."
3.  "Fly, then!" cried Mademoiselle d'Armilly, whose pityreturned as her fears diminished; "fly!"
4.  "The other night she left."
5.   Caderousse quickly performed the stranger's bidding; andafter pouring some into a glass, and slowly swallowing itscontents, the abbe, resuming his usual placidity of manner,said, as he placed his empty glass on the table, -- "Wheredid we leave off?"
6.  "What do they do?"


1.  "Holidays?"
2.  "In what year?"
3.  "Advancing -- he is advancing!" said Louis XVIII. "Is hethen advancing on Paris?" The minister of police maintaineda silence which was equivalent to a complete avowal.
4、  However, as if fate resolved on depriving the prisoners oftheir last chance, and making them understand that they werecondemned to perpetual imprisonment, a new misfortune befellthem; the gallery on the sea side, which had long been inruins, was rebuilt. They had repaired it completely, andstopped up with vast masses of stone the hole Dantes hadpartly filled in. But for this precaution, which, it will beremembered, the abbe had made to Edmond, the misfortunewould have been still greater, for their attempt to escapewould have been detected, and they would undoubtedly havebeen separated. Thus a new, a stronger, and more inexorablebarrier was interposed to cut off the realization of theirhopes.
5、  "Why so?" asked the young man, surprised.




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      "Ah, the devil, no," cried Albert; "I came to Rome to seethe Carnival, and I will, though I see it on stilts."

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       "No, no, my dear fellow, do not confound our plans. We takehim to the other side of the French frontier, and offer himhospitality at Bourges."

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      "Yes," said Monte Cristo; "but, unfortunately, a recipeexcellent for a man like myself would be very dangerousapplied to an army, which might not awake when it wasneeded."

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    {  "Has he eaten anything lately?" asked Madame de Villefort,eluding her husband's question. "Madame," replied Valentine,"he has not even breakfasted. He has been running very faston an errand with which my grandfather charged him, and whenhe returned, took nothing but a glass of lemonade."

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      "Then you have my promise, Maximilian."}

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      The artist who could have depicted the expression of thesetwo countenances would certainly have made of them abeautiful picture. All these proofs of an energeticresolution, which Albert did not fear on his own account,alarmed him for his mother. "What are you doing?" asked he.

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      "From one hundred and fifty to two hundred thousand livresper annum."

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       "You are thoughtful, sir," continued Morrel; "you wantsomething; shall I call one of the servants?"

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    {  "You know the Marquis of Saint-Meran died a few days afterhe had set out on his journey to Paris, and the marchionessa few days after her arrival?"

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      "Oh, if he knows the contents of this!" murmured he, "andthat Noirtier is the father of Villefort, I am lost!" And hefixed his eyes upon Edmond as if he would have penetratedhis thoughts.