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永昌国际娱乐怎么样【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  It was agreed in a brief council held among them, that Julieshould write to her brother, who was in garrison at Nimes,to come to them as speedily as possible. The poor women feltinstinctively that they required all their strength tosupport the blow that impended. Besides, Maximilian Morrel,though hardly two and twenty, had great influence over hisfather. He was a strong-minded, upright young man. At thetime when he decided on his profession his father had nodesire to choose for him, but had consulted youngMaximilian's taste. He had at once declared for a militarylife, and had in consequence studied hard, passedbrilliantly through the Polytechnic School, and left it assub-lieutenant of the 53d of the line. For a year he hadheld this rank, and expected promotion on the first vacancy.In his regiment Maximilian Morrel was noted for his rigidobservance, not only of the obligations imposed on asoldier, but also of the duties of a man; and he thus gainedthe name of "the stoic." We need hardly say that many ofthose who gave him this epithet repeated it because they hadheard it, and did not even know what it meant. This was theyoung man whom his mother and sister called to their aid tosustain them under the serious trial which they felt theywould soon have to endure. They had not mistaken the gravityof this event, for the moment after Morrel had entered hisprivate office with Cocles, Julie saw the latter leave itpale, trembling, and his features betraying the utmostconsternation. She would have questioned him as he passed byher, but the worthy creature hastened down the staircasewith unusual precipitation, and only raised his hands toheaven and exclaimed, "Oh, mademoiselle, mademoiselle, whata dreadful misfortune! Who could ever have believed it!" Amoment afterwards Julie saw him go up-stairs carrying two orthree heavy ledgers, a portfolio, and a bag of money.   "He entered the marshal's apartment while I was there."

    "Then," murmured Louis, "he was well informed. And how manymen had he with him?"

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   "I will tell you, Mr. President. A man who had swornvengeance against my father, and had long watched hisopportunity to kill him, had introduced himself that nightinto the garden in which my father buried me. He wasconcealed in a thicket; he saw my father bury something inthe ground, and stabbed him; then thinking the deposit mightcontain some treasure he turned up the ground, and found mestill living. The man carried me to the foundling asylum,where I was registered under the number 37. Three monthsafterwards, a woman travelled from Rogliano to Paris tofetch me, and having claimed me as her son, carried me away.Thus, you see, though born in Paris, I was brought up inCorsica."

   Monte Cristo summoned the Greek attendant, and bade herinquire whether it would be agreeable to her mistress toreceive his visit. Haidee's only reply was to direct herservant by a sign to withdraw the tapestried curtain thathung before the door of her boudoir, the framework of theopening thus made serving as a sort of border to thegraceful tableau presented by the young girl's picturesqueattitude and appearance. As Monte Cristo approached, sheleaned upon the elbow of the arm that held the narghile, andextending to him her other hand, said, with a smile ofcaptivating sweetness, in the sonorous language spoken bythe women of Athens and Sparta, "Why demand permission ereyou enter? Are you no longer my master, or have I ceased tobe your slave?" Monte Cristo returned her smile. "Haidee,"said he, "you well know."



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   "`How,' do you ask? When we parted at the Pont du Var, youtold me you were going to travel through Piedmont andTuscany; but instead of that, you come to Paris."

    "Did you bring it to your master directly it was made?"

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   "I promise on my honor."

    "Swear, then," said Villefort, joining the hands of Morreland d'Avrigny, "swear that you will spare the honor of myhouse, and leave me to avenge my child." D'Avrigny turnedround and uttered a very feeble "Yes," but Morrel,disengaging his hand, rushed to the bed, and after havingpressed the cold lips of Valentine with his own, hurriedlyleft, uttering a long, deep groan of despair and anguish. Wehave before stated that all the servants had fled. M. deVillefort was therefore obliged to request M. d'Avrigny tosuperintend all the arrangements consequent upon a death ina large city, more especially a death under such suspiciouscircumstances.

<  "How are you, sir?" asked Morrel, with a sickness of heart.   "Are not you the person who brought me a letter," inquiredFranz, "from the Viscount of Morcerf?"

    "Yes, your excellency. I did not look on Caderousse as a badman, and I thought him incapable of committing a crime, oreven a theft."


<  "But Peppino did not even belong to my band: he was merely apoor shepherd, whose only crime consisted in furnishing uswith provisions."   "Yes, in life or death."

    "Supposing the assertion to be really true?"





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