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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Two men jealous of him, sir; one from love, and the otherfrom ambition, -- Fernand and Danglars."
2.  "Dear Valentine," said Morrel, endeavoring to conceal hisown emotion, "listen, I entreat you; what I am about to sayis very serious. When are you to be married?"
3.  "Must I receive it, or leave it in the hands of the notary?"
4.  "Yes."
5.  "But not mine, mother," replied Albert. "I am young andstrong; I believe I am courageous, and since yesterday Ihave learned the power of will. Alas, my dear mother, somehave suffered so much, and yet live, and have raised a newfortune on the ruin of all the promises of happiness whichheaven had made them -- on the fragments of all the hopewhich God had given them! I have seen that, mother; I knowthat from the gulf in which their enemies have plunged themthey have risen with so much vigor and glory that in theirturn they have ruled their former conquerors, and havepunished them. No. mother; from this moment I have done withthe past, and accept nothing from it -- not even a name,because you can understand that your son cannot bear thename of a man who ought to blush for it before another."
6.  "Yes, I will tell you all; but take away the young man; Icannot endure his presence."


1.  "The vessel was very old to risk that," said the Englishman.
2.  "Oh, things take their course without our assistance. Whilewe are forgetting them, they are falling into theirappointed order; and when, again, our attention is directedto them, we are surprised at the progress they have madetowards the proposed end. My father and M. Danglars servedtogether in Spain, my father in the army and M. Danglars inthe commissariat department. It was there that my father,ruined by the revolution, and M. Danglars, who never hadpossessed any patrimony, both laid the foundations of theirdifferent fortunes."
3.  "No, father," stammered Villefort; "at least, I hope not."
4.  "Well?"
5.  "By no means, madame; the fanciful exists no longer in theEast. There, disguised under other names, and concealedunder other costumes, are police agents, magistrates,attorneys-general, and bailiffs. They hang, behead, andimpale their criminals in the most agreeable possiblemanner; but some of these, like clever rogues, havecontrived to escape human justice, and succeed in theirfraudulent enterprises by cunning stratagems. Amongst us asimpleton, possessed by the demon of hate or cupidity, whohas an enemy to destroy, or some near relation to disposeof, goes straight to the grocer's or druggist's, gives afalse name, which leads more easily to his detection thanhis real one, and under the pretext that the rats preventhim from sleeping, purchases five or six grammes of arsenic-- if he is really a cunning fellow, he goes to five or sixdifferent druggists or grocers, and thereby becomes onlyfive or six times more easily traced; -- then, when he hasacquired his specific, he administers duly to his enemy, ornear kinsman, a dose of arsenic which would make a mammothor mastodon burst, and which, without rhyme or reason, makeshis victim utter groans which alarm the entire neighborhood.Then arrive a crowd of policemen and constables. They fetcha doctor, who opens the dead body, and collects from theentrails and stomach a quantity of arsenic in a spoon. Nextday a hundred newspapers relate the fact, with the names ofthe victim and the murderer. The same evening the grocer orgrocers, druggist or druggists, come and say, `It was I whosold the arsenic to the gentleman;' and rather than notrecognize the guilty purchaser, they will recognize twenty.Then the foolish criminal is taken, imprisoned,interrogated, confronted, confounded, condemned, and cut offby hemp or steel; or if she be a woman of any consideration,they lock her up for life. This is the way in which youNortherns understand chemistry, madame. Desrues was,however, I must confess, more skilful."
6.  "It appears so," replied Monte Cristo.


1.  "Baroness," said Danglars, "give me leave to present to youthe Count of Monte Cristo, who has been most warmlyrecommended to me by my correspondents at Rome. I need butmention one fact to make all the ladies in Paris court hisnotice, and that is, that he has come to take up his abodein Paris for a year, during which brief period he proposesto spend six millions of money. That means balls, dinners,and lawn parties without end, in all of which I trust thecount will remember us, as he may depend upon it we shallhim, in our own humble entertainments." In spite of thegross flattery and coarseness of this address, MadameDanglars could not forbear gazing with considerable intereston a man capable of expending six millions in twelve months,and who had selected Paris for the scene of his princelyextravagance. "And when did you arrive here?" inquired she.
2.  "Sire, I am sorry to tell your majesty a cruel fact; but thefeeling in Dauphine is quite the reverse of that in Provenceor Languedoc. The mountaineers are Bonapartists, sire."
3.  "I fear I shall not have that honor."
4.  The guests were still at table, and the heated and energeticconversation that prevailed betrayed the violent andvindictive passions that then agitated each dweller of theSouth, where unhappily, for five centuries religious strifehad long given increased bitterness to the violence of partyfeeling.
5.   "Your family appears to be a very happy one," said thecount, as if speaking to himself.
6.  "Because you are not feverish or delirious to-night, butthoroughly awake; midnight is striking, which is the hourmurderers choose."


1.  "Oh, yes, yes, I thank you with all my heart," saidValentine; "and if you doubt the sincerity of my gratitude,oh, then, ask Haidee! ask my beloved sister Haidee, who eversince our departure from France, has caused me to waitpatiently for this happy day, while talking to me of you."
2.  "I have never seen any one I preferred to you, and I havenever loved any one but you and my father."
3.  "Excuse me, sir," said Franz, "since M. Noirtier sent forme, I am ready to attend to his wish; besides, I shall behappy to pay my respects to him, not having yet had thehonor of doing so."
4、  "No, your excellency."
5、  "How long have you been here?"




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      "Yes, I promise you, as faithfully as you have promised methat this horrible marriage shall not take place, and thatif you are dragged before a magistrate or a priest, you willrefuse."

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      "I told you true," replied he coldly.

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       "But meanwhile," continued M. Morrel, "here is the Pharaonwithout a captain."

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      "Let us hear the history," said Franz, motioning SignorPastrini to seat himself.

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    {  "It is just as I tell you, I assure you, and you must not beangry with me, for you have sought this disclosure. I do notwillingly enter into arithmetical explanations with anartist like you, who fears to enter my study lest she shouldimbibe disagreeable or anti-poetic impressions andsensations. But in that same banker's study, where you verywillingly presented yourself yesterday to ask for thethousand francs I give you monthly for pocket-money, youmust know, my dear young lady, that many things may belearned, useful even to a girl who will not marry. There onemay learn, for instance, what, out of regard to your nervoussusceptibility, I will inform you of in the drawing-room,namely, that the credit of a banker is his physical andmoral life; that credit sustains him as breath animates thebody; and M. de Monte Cristo once gave me a lecture on thatsubject, which I have never forgotten. There we may learnthat as credit sinks, the body becomes a corpse, and this iswhat must happen very soon to the banker who is proud to ownso good a logician as you for his daughter." But Eugenie,instead of stooping, drew herself up under the blow."Ruined?" said she.

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      "Another hope defeated!" said the count. Then, with a sigh,"Poor Haidee!" murmured he.}

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      "Where do you live?"

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       But, towards the evening after the hour for the customaryvisit had gone by, Faria, not seeing the young man appear,tried to move and get over the distance which separatedthem. Edmond shuddered when he heard the painful effortswhich the old man made to drag himself along; his leg wasinert, and he could no longer make use of one arm. Edmondwas obliged to assist him, for otherwise he would not havebeen able to enter by the small aperture which led toDantes' chamber.

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    {  "What, with the baroness?"

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      "Who are you, then? Who are you?"