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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I am endeavouring to tell you everything, Mr. Holmes, which mayhave any bearing upon the case, but I beg that you will question meupon any point which I do not make clear."
2.  Sherlock Holmes sat for some time in silence, with his headsunk forward and his eyes bent upon the red glow of the fire.Then he lit his pipe, and leaning back in his chair he watched theblue smoke-rings as they chased each other up to the ceiling."I think, Watson," he remarked at last, "that of all our caseswe have had none more fantastic than this."
3.  "Well, my own was at stake, you know," said Holmes. "I assure you itis just as hateful to me to fail in a case as it can be to you toblunder over a commission."
4.  "Found at the corner of Goodge Street, a goose and a blackfelt hat. Mr. Henry Baker can have the same by applying at6:30 this evening at 221B, Baker Street.
5.  "For answer, he took a big red book out of a drawer.
6.  "Quite so. That was the word the man uttered, and of which his sononly caught the last two syllables. He was trying to utter the name ofhis murderer. So and so, of Ballarat."


1.  He dived his arm down to the bottom of the chest and brought up asmall wooden box with a sliding lid such as children's toys are keptin. From within he produced a crumpled piece of paper, anold-fashioned brass key, a peg of wood with a ball of stringattached to it, and three rusty old discs of metal.
2.  "Perhaps you would not mind telling me if your suspicions point inany particular direction?"
3.  "I've left Barker to look after the formalities," said Holmes."You had not met Barker, Watson. He is my hated rival upon theSurrey shore. When you said a tall dark man it was not difficult forme to complete the picture. He has several good cases to his credit,has he not, Inspector?"
4.  "Six out and six back. Nothing simpler. You say yourself that thehorse was fresh and glossy when you got in. How could it be that if ithad gone twelve miles over heavy roads?"
5.  "Suppose that I were Brooks or Woodhouse, or any of the fifty menwho have good reason for taking my life, how long could I surviveagainst my own pursuit? A summons, a bogus appointment, and allwould be over. It is well they don't have days of fog in the Latincountries- the countries of assassination. By Jove! here comessomething at last to break our dead monotony."
6.  Miss Stoner did so, and Holmes, after a careful examinationthrough the open window, endeavoured in every way to force the shutteropen, but without success. There was no slit through which a knifecould be passed to raise the bar. Then with his lens he tested thehinges, but they were of solid iron, built firmly into the massivemasonry. "Hum!" said he, scratching his chin in some perplexity, "mytheory certainly presents some difficulties. No one could pass theseshutters if they were bolted. Well, we shall see if the insidethrows any light upon the matter."


1.  "What, the three Randalls?"
2.  On referring to my notebook for the year 1895, I find that it wasupon Saturday, the 23rd of April, that we first heard of Miss VioletSmith. Her visit was, I remember, extremely unwelcome to Holmes, forhe was immersed at the moment in a very abstruse and complicatedproblem concerning the peculiar persecution to which John VincentHarden, the well known tobacco millionaire, had been subjected. Myfriend, who loved above all things precision and concentration ofthought, resented anything which distracted his attention from thematter in hand. And yet, without a harshness which was foreign tohis nature, it was impossible to refuse to listen to the story ofthe young and beautiful woman, tall, graceful, and queenly, whopresented herself at Baker Street late in the evening, and imploredhis assistance and advice. It was vain to urge that his time wasalready fully occupied, for the young lady had come with thedetermination to tell her story, and it was evident that nothing shortof force could get her out of the room until she had done so. With aresigned air and a somewhat weary smile, Holmes begged the beautifulintruder to take a seat, and to inform us what it was that wastroubling her.
3.  "Ha!" cried I, "if it is anything in the nature of a problem whichyou desire to see solved, I should strongly recommend you to come tomy friend, Mr. Sherlock Holmes, before you go to the official police.""Oh, I have heard of that fellow," answered my visitor, "and Ishould be very glad if he would take the matter up, though of course Imust use the official police as well. Would you give me anintroduction to him?"
4.  1903
5.   "Well, the whole thing hinges upon two points. The first is themaking of Pycroft write a declaration by which he entered theservice of this preposterous company. Do you not see how verysuggestive that is?"
6.  "Here is a very fashionable epistle," I remarked as be entered."Your morning letters, if I remember right, were from a fish-mongerand a tide-waiter."


1.  "`But was there another with a barred tail?' I asked, `thesame as the one I chose?'
2.  "'Well, sir,' said she in a voice like the wind from an iceberg,'your name is familiar to me. You have called, as I understand, tomalign my fiance, Baron Gruner. It is only by my father's request thatI see you at all, and I warn you in advance that anything you cansay could not possibly have the slightest effect upon my mind.'"I was sorry for her, Watson. I thought of her for the moment as Iwould have thought of a daughter of my own. I am not often eloquent. Iuse my head, not my heart. But I really did plead with her with allthe warmth of words that I could find in my nature. I pictured toher the awful position of the woman who only wakes to a man'scharacter after she is his wife- a woman who has to submit to becaressed by bloody hands and lecherous lips. I spared her nothing- theshame, the fear, the agony, the hopelessness of it all. All my hotwords could not bring one tinge of colour to those ivory cheeks or onegleam of emotion to those abstracted eyes. I thought of what therascal had said about a post-hypnotic influence. One could reallybelieve that she was living above the earth in some ecstatic dream.Yet there was nothing indefinite in her replies.
3.  "It is no reflection upon your professional knowledge," said he,"for I believe that, save for one sample in a laboratory at Buda,there is no other specimen in Europe. It has not yet found its wayeither into the pharmacopoeia or into the literature of toxicology.The root is shaped like a foot, half human, half goatlike; hence thefanciful name given by a botanical missionary. It is used as an ordealpoison by the medicine-men in certain districts of West Africa andis kept as a secret among them. This particular specimen I obtainedunder very extraordinary circumstances in the Ubangi country." Heopened the paper as he spoke and disclosed a heap of reddish-brown,snuff-like powder.
4、  "Thank you. I can eat nothing," said Phelps.
5、  "'Of these servants the one who had been longest in our servicewas Brunton, the butler. He was a young schoolmaster out of place whenhe was first taken up by my father, but he was a man of great energyand character, and he soon became quite invaluable in the household.He was a well-grown, handsome man, with a splendid forehead, andthough he has been with us for twenty years he cannot be more thanforty now. With his personal advantages and his extraordinarygifts-for he can speak several languages and play nearly every musicalinstrument-it is wonderful that he should have been satisfied solong in such a position, but I suppose that he was comfortable andlacked energy to make any change. The butler of Hurlstone is alwaysa thing that is remembered by all who visit us.




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      "Warm! You'd be as warm, maybe, if you were as pestered as Iam. When I pay good money for a good article there should be anend of the business; but it's `Where are the geese?' and `Who didyou sell the geese to?' and `What will you take for the geese?'One would think they were the only geese in the world, to hear thefuss that is made over them."

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      "`Well, it is a little awkward, for I have a business

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       "How long have you been in these rooms?"

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      "What is Mrs. Mason like?" asked Holmes.

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    {  "You are mad, Mr. Holmes- you are mad!" she cried, at last.He drew a small piece of cardboard from his pocket. It was theface of a woman cut out of a portrait.

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      "Give him a cigar," said Holmes. "Bite on that, Captain Crocker, anddon't let your nerves run away with you. I should not sit here smokingwith you if I thought that you were a common criminal, you may be sureof that. Be frank with me and we may do some good. Play tricks withme, and I'll crush you."}

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      "I trust your judgment."

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      "But why, Mr. Holmes, why?"

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       "You certainly have the air of something unusual having occurred,"said Holmes.

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    {  Holmes glanced at the paper and put it into his pocket."Dorak- a curious name. Slavonic, I imagine. Well, it is animportant link in the chain. We return to London, this afternoon,Mr. Bennett. I see no good purpose to be served by our remaining. Wecannot arrest the professor because he has done no crime, nor can weplace him under constraint, for he cannot be proved to be mad. Noaction is is yet possible."

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      "We are moving in exalted circles," said he.