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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "'By Jove!' cried my client. 'That's Brunton's muffler. I haveseen it on him and could swear to it. What has the villain beendoing here?'
2.  "The local pain was, as he explains, the least part of the exquisitetorment.
3.  "Because I have written and asked him."
4.  "It amounted, if I am correctly informed, to five thousand pounds toanyone who will tell you where your son is?"
5.  Towards the end of July, 1907, there was a severe gale, the windblowing upchannel, heaping the seas to the base of the cliffs andleaving a lagoon at the turn of the tide. On the morning of which Ispeak the wind had abated, and all Nature was newly washed andfresh. It was impossible to work upon so delightful a day, and Istrolled out before breakfast to enjoy the exquisite air. I walkedalong the cliff path which led to the steep descent to the beach. As Iwalked I heard a shout behind me, and there was Harold Stackhurstwaving his hand in cheery greeting.
6.  "I assured him that the financial question did not arise. 'No, ofcourse, it is art for art's sake with him,' said he, 'but even onthe artistic side of crime he might have found something here tostudy. And human nature, Dr. Watson- the black ingratitude of itall! When did I ever refuse one of her requests? Was ever a woman sopampered? And that young man- he might have been my own son. He hadthe run of my house. And yet see how they have treated me! Oh, Dr.Watson, it is a dreadful, dreadful world!'


1.  "But how can we find where this house lies?"
2.  "If this is a joke, sir, it is a very questionable one," said thevicar angrily. "I have never heard of the gentleman you name, and Ihave not sent a wire to anyone."
3.  "'Who shall have
4.  "One day--it was in March, 1883--a letter with a foreign stamplay upon the table in front of the colonel's plate. It was not acommon thing for him to receive letters, for his bills were allpaid in ready money, and he had no friends of any sort. `FromIndia!' said he as he took it up, `Pondicherry postmark! What canthis be?' Opening it hurriedly, out there jumped five little driedorange pips, which pattered down upon his plate. I began to laughat this, but the laugh was struck from my lips at the sight of hisface. His lip had fallen, his eyes were protruding, his skin thecolour of putty, and he glared at the envelope which he still heldin his trembling hand, `K. K. K.!' he shrieked, and then, `My God,my God, my sins have overtaken me!'
5.  "Very possibly, Watson. Sir Robert is a man of an honourablestock. But you do occasionally find a carrion crow among the eagles.Let us for a moment argue upon this supposition. He could not flythe country until he had realized his fortune, and that fortunecould only be realized by bringing off this coup with ShoscombePrince. Therefore, he has still to stand his ground. To do this hewould have to dispose of the body of his victim, and he would alsohave to find a substitute who would impersonate her. With the maidas his confidante that would not be impossible. The woman's body mightbe conveyed to the crypt, which is a place so seldom visited, and itmight be secretly destroyed at night in the furnace, leaving behind itsuch evidence as we have already seen. What say you to that, Watson?""Well, it is all possible if you grant the original monstroussupposition."
6.  "What do you make of it, Inspector?"


1.  "It strikes me, Williamson, there isn't very much that we can tellthis gentleman," cried Carruthers, with a bitter laugh. "Yes, wequarreled, and he knocked me down. I am level with him on that,anyhow. Then I lost sight of him. That was when he picked up with thisoutcast padre here. I found that they had set up housekeeping togetherat this place on the line that she had to pass for the station. I keptmy eye on her after that, for I knew there was some devilry in thewind. I saw them from time to time, for I was anxious to know whatthey were after. Two days ago Woodley came up to my house with thiscable, which showed that Ralph Smith was dead. He asked me if Iwould stand by the bargain. I said I would not. He asked me if I wouldmarry the girl myself and give him a share. I said I would willinglydo so, but that she would not have me. He said, `Let us get hermarried first and after a week or two she may see things a bitdifferent.' I said I would have nothing to do with violence. So hewent off cursing, like the foul-mouthed blackguard that he was, andswearing that he would have her yet. She was leaving me this week-end,and I had got a trap to take her to the station, but I was so uneasyin my mind that I followed her on my bicycle. She had got a start,however, and before I could catch her, the mischief was done. Thefirst thing I knew about it was when I saw you two gentlemen drivingback in her dog-cart"
2.  "You were travelling in the States?"
3.  "I was struck dumb with astonishment at the sight of her, but myemotions were nothing to those which showed themselves upon her facewhen our eyes met. She seemed for an instant to wish to shrink backinside the house again; and then, seeing how useless all concealmentmust be, she came forward, with a very white face and frightenedeyes which belied the smile upon her lips.
4.  "My God!" he cried. "What can be the meaning of this?"
5.   The other had been silent all this time, but I had observed that hismore controlled excitement was even greater than the obtrusive emotionof the clergyman. He sat with a pale, drawn face, his anxious gazefixed upon Holmes, and his thin hands clasped convulsively together.His pale lips quivered as he listened to the dreadful experience whichhad befallen his family, and his dark eyes seemed to reflect somethingof the horror of the scene.
6.  "Only that it is a remarkable cow which walks, canters, and gallops.By George! Watson, it was no brain of a country publican thatthought out such a blind as that. The coast seems to be clear, savefor that lad in the smithy. Let us slip out and see what we can see."There were two rough-haired, unkempt horses in the tumble-downstable. Holmes raised the hind leg of one of them and laughed aloud."Old shoes, but newly shod-old shoes, but new nails. This casedeserves to be a classic. Let us go across to the smithy."The lad continued his work without regarding us. I saw Holmes'seye darting to right and left among the litter of iron and woodwhich was scattered about the floor. Suddenly, however, we heard astep behind us, and there was the landlord, his heavy eyebrows drawnover his savage eyes, his swarthy features convulsed with passion.He held a short, metal-headed stick in his hand, and he advanced in somenacing a fashion that I was right glad to feel the revolver in mypocket.


1.  I took the tattered object in my hands and turned it overrather ruefully. It was a very ordinary black hat of the usualround shape, hard and much the worse for wear. The lining hadbeen of red silk, but was a good deal discoloured. There was nomaker's name; but, as Holmes had remarkcd, the initials "H. B."were scrawled upon one side. It was pierced in the brim for ahat-securer, but the elastic was missing. For the rest, it wascracked, exceedingly dusty, and spotted in several places,although there seemed to have been some attempt to hide thediscoloured patches by smearing them with ink.
2.  "Exactly. But he received it on that day?"
3.  "If the treaty had reached, let us say, the French or RussianForeign Office, you would expect to hear of it?"
4、  "A hundred yards or so."
5、  "Too bad, Lord Cantlemere, too bad!" cried Holmes. "My old friendhere will tell you that I have an impish habit of practical joking.Also that I can never resist a dramatic situation. I took the liberty-the very great liberty, I admit- of putting the stone into your pocketat the beginning of our interview."




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      "In short, that she had become suddenly deranged?"

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      "In the immediate neighbourhood, yes. But we have several smallwatering places not very far away. And the farmers take in lodgers.""These hieroglyphics have evidently a meaning. If it is a purelyarbitrary one, it may be impossible for us to solve it. If, on theother hand, it is systematic, I have no doubt that we shall get to thebottom of it. But this particular sample is so short that I can donothing, and the facts which you have brought me are so indefinitethat we have no basis for an investigation. I would suggest that youreturn to Norfolk, that you keep a keen lookout, and that you takean exact copy of any fresh dancing men which may appear. It is athousand pities that we have not a reproduction of those which weredone in chalk upon the window-sill. Make a discreet inquiry also as toany strangers in the neighbourhood. When you have collected some freshevidence, come to me again. That is the best advice which I can giveyou, Mr. Hilton Cubitt. If there are any pressing freshdevelopments, I shall be always ready to run down and see you inyour Norfolk home."

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       The woman's answer was a terrible one. She raised her veil andstepped forward into the light.

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      Holmes's cross-examination was interrupted by an imperative knockingat the door. No sooner had our client unlatched it than the Americanlawyer burst excitedly into the room.

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    {  "That was the question which we had to answer. There is only onepossible way. You are aware that the Underground runs clear of tunnelsat some points in the West End. I had a vague memory that as I havetravelled by it I have occasionally seen windows just above my head.Now, suppose that a train halted under such a window, would there beany difficulty in laying a body upon the roof?"

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      "It's nothing of the kind."}

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      "Possibly, Sherlock. But it is a question of getting details. Giveme your details, and from an armchair I will return you an excellentexpert opinion. But to run here and run there, to cross-questionrailway guards, and lie on my face with a lens to my eye- it is not mymetier. No, you are the one man who can clear the matter up. If youhave a fancy to see your name in the next honours list-"My friend smiled and shook his head.

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      "At least it cannot be your health," said he, as his keen eyesdarted over her, "so ardent a bicyclist must be full of energy."She glanced down in surprise at her own feet, and I observed theslight roughening of the side of the sole caused by the friction ofthe edge of the pedal.

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       "No, sir."

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    {  "'May I ask where you live, sir?' said I.

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      A smart maid, the only modern thing which we had seen in thehouse, had brought in some tea. As she was serving it the dooropened and a youth entered the room. He was a remarkable lad,pale-faced and fair-haired, with excitable light blue eyes whichblazed into a sudden flame of emotion and joy as they rested uponhis father. He rushed forward and threw his arms round his neck withthe abandon of a loving girl.