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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "And how many were there of these linen drapers?""Two, monseigneur."
2.  At the first word Milady turned, looking at the young manwith astonishment; and when he had finished, she said invery good French, "Monsieur, I should with great confidenceplace myself under your protection if the person with whom Iquarrel were not my brother."
3.  But when the time came to pay for his rosemary, this oil, and thewine, the only expense the master had incurred, as he hadpreserved a strict abstinence--while on the contrary, the yellowhorse, by the account of the hostler at least, had eaten threetimes as much as a horse of his size could reasonably supposed tohave done--D'Artagnan found nothing in his pocket but his littleold velvet purse with the eleven crowns it contained; for as tothe letter addressed to M. de Treville, it had disappeared.The young man commenced his search for the letter with thegreatest patience, turning out his pockets of all kinds over andover again, rummaging and rerummaging in his valise, and openingand reopening his purse; but when he found that he had come tothe conviction that the letter was not to be found, he flew, forthe third time, into such a rage as was near costing him a freshconsumption of wine, oil, and rosemary--for upon seeing this hot-headed youth become exasperated and threaten to destroyeverything in the establishment if his letter were not found, thehost seized a spit, his wife a broom handle, and the servants thesame sticks they had used the day before.
4.  "Yes," said D'Artagnan; "but we shall indubitably attract aball."
5.  "Yes, you! I know you now. You are Madame Bonacieux!"The young woman drew back, filled with surprise and terror."Oh, do not deny it! Answer!" continued Milady.
6.  "I say I am entirely of Porthos's opinion," replied Aramis."And I, too," said D'Artagnan.


1.  "My friends, that's exactly like me! I retained my harness byinstinct. HOLA, Bazin! Bring my new saddle and carry it alongwith those of these gentlemen."
2.  "Yes, moderately so. We lost five men, and the Rochellaiseight or ten."
3.  "Do as I bade you," cried the commissary, "and preserve absolutesecrecy. You understand!"
4.  And yet, at the very door the Musketeer began to entertainsome doubts. The approach was not such as to prepossesspeople--an ill-smelling, dark passage, a staircase half-lighted by bars through which stole a glimmer from aneighboring yard; on the first floor a low door studded withenormous nails, like the principal gate of the GrandChatelet.
5.  "They have been stolen," replied the duke, "and it is thecardinal who has dealt this blow. Hold; see! The ribbons whichheld them have been cut with scissors."
6.  "Me?"


1.  "Then the news I brought you is of value?"
2.  "It's worth eighty. Take it, and there ends the matter.""What," cried Athos, "are you selling my horse--my Bajazet? Andpray upon what shall I make my campaign; upon Grimaud?""I have brought you another," said D'Artagnan.
3.  Milady opened the window, and made a sign to Mme. Bonacieux to join her.The young woman complied.
4.  "And you are certain that the queen and he did not see eachother?"
5.   "Well," continued the cardinal, in an indifferent tone, "theonly thing to be sought for at this moment is some woman,handsome, young, and clever, who has cause of quarrel withthe duke. The duke has had many affairs of gallantry; andif he has fostered his amours by promises of eternalconstancy, he must likewise have sown the seeds of hatred byhis eternal infidelities."
6.  "You are right," said D'Artagnan; "I will have done withher. I own that this woman terrifies me."


1.  "But, my Lord, if the Lord Chancellor interrogates me upon themotives which may have led your Grace to adopt such anextraordinary measure, what shall I reply?"
2.  "Three times she attempted to kill me, and I pardoned her; but shemurdered the woman I loved. Then my friends and I took her, tried her,and condemned her."
3.  "Ah, ah!" said Porthos, "it appears we are feasting!""I hope," said Aramis, "there are no women at your dinner.""Is there any drinkable wine in your tavern?" asked Athos."Well, pardieu! there is yours, my dear friend," repliedD'Artagnan.
5、  "When you please," said D'Artagnan.




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      "No," said Felton, "it is nothing."

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      At this moment the four Guards appeared at the door of theantechamber, but seeing four Musketeers standing, and theirswords by their sides, they hesitated about going farther."Come in, gentlemen, come in," called D'Artagnan; "you are herein my apartment, and we are all faithful servants of the king andcardinal."

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       "The devil, gentlemen!" said the cardinal, "three men placedhors de combat in a cabaret squabble! You don't do yourwork by halves. And pray what was this quarrel about?""These fellows were drunk," said Athos. "and knowing therewas a lady who had arrived at the cabaret this evening, theywanted to force her door."

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      "You shall not call," said Felton, throwing himself between the duke andthe bell placed on a stand encrusted with silver. "Beware, my Lord, youare in the hands of God!"

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    {  In the meantime, the forty pistoles of King Louis XIII, like allother things of this world, after having had a beginning had anend, and after this end our four companions began to be somewhatembarrassed. At first, Athos supported the association for atime with his own means.

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      It was precisely at this moment that M. de Treville, on leavingthe residence of the LIEUTENANT-CRIMINEL and the governor of theFort l'Eveque without being able to find Athos, arrived at thepalace.}

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      "Do you not perceive that I know all--your abduction from the littlehouse at St. Germain, his despair, that of his friends, and theiruseless inquiries up to this moment? How could I help being astonishedwhen, without having the least expectation of such a thing, I meet youface to face--you, of whom we have so often spoken together, you whom heloves with all his soul, you whom he had taught me to love before I hadseen you! Ah, dear Constance, I have found you, then; I see you atlast!"

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      "Pardon me, monsieur," said D'Artagnan, who had profited by themoment he had been left alone to put back M. de Treville's clockthree-quarters of an hour, "but I thought, as it was yet onlytwenty-five minutes past nine, it was not too late to wait uponyou."

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       "My brother met some emissaries of the cardinal in the uniform ofMusketeers. You would have been summoned to the gate; you would havebelieved yourself about to meet friends; you would have been abducted,and conducted back to Paris."

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    {  "Her devotion to the queen is known; and they wish either toremove her from her mistress, or to intimidate her, in order toobtain her Majesty's secrets, or to seduce her and make use ofher as a spy."

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      During this passage, Felton related everything to Milady--how,instead of going to London, he had chartered the little vessel;how he had returned; how he had scaled the wall by fasteningcramps in the interstices of the stones, as he ascended, to givehim foothold; and how, when he had reached the bars, he fastenedhis ladder. Milady knew the rest.