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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "No, I had a feeling something was there."
2.  1921
3.  "What cable?"
4.  And yet the next day brought us no nearer to the solution of themystery. A note was handed in after breakfast, which Holmes passedacross to me with a smile.
5.  "The man lived and he got off with a year. I have no doubt he is outnow, but he has not dared to show his nose here. We have a cousin ofhis here, and I daresay he could tell you where he is.""No, no," cried Holmes, "not a word to the cousin- not a word, I begof you. The matter is very important, and the farther I go with it,the more important it seems to grow. When you referred in yourledger to the sale of those casts I observed that the date was June3rd of last year. Could you give me the date when Beppo was arrested?""I could tell you roughly by the pay-list," the manager answered."Yes," he continued, after some turning over of pages, "he was paidlast on May 20th."
6.  "Then he certainly took a footpath on one side or the other.""It could not have been on the side of the heath, or I should haveseen him."


1.  "You are trying to frighten me. It is not a very manly thing, Mr.Holmes, to come here and browbeat a woman. You say that you knowsomething. What is it that you know?"
2.  "Thank God!" he muttered. "It's someone else."
3.  "And the white cock?"
4.  "The facts of the case, as far as I have worked them out, are these:This Joseph Harrison entered the office through the Charles Streetdoor, and knowing his way he walked straight into your room theinstant after you left it. Finding no one there he promptly rang thebell, and at the instant that he did so his eyes caught the paper uponthe table. A glance showed him that chance had put in his way aState document of immense value, and in an instant he had thrust itinto his pocket and was gone. A few minutes elapsed, as youremember, before the sleepy commissionaire drew your attention tothe bell, and those were just enough to give the thief time to makehis escape.
5.  "Then I think we can disregard him altogether."
6.  "What's up, then?" asked Holmes with a twinkle in his eye. "You lookdissatisfied."


1.  There could be no doubt of the fact. The woodwork was cut, and thescratches showed white through the paint, as if they had been thatinstant done. Holmes had been examining the window.
2.  "So help me the Lord! Masser Holmes, I told you the truth before.I don't know. My boss Barney gives me orders and that's all.""Well, just bear in mind, Steve, that the lady in that house, andeverything under that roof, is under my protection. Don't forget it.""All right, Masser Holmes. I'll remember."
3.  "Ah!" She drew in her breath sharply as one whose doubts areresolved.
4.  "Ah, thank heaven!" His face became radiant. "The Prime Ministeris lunching with me. May he share your hopes? He has nerves ofsteel, and yet I know that he has hardly slept since this terribleevent. Jacobs, will you ask the Prime Minister to come up? As toyou, dear, I fear that this is a matter of politics. We will joinyou in a few minutes in the dining-room."
5.   Faithfully yours,
6.  "How was that?"


1.  "No. His orders were to stay in the house."
2.  "I think that the strange creature in the kitchen may account forit. The man was a primitive savage from the backwoods of San Pedro,and this was his fetish. When his companion and he had fled to someprearranged retreat- already occupied, no doubt by a confederate-the companion had persuaded him to leave so compromising an article offurniture. But the mulatto's heart was with it, and he was driven backto it next day, when, on reconnoitring through the window, he foundpoliceman Walters in possession. He waited three days longer, and thenhis piety or his superstition drove him to try once more. InspectorBaynes, who, with his usual astuteness, had minimized the incidentbefore me, had really recognized its importance and had left a trapinto which the creature walked. Any other point, Watson?""The torn bird, the pail of blood, the charred bones, all themystery of that weird kitchen?"
3.  "Sold out of geese, I see," continued Holmes, pointing at thebare slabs of marble.
4、  "'That was his style of talk, and at first I thought it meantnothing, but after a while, when he had tested me and sworn me in withall possible solemnity, he let me understand that there really was aplot to gain command of the vessel. A dozen of the prisoners hadhatched it before they came aboard, Prendergast was the leader, andhis money was the motive power.
5、  "The top floor belongs to Miles McLaren. He is a brilliant fellowwhen he chooses to work- one of the brightest intellects of theuniversity; but he is wayward, dissipated, and unprincipled. He wasnearly expelled over a card scandal in his first year. He has beenidling all this term, and he must look forward with dread to theexamination."




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      I waited, therefore- but to my ever-deepening disappointment Iwaited in vain. Day succeeded day, and my friend took no step forward.One morning he spent in town, and I learned from a casual referencethat he had visited the British Museum. Save for this one excursion,he spent his days in long and often solitary walks, or in chattingwith a number of village gossips whose acquaintance he had cultivated."I'm sure, Watson, a week in the country will be invaluable to you,"he remarked. "It is very pleasant to see the first green shoots uponthe hedges and the catkins on the hazels once again. With a spud, atin box, and an elementary book on botany, there are instructivedays to be spent." He prowled about with this equipment himself, butit was a poor show of plants which he would bring back of an evening.Occasionally in our rambles we came across Inspector Baynes. Hisfat, red face wreathed itself in smiles and his small eyes glitteredas he greeted my companion. He said little about the case, but fromthat little we gathered that he also was not dissatisfied at thecourse of events. I must admit, however, that I was somewhat surprisedwhen, some five days after the crime, I opened my morning paper tofind in large letters:

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      "Surely her own statement is clear and her anxiety very natural.""Hum! Think of her appearance, Watson- her manner, her suppressedexcitement, her restlessness, her tenacity in asking questions.Remember that she comes of a caste who do not lightly show emotion.""She was certainly much moved."

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       "If the treaty had reached, let us say, the French or RussianForeign Office, you would expect to hear of it?"

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      He shrugged his shoulders.

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    {  Holmes snorted his contempt.

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      "Well, I have not made such a journey for years."}

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      It was a clang of the bell, followed instantly by heavy steps uponthe stair. A moment later, our old friend Lestrade appeared in thedoorway. Over his shoulder I caught a glimpse of one or twouniformed policemen outside.

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      "'Many people, Mr. Dodd,' said he, 'would take offence at yourinfernal pertinacity and would think that this insistence hadreached the point of damned impertinence.'

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       "It was on the top."

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    {  "'Of course, we had the drags at once and set to work to recover theremains, but no trace of the body could we find. On the other hand, webrought to the surface an object of a most unexpected kind. It was alinen bag which contained within it a mass of old rusted anddiscoloured metal and several dull-coloured pieces of pebble or glass.This strange find was all that we could get from the mere, and,although we made every possible search and inquiry yesterday, weknow nothing of the fate either of Rachel Howells or of RichardBrunton. The county police are at their wit's end, and I have comeup to you as a last resource.'

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      "I think it is very probable."