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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yes, that disturbs you?"
2.  "And you are going alone?"
3.  But although the jeweler had been mentioned first, it was thesecretary who first made his appearance. This was simply becausehe lived in the hotel. He found Buckingham seated at a table inhis bedchamber, writing orders with his own hand."Mr. Jackson," said he, "go instantly to the Lord Chancellor, andtell him that I charge him with the execution of these orders. Iwish them to be promulgated immediately."
4.  "What?"
5.  "To see Athos now, and if you will come thither, I beg you tomake haste, for we have lost much time already. A PROPOS, informBazin."
6.  "I passed the day and the night in prayer, for I hoped that Godwould pardon me my suicide.


1.  "Try me, gentlemen," said he, "and I swear to you by my honorthat I will not go hence if we are conquered."
2.  "And her brother?" added D'Artagnan, timidly.
3.  At these words he took up a silver bell, and rang it; the officerentered.
4.  "Order it as you please, sire; you possess the right of pardon.""The right of pardoning only applies to the guilty," saidTreville, who was determined to have the last word, "and myMusketeer is innocent. It is not mercy, then, that you are aboutto accord, sire, it is justice."
5.  "Beware, Athos, beware. You tried to kill her; she is awoman to return you the like, and not to fail."
6.  59 WHAT TOOK PLACE AT PORTSMOUTH AUGUST 23, 1628Felton took leave of Milady as a brother about to go for a mere walktakes leave of his sister, kissing her hand.


1.  "Oil is a sovereign balm for wounds; and my poor Grimaud here wasobliged to dress those you had inflicted on him.""All my sausages are gnawed!"
2.  "To ask me if I want money."
3.  He still sought; but his eyes, darkened by death, encountered only theknife which had fallen from the hand of Felton, still smoking with theblood spread over its blade.
4.  Then also, as Athos had predicted, it became possible tofind Mme. Bonacieux, and a convent was not impregnable.This idea completely restored clemency to his heart. Heturned toward the wounded man, who had watched with intenseanxiety all the various expressions of his countenance, andholding out his arm to him, said, "Come, I will not abandonyou thus. Lean upon me, and let us return to the camp.""Yes," said the man, who could scarcely believe in suchmagnanimity, "but is it not to have me hanged?"
5.   "Then you don't know me, sir?"
6.  "Please to know, Monsieur Porthos," said she, "that my strongbox,the strongbox of a procurator's wife though if may be, is betterfilled than those of your affected minxes."


1.  "I know it," said Athos, coolly, "since here it is."And the three friends did not exchange another word tillthey reached their quarters, except to give the watchword tothe sentinels. Only they sent Mousqueton to tell Planchetthat his master was requested, the instant that he left thetrenches, to come to the quarters of the Musketeers.Milady, as Athos had foreseen, on finding the two men thatawaited her, made no difficulty in following them. She hadhad for an instant an inclination to be reconducted to thecardinal, and relate everything to him; but a revelation onher part would bring about a revelation on the part ofAthos. She might say that Athos had hanged her; but thenAthos would tell that she was branded. She thought it wasbest to preserve silence, to discreetly set off toaccomplish her difficult mission with her usual skill; andthen, all things being accomplished to the satisfaction ofthe cardinal, to come to him and claim her vengeance.In consequence, after having traveled all night, at seveno'clock she was at the fort of the Point; at eight o'clockshe had embarked; and at nine, the vessel, which withletters of marque from the cardinal was supposed to besailing for Bayonne, raised anchor, and steered its coursetoward England.
2.  At length he raised his head, fixed his eagle look upon that loyal,open, and intelligent countenance, read upon that face, furrowed withtears, all the sufferings its possessor had endured in the course of amonth, and reflected for the third or fourth time how much there was inthat youth of twenty-one years before him, and what resources hisactivity, his courage, and his shrewdness might offer to a good master.On the other side, the crimes, the power, and the infernal genius ofMilady had more than once terrified him. He felt something like asecret joy at being forever relieved of this dangerous accomplice.Richelieu slowly tore the paper which D'Artagnan had generouslyrelinquished.
3.  "So," replied De Winter, laughing, "that beautiful hair soskillfully disheveled, that white skin, and that languishinglook, have not yet seduced you, you heart of stone?""No, my Lord," replied the impassive young man; "your Lordshipmay be assured that it requires more than the tricks and coquetryof a woman to corrupt me."
4、  As Athos had foreseen, it was not long before the cardinalcame down. He opened the door of the room in which theMusketeers were, and found Porthos playing an earnest gameof dice with Aramis. He cast a rapid glance around theroom, and perceived that one of his men was missing."What has become of Monseigneur Athos?" asked he."Monseigneur," replied Porthos, "he has gone as a scout, onaccount of some words of our host, which made him believethe road was not safe."
5、  The king, attacked in a manner so direct, did not know what toanswer; and he thought that this was the moment for expressingthe desire which he was not have made until the evening beforethe fete.




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      "You at last?" cried D'Artagnan.

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      "Of Milady de Winter," replied D'Artagnan, "yes, of Milady de Winter, ofwhose crimes your Eminence is doubtless ignorant, since you have honoredher with your confidence."

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       "Sire," resumed Treville, "as I told you, Monsieur d'Artagnan islittle more than a boy; and as he has not the honor of being aMusketeer, he was dressed as a citizen. The Guards of thecardinal, perceiving his youth and that he did not belong to thecorps, invited him to retire before they attacked.""so you may plainly see, Treville," interrupted the king, "it wasthey who attacked?"

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      "He will be found."

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    {  "Yes, Milady," replied Athos; "the Comte de la Fere inperson, who comes expressly from the other world to have thepleasure of paying you a visit. Sit down, madame, and letus talk, as the cardinal said."

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      "What is your name?"}

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      In the corridor he met Mme. Bonacieux, who waited for him, andwho, with the same precautions and the same good luck, conductedhim out of the Louvre.

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      Dec. 3, 1627

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       Aramis accordingly took the quill, reflected for a fewmoments, wrote eight or ten lines in a charming littlefemale hand, and then with a voice soft and slow, as if eachword had been scrupulously weighed, he read the following:

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    {  "You see, they are going to send a whole regiment againstus," said Athos.

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      "That man," said Milady, lowering her voice, "is my brother.""Your brother!" cried Mme. Bonacieux.