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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I shall detain you until this evening in the Palais deJustice. Should any one else interrogate you, say to himwhat you have said to me, but do not breathe a word of thisletter."
2.  "And you include me in the expression every one -- manythanks!"
3.  "What did your excellency say?" inquired the other.
4.  "When will it be our turn to think of these things? Oh,Valentine, you who have so much influence over yourgrandpapa, try to make him answer -- Soon."
5.  "So much the better, I have a ray of hope left; listen."
6.  "I was three years old," said Haidee.


1.  The doctor poured some drops of the lemonade into the palmof his hand, put his lips to it, and after having rinsed hismouth as a man does when he is tasting wine, he spat theliquor into the fireplace.
2.  "Dantes," repeated he, "Edmond Dantes."
3.  "The history is a sad one, sir," said Caderousse, shakinghis head; "perhaps you know all the earlier part of it?"
4.  "Gaspard, Gaspard!" murmured the woman, from her seat on thestairs, "mind what you are saying!" Caderousse made no replyto these words, though evidently irritated and annoyed bythe interruption, but, addressing the abbe, said, "Can a manbe faithful to another whose wife he covets and desires forhimself? But Dantes was so honorable and true in his ownnature, that he believed everybody's professions offriendship. Poor Edmond, he was cruelly deceived; but it wasfortunate that he never knew, or he might have found it moredifficult, when on his deathbed, to pardon his enemies. And,whatever people may say," continued Caderousse, in hisnative language, which was not altogether devoid of rudepoetry, "I cannot help being more frightened at the idea ofthe malediction of the dead than the hatred of the living."
5.  "Ah, what he is; that is quite another thing. I have seen somany remarkable things in him, that if you would have mereally say what I think, I shall reply that I really do lookupon him as one of Byron's heroes, whom misery has markedwith a fatal brand; some Manfred, some Lara, some Werner,one of those wrecks, as it were, of some ancient family,who, disinherited of their patrimony, have achieved one bythe force of their adventurous genius, which has placed themabove the laws of society."
6.  Morrel made a sign that he was ready to obey. "But," saidhe, "first allow me to embrace you as your daughter did justnow." Noirtier's expression could not be understood. Theyoung man pressed his lips on the same spot, on the oldman's forehead, where Valentine's had been. Then he bowed asecond time and retired. He found outside the door the oldservant, to whom Valentine had given directions. Morrel wasconducted along a dark passage, which led to a little dooropening on the garden, soon found the spot where he hadentered, with the assistance of the shrubs gained the top ofthe wall, and by his ladder was in an instant in theclover-field where his cabriolet was still waiting for him.He got in it, and thoroughly wearied by so many emotions,arrived about midnight in the Rue Meslay, threw himself onhis bed and slept soundly.


1.  "Does his action appear like that of an enemy?"
2.  "I do not know -- I only guess it, because that sort ofthing is generally found in prisoners' cells."
3.  "How do you know it is the doctor?" asked Valentine,astonished.
4.  "No, it is unnecessary; Bertuccio will show me a light." AndMonte Cristo accompanied these words by the gift of two goldpieces, which produced a torrent of thanks and blessingsfrom the concierge. "Ah, monsieur," said he, after havingvainly searched on the mantle-piece and the shelves, "I havenot got any candles."
5.   At this moment, and as though the utterance of Villefort'swish had sufficed to effect its accomplishment, a servantentered the room, and whispered a few words in his ear.Villefort immediately rose from table and quitted the roomupon the plea of urgent business; he soon, however,returned, his whole face beaming with delight. Reneeregarded him with fond affection; and certainly his handsomefeatures, lit up as they then were with more than usual fireand animation, seemed formed to excite the innocentadmiration with which she gazed on her graceful andintelligent lover.
6.  "'Tis well," resumed the king. "And now, gentlemen," hecontinued, turning towards M. de Blacas and the minister ofpolice, "I have no further occasion for you, and you mayretire; what now remains to do is in the department of theminister of war."


1.  "O mother!" murmured Renee.
2.  "Give him money, if he is recommended to you, and therecommendation seems good."
3.  "Why, the number of persons condemned to suffer, theirnames, and description of the death they are to die."
4、  Fernand let fall his head like a defeated man, heaved a sighthat was like a groan, and then suddenly looking her full inthe face, with clinched teeth and expanded nostrils, said,-- "But if he is dead" --
5、  "At what hour shall we come?" asked the young man.




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      "It is true, sir," said Monte Cristo with his dreadfulcalmness; "a secondary cause, but not the principal."

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      When they were gone, Morrel ventured out from under thetrees, and the moon shone upon his face, which was so paleit might have been taken for that of a ghost. "I ammanifestly protected in a most wonderful, but most terriblemanner," said he; "but Valentine, poor girl, how will shebear so much sorrow?"

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       "Here, sire?"

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      "Then let me go," said Maximilian, "or I shall think you didnot love me for my own sake, but for yours; "and he arose.

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    {  "Yes, indeed!" replied Debray. "That worthy prince. Deucetake those Italian princes!"

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      "When I no longer require them, Bertuccio will sell them,and he expects to realize thirty or forty thousand francs bythe sale."}

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      "What do you mean, my lord?"

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      Two soldiers were accordingly sent for, and the inspectordescended a stairway, so foul, so humid, so dark, as to beloathsome to sight, smell, and respiration.

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       "I am going to give you a proof," replied the count, and herang the bell.

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    {  "About half-past six."

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      "Gracious heavens, M. de Villefort," said Renee, becomingmore and more terrified; "you surely are not in earnest."