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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The assassin staggered back, amazement in his convulsed face. For aninstant he half raised his loaded cane once more, as if he wouldturn his violence from the effigy to the original; but there wassomething in that steady gray eye and mocking smile which caused hishand to sink to his side.
2.  When John Mason had left us, Holmes set to work making a verycareful examination of the graves, ranging from a very ancient one,which appeared to be Saxon, in the centre, through a long line ofNorman Hugos and Odos, until we reached the Sir William and SirDenis Falder of the eighteenth century. It was an hour or morebefore Holmes came to a leaden coffin standing on end before theentrance to the vault. I heard his little cry of satisfaction andwas aware from his hurried but purposeful movements that he hadreached a goal. With his lens he was eagerly examining the edges ofthe heavy lid. Then he drew from his pocket a short jemmy, abox-opener, which he thrust into a chink, levering back the wholefront, which seemed to be secured by only a couple of clamps. Therewas a rending, tearing sound as it gave way, but it had hardlyhinged back and partly revealed the contents before we had anunforeseen interruption.
3.  The narratives of Watson, have accustomed the reader, no doubt, tothe fact that I do not waste words or disclose my thoughts while acase is actually under consideration. Dodd seemed surprised, butnothing more was said, and the three of us continued our journeytogether. in the train I asked Dodd one more question which I wishedour companion to hear.
4.  There was a big boulder just above the ledge, and we pushed it untilit fell with a tremendous splash into the water. When the rippleshad cleared we saw that it had settled upon the ledge below. Oneflapping edge of yellow membrane showed that our victim was beneathit. A thick oily scum oozed out from below the stone and stained thewater round, rising slowly to the surface.
5.  Through the open sitting-room window I saw a huge, swarthy manwith a bristling black beard walking slowly down the centre of thestreet and staring eagerly at the numbers of the houses. It wasclear that, like myself, he was on the track of the maid. Actingupon the impulse of the moment, I rushed out and accosted him."You are an Englishman," I said.
6.  "What about your other child, Mr. Ferguson?" asked Holmes. "Might wemake the acquaintance of the baby?"


1.  "No, I shall commence with the City. Just ring the bell andthe maid will bring up your coffee."
2.  "You will now light the gas, Watson, but you will be very carefulthat not for one instant shall it be more than half on. I imploreyou to be careful, Watson. Thank you, that is excellent. No, youneed not draw the blind. Now you will have the kindness to placesome letters and papers upon this table within my reach, Thank you.Now some of that litter from the mantelpiece. Excellent, Watson! Thereis a sugar-tongs there. Kindly raise that small ivory box with itsassistance. Place it here among the papers. Good! You can now go andfetch Mr. Culverton Smith, of 13 Lower Burke Street."
3.  "No, I solved it," said my friend, smiling.
4.  "Now, Watson, we are at the last lap of our little journey," saidHolmes when we were back in the roar of central London once more. "Ithink we had best clear the matter up at once, and it would be wellthat you should come with me, for it is safer to have a witness whenyou are dealing with such a lady as Isadora Klein."
5.  "Ah, yes, Watson- severely practical, as usual! What is at theroot of it all? Mrs. Warren's whimsical problem enlarges somewhatand assumes a more sinister aspect as we proceed. This much we cansay: that it is no ordinary love escapade. You saw the woman's face atthe sign of danger. We have heard, too, of the attack upon thelandlord, which was undoubtedly meant for the lodger. These alarms,and the desperate need for secrecy, argue that the matter is one oflife or death. The attack upon Mr. Warren further shows that theenemy, whoever they are, are themselves not aware of thesubstitution of the female lodger for the male. It is very curious andcomplex, Watson."
6.  Our visitor's angry face gradually cleared.


1.  "Well, very soon I found that I was saving considerable sums ofmoney. I do not mean that any beggar in the streets of London couldearn L700 a year-which is less than my average takings-but I hadexceptional advantages in my power of making up, and also in afacility of repartee, which improved by practice and made me quite arecognized character in the City. All day a stream of pennies,varied by silver, poured in upon me, and it was a very bad day inwhich I failed to take L2.
2.  "My eye caught the name of Openshaw, and the heading `TragedyNear Waterloo Bridge.' Here is the account:
3.  "The body could not remain there. On the first night Norlett and Icarried it out to the old well-house, which is now never used. We werefollowed, however, by her pet spaniel, which yapped continually at thedoor, so I felt some safer place was needed. I got rid of the spaniel,and we carried the body to the crypt of the church. There was noindignity or irreverence, Mr. Holmes. I do not feel that I havewronged the dead."
4.  "Well, Watson, we seem to have fallen upon evil days," said he ina feeble voice, but with something of his old carelessness of manner."My dear fellow!" I cried, approaching him.
5.   "Air-guns, sir! What do you mean?"
6.  "He said that you could solve anything."


1.  "It's true," said the inspector, with amusement. "It might be adescription of Watson."
2.  "No, I had a dozen."
3.  "This is my friend, Dr. Watson. He has been of most vital use tome in several of my cases, and a lucky chance has made it possible forme to bring him out and associate him with this investigation.""I am delighted to see you," said she, pressing my hand warmly. "Youwill, I am sure, forgive anything that may be wanting in ourarrangements, when you consider the blow which has come so suddenlyupon us."
4、  "A simple case, and yet, in some ways, an instructive one," Holmesremarked, as we travelled back to town. "It hinged from the outsetupon the pince-nez. But for the fortunate chance of the dying manhaving seized these, I am not sure that we could ever have reached oursolution. It was clear to me, from the strength of the glasses, thatthe wearer must have been very blind and helpless when deprived ofthem. When you asked me to believe that she walked along a narrowstrip of grass without once making a false step, I remarked, as youmay remember, that it was a noteworthy performance. In my mind I setit down as an impossible performance, save in the unlikely case thatshe had a second pair of glasses. I was forced, therefore, to considerseriously the hypothesis that she had remained within the house. Onperceiving the similarity of the two corridors, it became clear thatshe might very easily have made such a mistake, and, in that case,it was evident that she must have entered the professor's room. Iwas keenly on the alert, therefore, for whatever would bear out thissupposition, and I examined the room narrowly for anything in theshape of a hiding-place. The carpet seemed continuous and firmlynailed, so I dismissed the idea of a trap-door. There might well bea recess behind the books. As you are aware, such devices are commonin old libraries. I observed that books were piled on the floor at allother points, but that one bookcase was left clear. This, then,might be the door. I could see no marks to guide me, but the carpetwas of a dun colour, which lends itself very well to examination. Itherefore smoked a great number of those excellent cigarettes, and Idropped the ash all over the space in front of the suspected bookcase.It was a simple trick, but exceedingly effective. I then wentdownstairs, and I ascertained, in your presence, Watson, withoutyour perceiving the drift of my remarks, that Professor Coram'sconsumption of food had increased- as one would expect when he issupplying a second person. We then ascended to the room again, when,by upsetting the cigarette-box, I obtained a very excellent view ofthe floor, and was able to see quite clearly, from the traces upon thecigarette ash, that the prisoner had in our absence come out fromher retreat. Well, Hopkins, here we are at Charing Cross, and Icongratulate you on having brought your case to a successfulconclusion. You are going to headquarters, no doubt. I think,Watson, you and I will drive together to the Russian Embassy."-THE END-
5、  "Dear me, dear me- the postoffice again!" Holmes sighed, wearily. "Amost urgent telegram was dispatched to you from London by GodfreyStaunton at six fifteen yesterday evening- a telegram which isundoubtedly associated with his disappearance- and yet you have nothad it. It is most culpable. I shall certainly go down to the officehere and register a complaint."




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      "At the very place." The words stood out clear in my memory. Somedim perception that the matter was vital rose in my mind. That the dogshould die was after the beautiful, faithful nature of dogs. But "inthe very place"! Why should this lonely beach be fatal to it? Was itpossible that it also had been sacrificed to some revengeful feud? Wasit possible-? Yes, the perception was dim, but already something wasbuilding up in my mind. In a few minutes I was on my way to TheGables, where I found Stackhurst in his study. At my request he sentfor Sudbury and Blount, the two students who had found the dog."Yes, it lay on the very edge of the pool," said one of them. "Itmust have followed the trail of its dead master."

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      "Well, we have several, but we can only test their value byfurther inquiry. The most difficult crime to track is the one which ispurposeless. Now this is not purposeless. Who is it who profits by it?There is the French ambassador, there is the Russian, there is whoevermight sell it to either of these, and there is Lord Holdhurst.""Lord Holdhurst!"

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       "You left them, then, without any premonition of evil?""None at all."

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      "What? Another one?"

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    {  "She told me to ask you."

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      "His methods are irregular, no doubt, like my own. The irregularsare useful sometimes, you know. You, for example, with your compulsorywarning about whatever he said being used against him, could neverhave bluffed this rascal into what is virtually a confession.""Perhaps not. But we get there all the same, Mr. Holmes. Don'timagine that we had not formed our own views of this case, and that wewould not have laid our hands on our man. You will excuse us forfeeling sore when you jump in with methods which we cannot use, and sorob us of the credit."}

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      "How hard you are!" she cried. "May I tell you the whole story?""I fancy I could tell it to you."

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      "Exactly, Mr. Holmes. I appreciated that point, and I conjecturedthat it was dropped by the murderer in his hurried flight. It lay nearthe door."

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       The doctor was our next goal. He had been called in, had found thewoman dying of pure senility, had actually seen her pass away, and hadsigned the certificate in due form. "I assure you that everythingwas perfectly normal and there was no room for foul play in thematter," said he. Nothing in the house had struck him as suspicioussave that for people of their class it was remarkable that they shouldhave no servant. So far and no farther went the doctor.Finally we found our way to Scotland Yard. There had beendifficulties of procedure in regard to the warrant. Some delay wasinevitable. The magistrate's signature might not be obtained untilnext morning. If Holmes would call about nine he could go down withLestrade and see it acted upon. So ended the day, save that nearmidnight our friend, the sergeant, called to say that he had seenflickering lights here and there in the windows of the great darkhouse, but that no one had left it and none had entered. We couldbut pray for patience and wait for the morrow.

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    {  "Yes, I've had a busy day," I answered. "It may seem very foolish inyour eyes" I added, "but really I don't know how you deduced it."Holmes chuckled to himself.

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      "'Well done, well done! No ill-will, Mr. Melas, I hope, but we couldnot get on without you. If you deal fair with us you'll not regret it,but if you try any tricks, God help you!' He spoke in a nervous, jerkyfashion, and with little giggling laughs in between, but somehow heimpressed me with fear more than the other.