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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Silence, -- be silent!" said Andrea, who knew the delicatesense of hearing possessed by the walls; "for heaven's sake,do not speak so loud!"
2.  "It is well," returned the voice; "to-morrow."
3.  "Yes; because instead of expecting two hundred wretchedfrancs, you expect five or six thousand, perhaps ten,perhaps even twelve, for you take care not to let any oneknow the utmost. Down there, you always had little presentsand Christmas-boxes which you tried to hide from your poorfriend Caderousse. Fortunately he is a cunning fellow, thatfriend Caderousse."
4.  "What is that?"
5.  Chapter 62Ghosts.
6.  "Oh, my dear count, husbands are pretty much the sameeverywhere; an individual husband of any country is a prettyfair specimen of the whole race."


1.  "And you still bid me hope?"
2.  "Oh, dear mother, it was a dream."
3.  "Permit me to inform you, Count," said he, bowing, "that Ihave received a letter of advice from Thomson & French, ofRome."
4.  "Go, sir," said the king; "and should I forget you (kings'memories are short), do not be afraid to bring yourself tomy recollection. Baron, send for the minister of war.Blacas, remain."
5.  "The Count of Monte Cristo."
6.  "As being the friends Edmond esteemed most faithful anddevoted to him."


1.  "Yes, monsieur; I am on the point of marrying a young girl Ihave been attached to for three years." Villefort, impassiveas he was, was struck with this coincidence; and thetremulous voice of Dantes, surprised in the midst of hishappiness, struck a sympathetic chord in his own bosom -- healso was on the point of being married, and he was summonedfrom his own happiness to destroy that of another. "Thisphilosophic reflection," thought he, "will make a greatsensation at M. de Saint-Meran's;" and he arranged mentally,while Dantes awaited further questions, the antithesis bywhich orators often create a reputation for eloquence. Whenthis speech was arranged, Villefort turned to Dantes.
2.  "Is it possible that you do not know of whom you purchasedit?"
3.  Now that this treasure, which had so long been the object ofthe abbe's meditations, could insure the future happiness ofhim whom Faria really loved as a son, it had doubled itsvalue in his eyes, and every day he expatiated on theamount, explaining to Dantes all the good which, withthirteen or fourteen millions of francs, a man could do inthese days to his friends; and then Dantes' countenancebecame gloomy, for the oath of vengeance he had takenrecurred to his memory, and he reflected how much ill, inthese times, a man with thirteen or fourteen millions coulddo to his enemies.
4.  "No, sir, I am alone in the world."
5.   "What has he done?" asked Albert.
6.  "Pray, sir," said Villefort with marked uneasiness, "do notdisturb yourself."


1.  "Go on, I am curious to know two things."
2.  "Yes," returned Franz, finding that the count was coming tothe point he wished.
3.  "Oh, I entreat you," exclaimed Morrel in a low voice, "donot speak another word, count; do not prolong mypunishment." The count fancied that he was yielding, andthis belief revived the horrible doubt that had overwhelmedhim at the Chateau d'If. "I am endeavoring," he thought, "tomake this man happy; I look upon this restitution as aweight thrown into the scale to balance the evil I havewrought. Now, supposing I am deceived, supposing this manhas not been unhappy enough to merit happiness. Alas, whatwould become of me who can only atone for evil by doinggood?" Then he said aloud: "Listen, Morrel, I see your griefis great, but still you do not like to risk your soul."Morrel smiled sadly. "Count," he said, "I swear to you mysoul is no longer my own."
4、  The daring attempt to rob the count was the topic ofconversation throughout Paris for the next fortnight. Thedying man had signed a deposition declaring Benedetto to bethe assassin. The police had orders to make the strictestsearch for the murderer. Caderousse's knife, dark lantern,bunch of keys, and clothing, excepting the waistcoat, whichcould not be found, were deposited at the registry; thecorpse was conveyed to the morgue. The count told every onethat this adventure had happened during his absence atAuteuil, and that he only knew what was related by the AbbeBusoni, who that evening, by mere chance, had requested topass the night in his house, to examine some valuable booksin his library. Bertuccio alone turned pale wheneverBenedetto's name was mentioned in his presence, but therewas no reason why any one should notice his doing so.Villefort, being called on to prove the crime, was preparinghis brief with the same ardor that he was accustomed toexercise when required to speak in criminal cases.
5、  "My good friend," said Albert, "I beg pardon for myintrusion, but I was anxious to know from your own mouth ifyour master was really out or not."




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      "On the contrary, I request it."

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      "And where is the messenger?"

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       "From these rocks that I had the good luck to cling to whileour captain and the rest of the crew were all lost. I sawyour vessel, and fearful of being left to perish on thedesolate island, I swam off on a piece of wreckage to tryand intercept your course. You have saved my life, and Ithank you," continued Dantes. "I was lost when one of yoursailors caught hold of my hair."

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      "I was reflecting, in the first place," replied Dantes,"upon the enormous degree of intelligence and ability youmust have employed to reach the high perfection to which youhave attained. What would you not have accomplished if youhad been free?"

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    {  "Up to this point," said Faria, interrupting the thread ofhis narrative, "this seems to you very meaningless, nodoubt, eh?"

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      "You persist in your incredulity, Edmond," continued Faria."My words have not convinced you. I see you require proofs.Well, then, read this paper, which I have never shown to anyone."}

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      "What influence can I possibly have over a bandit?"

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      "Everything is possible," said Monte Cristo, rising from thebench on which he had been sitting; "even," he added in aninaudible voice, "even that the procureur be not dead. TheAbbe Busoni did right to send you to me," he went on in hisordinary tone, "and you have done well in relating to me thewhole of your history, as it will prevent my forming anyerroneous opinions concerning you in future. As for thatBenedetto, who so grossly belied his name, have you nevermade any effort to trace out whither he has gone, or whathas become of him?"

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       "Speak, monsieur," said Villefort. Then, internally, "IfRenee could see me, I hope she would be satisfied, and wouldno longer call me a decapitator."

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    {  "Then they shall go for him directly, dear grandpapa. Isthat all you want?"

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      "Then, I suppose," asked Caderousse, with eager, glowinglooks, "that it was a stone of immense value?"