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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "How?"
2.  The count looked around him. "Your pistols are beside yourdesk," said Monte Cristo, pointing with his finger to thepistols on the table.
3.  "No; I must leave you at ten o'clock."
4.  "I do not know -- I only guess it, because that sort ofthing is generally found in prisoners' cells."
5.  "My very good friend and excellent neighbor," replied thecount, with a smile, "you really exaggerate my triflingexertions. You owe me nothing but some trifle of 20,000francs, which you have been saved out of your travellingexpenses, so that there is not much of a score between us;-- but you must really permit me to congratulate you on theease and unconcern with which you resigned yourself to yourfate, and the perfect indifference you manifested as to theturn events might take."
6.  "Then I have leave?"


1.  "Do not take any witnesses with you when you go to Beauchamp-- visit him alone."
2.  "And if it were, Mercedes, poor and lone as you are, yousuit me as well as the daughter of the first shipowner orthe richest banker of Marseilles! What do such as we desirebut a good wife and careful housekeeper, and where can Ilook for these better than in you?"
3.  "Ah, indeed? Then that explains everything that isextraordinary," said Andrea. "He is, then, the sameEnglishman whom I met -- at -- ah -- yes, indeed. Well,monsieur, I am at your service."
4.  "I have ten left," said the man, "for here are eleven, and Ihad twenty-one, five more than last year. But I am notsurprised; the spring has been warm this year, andstrawberries require heat, sir. This is the reason that,instead of the sixteen I had last year, I have this year,you see, eleven, already plucked -- twelve, thirteen,fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen. Ah, I missthree, they were here last night, sir -- I am sure they werehere -- I counted them. It must be the Mere Simon's son whohas stolen them; I saw him strolling about here thismorning. Ah, the young rascal -- stealing in a garden -- hedoes not know where that may lead him to."
5.  "As the jeweller returned to the apartment, he cast aroundhim a scrutinizing glance -- but there was nothing to excitesuspicion, if it did not exist, or to confirm it, if it werealready awakened. Caderousse's hands still grasped the goldand bank-notes, and La Carconte called up her sweetestsmiles while welcoming the reappearance of their guest.`Well, well,' said the jeweller, `you seem, my good friends,to have had some fears respecting the accuracy of yourmoney, by counting it over so carefully directly I wasgone.' -- `Oh, no,' answered Caderousse, `that was not myreason, I can assure you; but the circumstances by which wehave become possessed of this wealth are so unexpected, asto make us scarcely credit our good fortune, and it is onlyby placing the actual proof of our riches before our eyesthat we can persuade ourselves that the whole affair is nota dream.' The jeweller smiled. -- `Have you any other guestsin your house?' inquired he. -- `Nobody but ourselves,'replied Caderousse; `the fact is, we do not lodge travellers-- indeed, our tavern is so near the town, that nobody wouldthink of stopping here. -- `Then I am afraid I shall verymuch inconvenience you.' -- `Inconvenience us? Not at all,my dear sir,' said La Carconte in her most gracious manner.`Not at all, I assure you.' -- `But where will you manage tostow me?' -- `In the chamber overhead.' -- `Surely that iswhere you yourselves sleep?' -- `Never mind that; we have asecond bed in the adjoining room.' Caderousse stared at hiswife with much astonishment.
6.  An instant afterwards he hastily drew back his head, saying,"I thought so!" and sliding from the shoulders of Dantes asdextrously as he had ascended, he nimbly leaped from thetable to the ground.


1.  "Well, sire, the usurper left Elba on the 26th February, andlanded on the 1st of March."
2.  "Those are indeed holidays to me; I go into the garden, Iplant, I prune, I trim, I kill the insects all day long."
3.  "A man or a woman?"
4.  "That an unfaithful tutor, bought over by the enemies ofyour family" --
5.   "Yes," replied Noirtier with an expression of sinister joy.
6.  "But," inquired Dantes hesitating, "has this treasure nomore legitimate possessor in the world than ourselves?"


1.  "And this," said Monte Cristo, "is your opinion of yourintended spouse?"
2.  "I knew that," said Monte Cristo; "she has been dead theseten years."
3.  "A serious matter," said the count, looking at Franz withthe earnestness usual to him; "and what may it be?"
4、  "You know that we shall fight till one of us is dead," saidthe general, whose teeth were clinched with rage. "Until oneof us dies," repeated Monte Cristo, moving his head slightlyup and down.
5、  "Then you will love me. If you are young, I will be yourcomrade; if you are old, I will be your son. I have a fatherwho is seventy if he yet lives; I only love him and a younggirl called Mercedes. My father has not yet forgotten me, Iam sure, but God alone knows if she loves me still; I shalllove you as I loved my father."




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      "Very well, at ten o'clock;, you are still at the Hotel desPrinces?"

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      "Are you sure of it?"

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       "Your excellency knows that wine is beyond all price nearRome."

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      "Unhappy girl," replied Eugenie, "unhappy girl, do you say,sir? No, indeed; the exclamation appears quite theatricaland affected. Happy, on the contrary, for what am I in wantof! The world calls me beautiful. It is something to be wellreceived. I like a favorable reception; it expands thecountenance, and those around me do not then appear so ugly.I possess a share of wit, and a certain relativesensibility, which enables me to draw from life in general,for the support of mine, all I meet with that is good, likethe monkey who cracks the nut to get at its contents. I amrich, for you have one of the first fortunes in France. I amyour only daughter, and you are not so exacting as thefathers of the Porte Saint-Martin and Gaiete, who disinherittheir daughters for not giving them grandchildren. Besides,the provident law has deprived you of the power todisinherit me, at least entirely, as it has also of thepower to compel me to marry Monsieur This or Monsieur That.And so -- being, beautiful, witty, somewhat talented, as thecomic operas say, and rich -- and that is happiness, sir --why do you call me unhappy?"

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    {  "You think? Do not fear; pardieu, we are alone."

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      "Yes, doctor," cried Villefort, clutching his hair, "yes!"}

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      "Ah, indeed? -- mad!" repeated Monte Cristo; "and what washis mania?"

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      "Very well; I prefer complete histories; but tell me how youmade his acquaintance? Did any one introduce you to him?"

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       "`Yes,' said Caderousse. `Give me the pocket-book, LaCarconte, and find a bag somewhere.'

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    {  "Yes?"

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      "We have no masks, and it is absolutely necessary to procurethem."