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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Last week he hurled the local blacksmith over a parapet into astream, and it was only by paying over all the money which I couldgather together that I was able to avert another public exposure. Hehad no friends at all save the wandering gypsies, and he would givethese vagabonds leave to encamp upon the few acres of
2.  "No, I cannot say that. But I have heard words which were nearlyas bad- words of cold, cutting contempt, even before the servants.""Our millionaire does not seem to shine in private life," remarkedHolmes as we made our way to the station. "Well, Watson, we havecome on a good many facts, some of them new ones, and yet I seemsome way from my conclusion. In spite of the evident dislike which Mr.Bates has to his employer, I gather from him that when the alarmcame he was undoubtedly in his library. Dinner was over at 8:30 andall was normal up to then. It is true that the alarm was somewhat latein the evening, but the tragedy certainly occurred about the hournamed in the note. There is no evidence at all that Mr. Gibson hadbeen out of doors since his return from town at five o'clock. On theother hand, Miss Dunbar, as I understand it, admits that she hadmade an appointment to meet Mrs. Gibson at the bridge. Beyond this shewould say nothing, as her lawyer, had advised her to reserve herdefence. We have several very vital questions to ask that younglady, and my mind will not be easy until we have seen her. I mustconfess that the case would seem to me to be very black against her ifit were not for one thing."
3.  -THE END-
4.  "There can be no question as to their nature," he answered."Then what are they? Who is this K. K. K., and why does hepursue this unhappy family?"
6.  It was a long ten minutes before Grant Munro broke the silence,and when his answer came it was one of which I love to think. Helifted the little child, kissed her, and then, still carrying her,he held his other hand out to his wife and turned towards the door."We can talk it over more comfortably at home," said he. "I am not avery good man, Effie, but I think that I am a better one than you havegiven me credit for being."


1.  "It is a pity he did not write in pencil," said he, throwing themdown again with a shrug of disappointment. "As you have no doubtfrequently observed, Watson, the impression usually goes through- afact which has dissolved many a happy marriage. However, I can find notrace here. I rejoice, however, to perceive that he wrote with abroad-pointed quill pen, and I can hardly doubt that we will find someimpression upon this blotting-pad. Ah, yes, surely this is the verything!"
2.  "You mean well, Watson," said the sick man with something betweena sob and a groan. "Shall I demonstrate your own ignorance? What doyou know, pray, of Tapanuli fever? What do you know of the blackFormosa corruption?"
3.  The strong, masterful personality of Holmes dominated the tragicscene, and all were equally puppets in his hands. Williamson andCarruthers found themselves carrying the wounded Woodley into thehouse, and I gave my arm to the frightened girl. The injured man waslaid on his bed, and at Holmes's request I examined him. I carriedmy report to where he sat in the old tapestry-hung dining-room withhis two prisoners before him.
4.  "It was on a Mediterranean yachting voyage. The company, thoughselect, paid their own passages. No doubt the promoters hardlyrealized the Baron's true character until it was too late. The villainattached himself to the lady, and with such effect that he hascompletely and absolutely won her heart. To say that she loves himhardly expresses it. She dotes upon him; she is obsessed by him.Outside of him there is nothing on earth. She will not hear one wordagainst him. Everything has been done to cure her of her madness,but in vain. To sum up, she proposes to marry him next month. As sheis of age and has a will of iron, it is hard to know how to preventher."
5.  "'My dear man,' said he, 'you will only ruin your own
6.  "Sir Robert Norberton's wife, I presume!"


1.  "Insanity was more plausible. The presence of the second person inthe outhouse suggested a keeper. The fact that he locked the door whenhe came out strengthened the supposition and gave the idea ofconstraint. On the other hand, this constraint could not be severeor the young man could not have got loose and come down to have a lookat his friend. You, will remember, Mr. Dodd, that I felt round forpoints, asking you, for example, about the paper which Mr. Kent wasreading. Had it been the Lancet or the British Medical Journal itwould have helped me. It is not illegal, however, to keep a lunaticupon private premises so long as there is a qualified person inattendance and that the authorities have been duly notified. Why,then, all this desperate desire for secrecy? Once again I could notget the theory to fit the facts.
2.  "And she would need to be," said Holmes gravely. "I am much mistakenif we do not hear from her before many days are past."
3.  "Oh, yes! In a hundred other ways he has helped him. Everybody abouthere speaks of his kindness to him."
4.  "Do you see any prospect of solving this mystery, Mr. Holmes?" sheasked with a touch of asperity in her voice.
5.   "It so happens that I did," I answered with some pride. "Itchanced to be my old school number, thirty-one, and so is stuck inmy head."
6.  "One moment- one moment!" cried a querulous voice, and we lookedup to find a queer little old man, jerking and twitching in thedoorway. He was dressed in rusty black, with a very broad-brimmedtop-hat and a loose white necktie- the whole effect being that of avery rustic parson or of an undertaker's mute. Yet, in spite of hisshabby and even absurd appearance, his voice had a sharp crackle,and his manner a quick intensity which commanded attention."Who are you, sir, and by what right do you touch this gentleman'spapers?" he asked.


1.  "No."
2.  It was a very dark night, and a thin rain began to fall as we turnedfrom the highroad into a narrow lane, deeply rutted, with hedges oneither side. Mr. Grant Munro pushed impatiently forward, however,and we stumbled after him as best we could.
3.  "You have acted with great discretion. Who sent for you?""The housemaid, Saunders."
4、  well-deserved reputation. It is not a case in which you can possiblysucceed. You will have barren work, to say nothing of incurring somedanger. Let me very strongly advise you to draw off at once.'"'It is curious,' I answered, 'but that was the very advice whichI had intended to give you. I have a respect for your brains, Baron,and the little which I have seen of your personality has notlessened it. Let me put it to you as man to man. No one wants torake up your past and make you unduly uncomfortable. It is over, andyou are now in smooth waters, but if you persist in this marriageyou will raise up a swarm of powerful enemies who will never leave youalone until they have made England too hot to hold you. Is the gameworth it? Surely you would be wiser if you left the lady alone. Itwould not be pleasant for you if these facts of your past were broughtto her notice.'
5、  "I believe he is in his bed."




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      "Here it is," said he, "Written with a J pen on royal cream paper bya middle-aged man with a weak constitution.

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       "I hope you observed all precautions, Mrs. Hudson?" said Holmes."I went to it on my knees, sir, just as you told me."

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      Colonel Emsworth pointed to me.

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    {  "Athens, perhaps."

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      "Why, then- alas!- it must be you and not the stone."}

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      "Then let us do so. Watson, I fear that you will find it veryslow, but I shall only be away a couple of hours."

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      "That is suggestive," remarked Holmes.

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       "Well, it's very handsome of you, I am sure. And your friend, Dr.Watson, can he trusted, I know. Now, Mr. Holmes, as we walk down tothe place there is one question I should like to ask you. I'dbreathe it to no soul but you." He looked round as thorough hehardly dare utter the words. "Don't you think there might be a caseagainst Mr. Neil Gibson himself?"

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    {  "Oh, yes, easily."

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      "What should I have done?" I cried, with some heat.