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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "What was I saying? I forget. This drunken Caderousse hasmade me lose the thread of my sentence."
2.  "`Mr. President, -- I can furnish the committee of inquiryinto the conduct of the Lieutenant-General the Count ofMorcerf in Epirus and in Macedonia with importantparticulars.'
3.  "I entreat you, M. de Villefort, be, as you always are, kindand equitable, and give him back to us soon." This give ussounded revolutionary in the deputy's ears.
4.  "That tall, harsh-looking man is very learned, hediscovered, in the neighborhood of Rome, a kind of lizardwith a vertebra more than lizards usually have, and heimmediately laid his discovery before the Institute. Thething was discussed for a long time, but finally decided inhis favor. I can assure you the vertebra made a great noisein the learned world, and the gentleman, who was only aknight of the Legion of Honor, was made an officer."
5.  "Move on, then." And the bier was lifted once more, and theyproceeded.
6.  "Yes, calls himself."


1.  "Really, you should relate all this aloud, you would havethe greatest success."
2.  "For how much?"
3.  The count was dressed in black and with his habitualsimplicity; his white waistcoat displayed his expansivenoble chest and his black stock was singularly noticeablebecause of its contrast with the deadly paleness of hisface. His only jewellery was a chain, so fine that theslender gold thread was scarcely perceptible on his whitewaistcoat. A circle was immediately formed around the door.The count perceived at one glance Madame Danglars at one endof the drawing-room, M. Danglars at the other, and Eugeniein front of him. He first advanced towards the baroness, whowas chatting with Madame de Villefort, who had come alone,Valentine being still an invalid; and without turning aside,so clear was the road left for him, he passed from thebaroness to Eugenie, whom he complimented in such rapid andmeasured terms, that the proud artist was quite struck. Nearher was Mademoiselle Louise d'Armilly, who thanked the countfor the letters of introduction he had so kindly given herfor Italy, which she intended immediately to make use of. Onleaving these ladies he found himself with Danglars, who hadadvanced to meet him.
4.  "And he had five millions in your hands alone! Why, thisCount of Monte Cristo must be a nabob?"
5.  "And shall you dine there?"
6.  "No, he is a countryman of yours, if a Corsican is acountryman of any one's. But you know him, M. de Morcerf."


1.  "Oh, I can well believe that, for neither of them was wortha penny."
2.  "Well, don't you intend to bring me another plate?" saidDantes.
3.  "Do you then believe in God?" said Caderousse.
4.  "Ah," said the count, "that is a most conjugal reservation;I recollect that at Rome you said something of a projectedmarriage. May I congratulate you?"
5.   "Look round you then." Dantes rose and looked forward, whenhe saw rise within a hundred yards of him the black andfrowning rock on which stands the Chateau d'If. This gloomyfortress, which has for more than three hundred yearsfurnished food for so many wild legends, seemed to Danteslike a scaffold to a malefactor.
6.  "When will it take place?"


1.  "Paid the last debt of nature?"
2.  Fernand's eye darted lightning. "And should any misfortuneoccur to you, dear Edmond," she continued with the samecalmness which proved to Fernand that the young girl hadread the very innermost depths of his sinister thought, "ifmisfortune should occur to you, I would ascend the highestpoint of the Cape de Morgion and cast myself headlong fromit."
3.  "Listen to me, my son has also guessed who you are, -- heattributes his father's misfortunes to you."
4、  "Close by here, monsieur," replied the notary -- "a littlebeyond Passy; a charming situation, in the heart of the Boisde Boulogne."
5、  "When will it take place?"




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      "How so?" returned the count, with surprise.

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      "My God," said Valentine, raising both her hands to heavenwith a sublime expression, "I have done my utmost to remaina submissive daughter; I have begged, entreated, implored;he has regarded neither my prayers, my entreaties, nor mytears. It is done," cried she, willing away her tears, andresuming her firmness, "I am resolved not to die of remorse,but rather of shame. Live, Maximilian, and I will be yours.Say when shall it be? Speak, command, I will obey." Morrel,who had already gone some few steps away, again returned,and pale with joy extended both hands towards Valentinethrough the opening. "Valentine," said he, "dear Valentine,you must not speak thus -- rather let me die. Why should Iobtain you by violence, if our love is mutual? Is it frommere humanity you bid me live? I would then rather die."

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       "What sort of a man is he?"

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      If Valentine could have seen the trembling step and agitatedcountenance of Franz when he quitted the chamber of M.Noirtier, even she would have been constrained to pity him.Villefort had only just given utterance to a few incoherentsentences, and then retired to his study, where he receivedabout two hours afterwards the following letter: --

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    {  "Not if the choice had remained with me, for I hadfrequently observed inaccuracies in his accounts."

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      Chapter 83The Hand of God.}

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      "`The abbe told me it was worth 50,000 francs,' mutteredCaderousse. `Come, come -- give it to me! What a strangefellow you are,' said the jeweller, taking the diamond fromhis hand. `I give you 45,000 francs -- that is, 2,500 livresof income, -- a fortune such as I wish I had myself, and youare not satisfied!' -- `And the five and forty thousandfrancs,' inquired Caderousse in a hoarse voice, `where arethey? Come -- let us see them.' -- `Here they are,' repliedthe jeweller, and he counted out upon the table 15,000francs in gold, and 30,000 francs in bank-notes.

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      "But why are you so sure of his being the winner of theJockey Club prize?"

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       "And you did not warn me!" cried Caderousse, raising himselfon his elbows. "You knew I should be killed on leaving thishouse, and did not warn me!"

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    {  "Well, since we must part," said the count, holding out ahand to each of the young men, "allow me to wish you both asafe and pleasant journey." It was the first time the handof Franz had come in contact with that of the mysteriousindividual before him, and unconsciously he shuddered at itstouch, for it felt cold and icy as that of a corpse. "Let usunderstand each other," said Albert; "it is agreed -- is itnot? -- that you are to be at No. 27, in the Rue du Helder,on the 21st of May, at half-past ten in the morning, andyour word of honor passed for your punctuality?"

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      "Upon what subject?" asked Madame Danglars.