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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I am not speaking," said the duke with a smile, "of thepersons who are here; the men run no other danger than thatof falling in love with you, and the women of falling ill ofjealousy at seeing you so lovely; I meant persons who wereout in the streets of Rome."
2.  "If you reach your home safely, leave Paris, leave France,and wherever you may be, so long as you conduct yourselfwell, I will send you a small annuity; for, if you returnhome safely, then" --
3.  "With you, sir," replied the baroness, "one can wish fornothing, one is so sure to obtain it. If it were so with M.Morrel" --
4.  "We know nothing as yet of the conspiracy, monsieur; all thepapers found have been sealed up and placed on your desk.The prisoner himself is named Edmond Dantes, mate on boardthe three-master the Pharaon, trading in cotton withAlexandria and Smyrna, and belonging to Morrel & Son, ofMarseilles."
5.  "If you compliment her at all, let it be on her voice, atleast," said Monte Cristo.
6.  "It is true," said he, in so low a tone that he could hardlybe heard.


1.  "Yes, my dear count, I heard it; and the doctor added thatif another death occurred in a similar way he must appeal tojustice." Monte Cristo listened, or appeared to do so, withthe greatest calmness. "Well," said Maximilian, "death camea third time, and neither the master of the house nor thedoctor said a word. Death is now, perhaps, striking a fourthblow. Count, what am I bound to do, being in possession ofthis secret?"
2.  "Pray go, Valentine," said; M. de Villefort, "and see whatthis new fancy of your grandfather's is." Valentine rosequickly, and was hastening joyfully towards the door, whenM. de Villefort altered his intention.
3.  "Zaccone? -- is not his name Monte Cristo?"
4.  Dantes stood mute and motionless before this majesticspectacle, as if he now beheld it for the first time; andindeed since his captivity in the Chateau d'If he hadforgotten that such scenes were ever to be witnessed. Heturned towards the fortress, and looked at both sea andland. The gloomy building rose from the bosom of the oceanwith imposing majesty and seemed to dominate the scene. Itwas about five o'clock. The sea continued to get calmer.
5.  "But you?"
6.  "Brutal politics, I must confess." said Maximilian; "butdon't attach any serious importance, dear, to what yourfather said. My father was not a bit behind yours in thatsort of talk. `Why,' said he, `does not the emperor, who hasdevised so many clever and efficient modes of improving theart of war, organize a regiment of lawyers, judges and legalpractitioners, sending them in the hottest fire the enemycould maintain, and using them to save better men?' You see,my dear, that for picturesque expression and generosity ofspirit there is not much to choose between the language ofeither party. But what did M. Danglars say to this outburston the part of the procureur?"


1.  "Be of good cheer," replied Dantes; "your strength willreturn." And as he spoke he seated himself near the bedbeside Faria, and took his hands. The abbe shook his head.
2.  "Really? and what has procured me so fluttering adistinction?"
3.  "Yes," stammered the old man.
4.  "Both, sir -- he has both fortune and position -- both."
5.   "I mean that they have killed an enemy, which is a verydifferent thing," returned the captain.
6.  He moved his bed, drew up the stone, rushed into thepassage, and reached the opposite extremity; the secretentrance was open. By the light of the wretched and waveringlamp, of which we have spoken, Dantes saw the old man, pale,but yet erect, clinging to the bedstead. His features werewrithing with those horrible symptoms which he already knew,and which had so seriously alarmed him when he saw them forthe first time.


1.  "Enough, enough!" replied Caderousse; "say no more about it;I will take all the consequences upon myself." And he beganhis story.
2.  "My study?"
3.  "Your excellencies permit it?" asked the host.
4、  "Oh, that I do, and with infinite pleasure," answeredAlbert; "and so much the more readily as a letter receivedthis morning from my father summons me to Paris, inconsequence of a treaty of marriage (my dear Franz, do notsmile, I beg of you) with a family of high standing, andconnected with the very cream of Parisian society."
5、  "Monsieur," replied the banker, drawing himself up with ahaughty air, "the extent of my resources has never yet beenquestioned."




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      "The evening of the 3d."

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      "Ah, your pardon," said Dantes, frowning in his turn; "I didnot perceive that there were three of us." Then, turning toMercedes, he inquired, "Who is this gentleman?"

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       "A serious matter," said the count, looking at Franz withthe earnestness usual to him; "and what may it be?"

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      "It is a magnificent charity." Having said this, the abbebowed to imply he wished to pursue his studies. The visitoreither understood the abbe's meaning, or had no morequestions to ask; he arose, and the abbe accompanied him tothe door. "You are a great almsgiver," said the visitor,"and although you are said to be rich, I will venture tooffer you something for your poor people; will you accept myoffering?"

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    {  "And why was I arrested? Why was I a prisoner?"

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      "I think I have discovered my father."

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      "Your highness had already expressed that wish," saidBertuccio, "and the horses are ready. I have bought them,and stationed them myself at the most desirable posts, thatis, in villages, where no one generally stops."

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       "Well, when Dantes was arrested, Monsieur Morrel hastened toobtain the particulars, and they were very sad. The old manreturned alone to his home, folded up his wedding suit withtears in his eyes, and paced up and down his chamber thewhole day, and would not go to bed at all, for I wasunderneath him and heard him walking the whole night; andfor myself, I assure you I could not sleep either, for thegrief of the poor father gave me great uneasiness, and everystep he took went to my heart as really as if his foot hadpressed against my breast. The next day Mercedes came toimplore the protection of M. de Villefort; she did notobtain it, however, and went to visit the old man; when shesaw him so miserable and heart-broken, having passed asleepless night, and not touched food since the previousday, she wished him to go with her that she might take careof him; but the old man would not consent. `No,' was the oldman's reply, `I will not leave this house, for my poor dearboy loves me better than anything in the world; and if hegets out of prison he will come and see me the first thing,and what would he think if I did not wait here for him?' Iheard all this from the window, for I was anxious thatMercedes should persuade the old man to accompany her, forhis footsteps over my head night and day did not leave me amoment's repose."

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    {  "Nothing shall be done without the full approbation ofAlbert de Morcerf. I will make myself acquainted with hisintentions and will submit to them. But if he be willing toaccept my offers, will you oppose them?"

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      "So little was it a dream, that I stretched my hand towardsthe bell; but when I did so, the shade disappeared; my maidthen entered with a light."