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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I clung to him, but he shook me off, and the other may havestruck me, for I can remember no more. Mary the maid heard the noiseand began screaming out of the window. That brought the police, butthe rascals had got away."
2.  "Exactly. Well, now, Watson, how many cows did you see on the moor?""I don't remember seeing any."
3.  "It is to him that this trophy belongs."
4.  "I am in touch with Miss Dobney, Lady Frances's governess.""Old Susan Dobney with the mob cap! I remember her well.""And she remembers you. It was in the days before- before youfound it better to go to South Africa."
5.  "I am sure the scruple does you honour, Mr. Sandeford. But I havenamed that price, so I intend to stick to it."
6.  "I think you will find," said Sherlock Holmes, "that you willplay for a higher stake to-night than you have ever done yet, andthat the play will be more exciting. For you, Mr. Merryweather,the stake will be some 30,000 pounds; and for you, Jones, it will be theman upon whom you wish to lay your hands."


1.  "Not Miss Harrison here, for example?"
2.  "He met me with the dog-cart at the station, and I saw at a glancethat the last two months had been very trying ones for him. He hadgrown thin and careworn, and had lost the loud, cheery manner forwhich he had been remarkable.
3.  "'Quite true.'
4.  "It is unfortunately more than possible, it is certain. Neitheryou nor your son knew the true character of this man when you admittedhim into your family circle. He is one of the most dangerous men inEngland-a ruined gambler, an absolutely desperate villain, a manwithout heart or conscience. Your niece knew nothing of such men. Whenhe breathed his vows to her, as he had done to a hundred before her,she flattered herself that she alone had touched his heart. Thedevil knows best what he said, but at least she became his tool andwas in the habit of seeing him nearly every evening."
5.  "And I am the witness?"
6.  "This is the envelope," he continued. "The postmark isLondon--eastern division. Within are the very words which wereupon my father's last message: `K. K. K.'; and then `Put thepapers on the sundial.'"


1.  "And you were surprised to see him in Swandam Lane?"
2.  The Prime Minister nodded his acquiescence.
3.  "Exactly. This end, which we can examine, is frayed. He wascunning enough to do that with his knife. But the other end is notfrayed. You could not observe that from here, but if you were on themantelpiece you would see that it is cut clean off without any mark offraying whatever. You can reconstruct what occurred. The man neededthe rope. He would not tear it down for fear of giving the alarm byringing the bell. What did he do? He sprang up on the mantelpiece,could not quite reach it, put his knee on the bracket- you will seethe impression in the dust- and so got his knife to bear upon thecord. I could not reach the place by at least three inches- from whichI infer that he is at least three inches a bigger man than I. Lookat that mark upon the seat of the oaken chair! What is it?""Blood."
4.  With our black silk face-coverings, which turned us into two ofthe most truculent figures in London, we stole up to the silent,gloomy house. A sort of tiled veranda extended along one side of it,lined by several windows and two doors.
5.   "Now I'll tell you the queerest part of the whole story. I hadhardly got outside the hut when I heard someone coming, and I hidamong the bushes. A man came slinking along, went into the hut, gave acry as if he had seen a ghost, and legged it as hard as he could rununtil he was out of sight. Who he was or what he wanted is more than Ican tell. For my part I walked ten miles, got a train at TunbridgeWells, and so reached London, and no one the wiser.
6.  But before we could move, the man had emerged again. As he cameout into the glimmering patch of light, we saw that he carriedsomething white under his arm. He looked stealthily all round him. Thesilence of the deserted street reassured him. Turning his back upon ushe laid down his burden, and the next instant there was the sound of asharp tap, followed by a clatter and rattle. The man was so intentupon what he was doing that he never heard our steps as we stoleacross the grass plot. With the bound of a tiger Holmes was on hisback, and an instant later Lestrade and I had him by either wrist, andthe handcuffs had been fastened. As we turned him over I saw ahideous, sallow face, with writhing, furious features, glaring up atus, and I knew that it was indeed the man of the photograph whom wehad secured.


1.  Holmes laughed good-naturedly.
2.  "Well, Watson, what do you make of this?" asked Holmes, after a longpause.
3.  "Those two pictures will help you, gentlemen, to understand thestory. I was a poor circus girl brought up on the sawdust, and doingsprings through the hoop before I was ten. When I became a womanthis man loved me, if such lust as his can be called love, and in anevil moment I became his wife. From that day I was in hell, and he thedevil who tormented me. There was no one in the show who did notknow of his treatment. He deserted me for others. He tied me downand lashed me with his riding-whip when I complained. They allpitied me and they all loathed him, but what could they do? Theyfeared him, one and all. For he was terrible at all times, andmurderous when he was drunk. Again and again he was had up forassault, and for cruelty to the beasts, but he had plenty of money andthe fines were nothing to him. The best men all left us, and theshow began to go downhill. It was only Leonardo and I who kept itup- with little Jimmy Griggs, the clown. Poor devil, he had not muchto be funny about, but he did what he could to bold things together."Then Leonardo came more and more into my life. You see what hewas like. I know now the poor spirit that was hidden in thatsplendid body, but compared to my husband he seemed like the angelGabriel. He pitied me and helped me, till at last our intimacyturned to love- deep, deep, passionate love, such love as I haddreamed of but never hoped to feel. My husband suspected it, but Ithink that he was a coward as well as a bully, and that Leonardo wasthe one man that he was afraid of. He took revenge in his own way bytorturing me more than ever. One night my cries brought Leonardo tothe door of our van. We were near tragedy that night, and soon mylover and I understood that it could not be avoided. My husband wasnot fit to live. We planned that he should die.
4、  It was nearly one o'clock when Sherlock Holmes returned from hisexcursion. He held in his hand a sheet of blue paper, scrawled overwith notes and figures.
5、  "The local pain was, as he explains, the least part of the exquisitetorment.




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      "Quite so. Now turn that up in the ledger."

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      "But you must look at it with my eyes, Mr. Holmes. You mustrealize it from the point of view of a woman who sees all her life'sambition about to be ruined at the last moment. Is such a woman tobe blamed if she protects herself?"

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       "I said to her that if I could marry her I would, but that it wasout of my power. I said that money was no object and that all Icould do to make her happy and comfortable would be done.""Very generous, I am sure," said Holmes with a sneer.

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      "I knew that we should find a ventilator before ever we came toStoke Moran."

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    {  "'"I have no idea," said I.

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      "You were satisfied that he could not have been concealed in theroom all the time, or in the corridor which you have just describedas dimly lighted?"}

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      "'"He is gone. No one has seen him. He is not in his room. Oh,yes, he is gone, he is gone!" She fell back against the wall withshriek after shriek of laughter, while I, horrified at this suddenhysterical attack, rushed to the bell to summon help. The girl wastaken to her room, still screaming and sobbing, while I made inquiriesabout Brunton. There was no doubt about it that he had disappeared.His bed had not been slept in, he had been seen by no one since he hadretired to his room the night before, and yet it was difficult tosee how he could have left the house, as both windows and doors werefound to be fastened in the morning. His clothes, his watch, andeven his money were in his room, but the black suit which he usuallywore was missing. His slippers, too, were gone, but his boots wereleft behind. Where then could butler Brunton have gone in the nightand what could have become of him now?

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      "A fair cop!" said he. "But, I say, what about that bloomin' fiddle!I hear it yet."

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       Colonel Walter died in prison towards the end of the second yearof his sentence. As to Holmes, he returned refreshed to hismonograph upon the Polyphonic Motets of Lassus, which has since beenprinted for private circulation, and is said by experts to be the lastword upon the subject. Some weeks afterwards I learned incidentallythat my friend spent a day at Windsor, whence he returned with aremarkably fine emerald tie-pin. When I asked him if he had bought it,he answered that it was a present from a certain gracious lady inwhose interests he had once been fortunate enough to carry out a smallcommission. He said no more; but I fancy that I could guess at thatlady's august name, and I have little doubt that the emerald pinwill forever recall to my friend's memory the adventure of theBruce-Partington plans.

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    {  My client grinned mischievously.

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      "'You have called me names enough,' said he; 'I will not stand itany longer. I shall not say another word about this business, sinceyou have chosen to insult me. I will leave your house in the morningand make my own way in the world.'