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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Well, but then you will not be able to fulfill yourcommission," said D'Artagnan.
2.  The other was a large square epistle, resplendent with theterrible arms of his Eminence the cardinal duke.
4.  "And you know who she is?"
5.  "But yourself, monsieur," said Athos, who began to beannoyed by this inquisition, "give me, I beg you, the proofthat you have the right to question me."
6.  "What a brute of a host! Why did you give him six pistoles?""You told me to give them to him."


1.  "The devil!" said Athos. "I would propose to you to stakePlanchet, but as that has already been done, the Englishman wouldnot, perhaps, be willing."
2.  By that plain arrangement of the hair, by that costume of extremesimplicity, by the brow polished like marble and as hard andimpenetrable, she recognized one of those gloomy Puritans she hadso often met, not only in the court of King James, but in that ofthe King of France, where, in spite of the remembrance of the St.Bartholomew, they sometimes came to seek refuge.
3.  "Ay, ay!" said Athos, exchanging a smile with D'Artagnan andAramis, "it is very clear you acted nobly with regard to the poorlad; that is like a good master."
4.  "Patience, monseigneur, we are coming to it. There happened thenthat which you know, and of which your precipitate departure,"added the host, with an acuteness that did not escape D'Artagnan,"appeared to authorize the issue. That gentleman, your friend,defended himself desperately. His lackey, who, by an unforeseenpiece of ill luck, had quarreled with the officers, disguised asstable lads-"
5.  "No. Who are these gentleman?"
6.  5 THE KING'S MUSKETEERS AND THE CARDINAL'S GUARDSD'Artagnan was acquainted with nobody in Paris. He wenttherefore to his appointment with Athos without a second,determined to be satisfied with those his adversary shouldchoose. Besides, his intention was formed to make the braveMusketeer all suitable apologies, but without meanness orweakness, fearing that might result from this duel whichgenerally results from an affair of this kind, when a young andvigorous man fights with an adversary who is wounded andweakened--if conquered, he doubles the triumph of his antagonist;if a conqueror, he is accused of foul play and want of courage.Now, we must have badly painted the character of our adventureseeker, or our readers must have already perceived thatD'Artagnan was not an ordinary man; therefore, while repeating tohimself that his death was inevitable, he did not make up hismind to die quietly, as one less courageous and less restrainedmight have done in his place. He reflected upon the differentcharacters of men he had to fight with, and began to view hissituation more clearly. He hoped, by means of loyal excuses, tomake a friend of Athos, whose lordly air and austere bearingpleased him much. He flattered himself he should be able tofrighten Porthos with the adventure of the baldric, which hemight, if not killed upon the spot, relate to everybody a recitalwhich, well managed, would cover Porthos with ridicule. As tothe astute Aramis, he did not entertain much dread of him; andsupposing he should be able to get so far, he determined todispatch him in good style or at least, by hitting him in theface, as Caesar recommended his soldiers do to those of Pompey,to damage forever the beauty of which he was so proud.In addition to this, D'Artagnan possessed that invincible stockof resolution which the counsels of his father had implanted inhis heart: "Endure nothing from anyone but the king, thecardinal, and Monsieur de Treville." He flew, then, rather thanwalked, toward the convent of the Carmes Dechausses, or ratherDeschaux, as it was called at that period, a sort of buildingwithout a window, surrounded by barren fields--an accessory tothe Preaux-Clercs, and which was generally employed as the placefor the duels of men who had no time to lose.


1.  "No," replied Bonacieux, with a self-sufficient air, "she is toosuperficial a woman."
2.  "Yes, your French husband. I don't speak of my brother. If youhave forgotten, as he is still living, I can write to him and hewill send me information on the subject."
3.  "So much the better, for I have expended all mine in chartering avessel."
4.  Aramis continued, "And yet, while I do belong to the earth, Iwish to speak of you-of our friends."
5.   D'Artagnan did not smile.
6.  "'Where has he gone?' asked Monsieur de Cavois.


1.  "Is your secret of enough importance to me to spare yourlife for it?" asked the young man, withholding his arm."Yes; if you think existence worth anything to a man oftwenty, as you are, and who may hope for everything, beinghandsome and brave, as you are."
2.  The brother did not perceive this; he had turned round toplay with Milady's favorite monkey, which had pulled him bythe doublet.
3.  "Zounds, Lieutenant!" said he; "you are not unlucky in beingcharged with such commissions, particularly if my Lord hasauthorized you to look into her bed."
4、  "Why, here is the simple fact. This morning I awoke at sixo'clock. You were still fast asleep, and I did not know what todo with myself; I was still stupid from our yesterday's debauch.As I came into the public room, I saw one of our Englishmanbargaining with a dealer for a horse, his own having diedyesterday from bleeding. I drew near, and found he was bidding ahundred pistoles for a chestnut nag. 'PARDIEU,' said I, 'my goodgentleman, I have a horse to sell, too.' 'Ay, and a very fineone! I saw him yesterday; your friend's lackey was leading him.''Do you think he is worth a hundred pistoles?' 'Yes! Will yousell him to me for that sum?' 'No; but I will play for him.''What?' 'At dice.' No sooner said than done, and I lost thehorse. Ah, ah! But please to observe I won back the equipage,'cried Athos.
5、  "Well," replied Athos, "have you not heard what D'Artagnansaid?"




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      "Constance? Constance?" replied the young man, "where are you? whereare you? My God!"

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      "That," continued the cardinal, "arose not only from afeeling of natural equity, but likewise from a plan I havemarked out with respect to you."

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       At length, M. de Treville himself returned. The injured man hadrecovered his senses. The surgeon declared that the situation ofthe Musketeer had nothing in it to render his friends uneasy, hisweakness having been purely and simply caused by loss of blood.Then M. de Treville made a sign with his hand, and all retiredexcept D'Artagnan, who did not forget that he had an audience,and with the tenacity of a Gascon remained in his place.When all had gone out and the door was closed, M. de Treville, onturning round, found himself alone with the young man. The eventwhich had occurred had in some degree broken the thread of hisideas. He inquired what was the will of his persevering visitor.D'Artagnan then repeated his name, and in an instant recoveringall his remembrances of the present and the past, M. de Trevillegrasped the situation.

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      "Well, one day when she was hunting with her husband," continuedAthos, in a low voice, and speaking very quickly," she fell fromher horse and fainted. The count flew to her to help, and as sheappeared to be oppressed by her clothes, he ripped them open withhis poinard, and in so doing laid bare her shoulder.D'Artagnan," said Athos, with a maniacal burst of laughter,"guess what she had on her shoulder."

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    {  "As to remitting a letter with safety to her Majesty," saidAramis, coloring, "I will take that upon myself. I know aclever person at Tours--"

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      Milady opened the letter with eagerness equal to Kitty's inbringing it; but at the first words she read she becamelivid. She crushed the paper in her band, and turning withflashing eyes upon Kitty, she cried, "What is this letter?""The answer to Madame's," replied Kitty, all in a tremble."Impossible!" cried Milady. "It is impossible a gentlemancould have written such a letter to a woman." Then all atonce, starting, she cried, "My God! can he have--" and shestopped. She ground her teeth; she was of the color ofashes. She tried to go toward the window for air, but shecould only stretch forth her arms; her legs failed her, andshe sank into an armchair. Kitty, fearing she was ill,hastened toward her and was beginning to open her dress; butMilady started up, pushing her away. "What do you want withme?" said she, "and why do you place your hand on me?""I thought that Madame was ill, and I wished to bring herhelp," responded the maid, frightened at the terribleexpression which had come over her mistress's face."I faint? I? I? Do you take me for half a woman? When I aminsulted I do not faint; I avenge myself!"}

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      "Come in," said the officer.

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      The answer was terrible. Anne of Austria believed that LouisXIII knew all, and that the cardinal had persuaded him to employthis long dissimulation of seven or eight days, which, likewise,was characteristic. She became excessively pale, leaned herbeautiful hand upon a CONSOLE, which hand appeared then like oneof wax, and looking at the king with terror in her eyes, she wasunable to reply by a single syllable.

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       "Monsieur, what I say to you about the matter," said Aramis, "isnot for the sake of seeking a quarrel. Thank God, I am not abravo! And being a Musketeer but for a time, I only fight when Iam forced to do so, and always with great repugnance; but thistime the affair is serious, for here is a lady compromised byyou."

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    {  To this letter was added an order, conceived in these terms:

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      "No one can be more so, monsieur."