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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "And do you know this gentleman, monsieur?" inquiredEmmanuel.
2.  "But if, in spite of all my precautions, I am at lastobliged to fight, will you not be my second?"
3.  "Now," said Monte Cristo "as to the mother of the young man"--
4.  "Well, madame, it will be a laudable action on your part,and I will thank you for it!"
5.  "Most undoubtedly. This Major Cavalcanti is an old friend ofyours, then?"
6.  But, in spite of Albert's hope, the day passed unmarked byany incident, excepting two or three encounters with thecarriage full of Roman peasants. At one of these encounters,accidentally or purposely, Albert's mask fell off. Heinstantly rose and cast the remainder of the bouquets intothe carriage. Doubtless one of the charming females Alberthad detected beneath their coquettish disguise was touchedby his gallantry; for, as the carriage of the two friendspassed her, she threw a bunch of violets. Albert seized it,and as Franz had no reason to suppose it was meant for him,he suffered Albert to retain it. Albert placed it in hisbutton-hole, and the carriage went triumphantly on.


1.  "Yes, were it only out of curiosity."
2.  "Yes, I insist."
3.  "Reverend sir," said Caderousse, drawing still nearer.
4.  Chapter 94Maximilian's Avowal.
5.  "It is not worth while."
6.  When Franz recovered his senses, he saw Albert drinking aglass of water, of which, to judge from his pallor, he stoodin great need; and the count, who was assuming hismasquerade costume. He glanced mechanically towards thesquare -- the scene was wholly changed; scaffold,executioners, victims, all had disappeared; only the peopleremained, full of noise and excitement. The bell of MonteCitorio, which only sounds on the pope's decease and theopening of the Carnival, was ringing a joyous peal. "Well,"asked he of the count, "what has, then, happened?"


1.  "Calls himself, do you say?"
2.  "Well, suppose you were to alter a signal, and substituteanother?"
3.  "He is an excellent person."
4.  "Listen!" said Dantes. "I am not an abbe, I am not mad;perhaps I shall be, but at present, unfortunately, I am not.I will make you another offer."
5.   "He will sully it then," returned Lucien; "for I am low --very low."
6.  "True; we have offered any sum, but have failed."


1.  "To give you pleasure, my sweet Renee, I promise to show allthe lenity in my power; but if the charges brought againstthis Bonapartist hero prove correct, why, then, you reallymust give me leave to order his head to be cut off." Reneeshuddered.
2.  Meanwhile M. Cavalcanti the elder had returned to hisservice, not in the army of his majesty the Emperor ofAustria, but at the gaming-table of the baths of Lucca, ofwhich he was one of the most assiduous courtiers. He hadspent every farthing that had been allowed for his journeyas a reward for the majestic and solemn manner in which hehad maintained his assumed character of father. M. Andrea athis departure inherited all the papers which proved that hehad indeed the honor of being the son of the MarquisBartolomeo and the Marchioness Oliva Corsinari. He was nowfairly launched in that Parisian society which gives suchready access to foreigners, and treats them, not as theyreally are, but as they wish to be considered. Besides, whatis required of a young man in Paris? To speak its languagetolerably, to make a good appearance, to be a good gamester,and to pay in cash. They are certainly less particular witha foreigner than with a Frenchman. Andrea had, then, in afortnight, attained a very fair position. He was calledcount, he was said to possess 50,000 livres per annum; andhis father's immense riches, buried in the quarries ofSaravezza, were a constant theme. A learned man, before whomthe last circumstance was mentioned as a fact, declared hehad seen the quarries in question, which gave great weightto assertions hitherto somewhat doubtful, but which nowassumed the garb of reality.
3.  "Counting his treasures," replied the governor.
4、  "I will."
5、  "Poor girl," said Debray, like the rest, paying aninvoluntary tribute to the sad event, -- "poor girl, soyoung, so rich, so beautiful! Could you have imagined thisscene, Chateau-Renaud, when we saw her, at the most threeweeks ago, about to sign that contract?"




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      "Remember, this is no affair of mine," said the tremblingvoice of La Carconte, as though through the flooring of herchamber she viewed the scene that was enacting below.

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      "But melancholy," interrupted Master Edward, snatching thefeathers out of the tail of a splendid parroquet that wasscreaming on its gilded perch, in order to make a plume forhis hat. Madame de Villefort merely cried, -- "Be still,Edward!" She then added, -- "This young madcap is, however,very nearly right, and merely re-echoes what he has heard mesay with pain a hundred times; for Mademoiselle de Villefortis, in spite of all we can do to rouse her, of a melancholydisposition and taciturn habit, which frequently injure theeffect of her beauty. But what detains her? Go, Edward, andsee."

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      "Besides," said Dantes, "the various circumstances mentionedin the letter were wholly unknown to him."

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    {  "Come, come," said the sailor, "I have a better opinion thanyou of women in general, and of Mercedes in particular; andI am certain that, captain or not, she will remain everfaithful to me."

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      "I am ready to accompany you, sir," said Maximilian. "Adieu,my kind friends! Emmanuel -- Julie -- farewell!"}

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      "A great pity," said Monte Cristo.

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      "Was it not his betrothal feast?"

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       "That is impossible."

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    {  "And have they all tasted of a slightly bitter flavor, likethat of dried orange-peel?"

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      "I suffer from emotion?" said Monte Cristo.