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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "What do you mean, Mr. Holmes?"
2.  As we left the house Lestrade remained in the front room, whilethe repentant constable opened the door to let us out. Holmes turnedon the step and held up something in his hand. The constable staredintently.
3.  "Well, the gentleman has a lot of firearms of one sort andanother. We never quite matched that particular pistol- but the boxwas made for two."
4.  "Why is he silent, then, if he is innocent?"
5.  "I am not clear how you came to hear the news so early thismorning."
6.  "Very good. Come this way, if you please." He led us down a passage,opened a barred door, passed down a winding stair, and brought us to awhitewashed corridor with a line of doors on each side."The third on the right is his," said the inspector. "Here it is!"He quietly shot back a panel in the upper part of the door and glancedthrough.


1.  Percy Phelps sank back in his chair. "My head whirls," said he."Your words have dazed me."
2.  "I'm a bit of a single-stick expert, as you know. I took most ofthem on my guard. It was the second man that was too much for me.""What can I do, Holmes? Of course, it was that damned fellow who setthem on. I'll go and thrash the hide off him if you give the word.""Good old Watson! No, we can do nothing there unless the policelay their hands on the men. But their get-away had been well prepared.We may be sure of that. Wait a little. I have my plans. The firstthing is to exaggerate my injuries. They'll come to you for news.Put it on thick, Watson. Lucky if I live the week out- concussion-delirium- what you like! You can't overdo it."
3.  "The note is written upon ordinary cream-laid paper withoutwatermark. It is a quarter-sheet. The paper is cut off in two snipswith a short-bladed scissors. It has been folded over three timesand sealed with purple wax, put on hurriedly and pressed down withsome flat oval object. It is addressed to Mr. Garcia, WisteriaLodge. It says:
4.  "What you say is perfectly logical, Mr. Holmes. I feel that thematter is indeed out of our hands."
6.  "I have every hope that the company may accommodate you. I willlet you know about it as soon as we come to any conclusion. And nowI beg that you will go. For God's sake leave me to myself!"These last words were shot out of him, as though the constraintwhich he was evidently setting upon himself had suddenly and utterlyburst asunder. Holmes and I glanced at each other, and Hall Pycrofttook a step towards the table.


1.  "A fake, is it? Well, strike me! Madame Tussaud ain't in it. It'sthe living spit of him, gown and all. But them curtains, Count!""Oh, confound the curtains! We are wasting our time, and there isnone too much. He can lag us over this stone."
2.  "I have never heard of either."
3.  "Yes, sir. He told me that a gypsy had done it for him whenhe was a lad."
4.  "Then what is the theory in your mind?"
5.   "I give it up," said Lestrade.
6.  "One moment- one moment!" cried a querulous voice, and we lookedup to find a queer little old man, jerking and twitching in thedoorway. He was dressed in rusty black, with a very broad-brimmedtop-hat and a loose white necktie- the whole effect being that of avery rustic parson or of an undertaker's mute. Yet, in spite of hisshabby and even absurd appearance, his voice had a sharp crackle,and his manner a quick intensity which commanded attention."Who are you, sir, and by what right do you touch this gentleman'spapers?" he asked.


1.  He had ceased to strike and was gazing up at the ventilator whensuddenly there broke from the silence of the night the most horriblecry to which I have ever listened. It swelled up louder and louder,a hoarse yell of pain and fear and anger all mingled in the onedreadful shriek. They say that away down in the village, and even inthe distant parsonage, that cry raised the sleepers from their beds.It struck cold to our hearts, and I stood gazing at Holmes, and heat me, until the last echoes of it had died away into the silence fromwhich it rose.
2.  Hampstead.
3.  "Every precaution is still necessary," he whispered. "I havereason to think that they are hot upon our trail. Ah, there isMoriarty himself."
4、  "'The original has no date, but is in the spelling of the middleof the seventeenth century,' remarked Musgrave. 'I am afraid, however,that it can be of little help to you in solving this mystery.'"'At least,' said I, 'it gives us another mystery, and one whichis even more interesting than the first. It may be that the solutionof the one may prove to be the solution of the other. You willexcuse me, Musgrave, if I say that your butler appears to me to havebeen a very clever man, and to have had a clearer insight than tengenerations of his masters.'
5、  "'Yes, and as old as the house. Down here, through this door.'"We went down a winding stone stair, and my companion, striking amatch, lit a large lantern which stood on a barrel in the corner. Inan instant it was obvious that we had at last come upon the trueplace, and that we had not been the only people to visit the spotrecently.




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      "Then you are guilty."

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      "Well, really, when I consider that she has turned her back-I willnot say upon me, but upon so much that many have aspired to withoutsuccess-I can hardly explain it in any other fashion."

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       "I fear that you'll have a long wait," Holmes whispered. "We maythank our stars that it is not raining. I don't think we can evenventure to smoke to pass the time. However, it's a two to one chancethat we get something to pay us for our trouble."

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      Holmes raised the lady. "I am thankful, madam, that you have come toyour senses even at this last moment! There is not an instant to lose.Where is the letter?"

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    {  "'May I ask where you live, sir?' said I.

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      "I thought they had better hear your ladyship's story first.""I shall be glad when you can arrange matters. It is horrible tome to think of him still lying there." She shuddered and buried herface in her hands. As she did so, the loose gown fell back from herforearms. Holmes uttered an exclamation.}

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      "Well, well, it is of little consequence now. The case is closed.""Yes," said the woman, "the case is closed."

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      "'Ah, but I sleep more heavily than you.'

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       "I would have spoken now had it not been for my dear girl. Itwould break her heart-it will break her heart when she hears that I amarrested."

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    {  "I thank your Grace. For the purposes of my investigation, I thinkthat it would be wiser for me to remain at the scene of the mystery.""Just as you like, Mr. Holmes. Any information which Mr. Wilder or Ican give you is, of course, at your disposal."

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      "'You understand, Mr. Holder, that I am giving you a strong proof ofthe confidence which I have in you, founded upon all that I have heardof you. I rely upon you not only to be discreet and to refrain fromall gossip upon the matter but, above all, to preserve this coronetwith every possible precaution because I need not say that a greatpublic scandal would be caused if any harm were to befall it. Anyinjury to it would be almost as serious as its complete loss, forthere are no beryls in the world to match these, and it would beimpossible to replace them. I leave it with you, however, with everyconfidence, and I shall call for it in person on Monday morning.'"Seeing that my client was anxious to leave, I said no more; but,calling for my cashier, I ordered him to pay over fifty L1000 notes.When I was alone once more, however, with the precious case lying uponthe table in front of me, I could not but think with some misgivingsof the immense responsibility which it entailed upon me. There couldbe no doubt that, as it was a national possession, a horriblescandal would ensue if any misfortune should occur to it. I alreadyregretted having ever consented to take charge of it. However, itwas too late to alter the matter now, so I locked it up in myprivate safe and turned once more to my work.