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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "In this case," replied Caderousse, "let's have some morewine. I wish to drink to the health of Edmond and the lovelyMercedes."
2.  "Doubtless, doubtless," said Morrel; "but I shall say, likethe Spaniard, `He has not been so brave to-day as he wasyesterday.'"
3.  "Yes, I insist on it," said Albert, whose mind was beginningto get bewildered with the excitement of his feelings.
4.  Giovanni obeyed. Franz took the lamp, and entered thesubterranean grotto, followed by Gaetano. He recognized theplace where he had awaked by the bed of heather that wasthere; but it was in vain that he carried his torch allround the exterior surface of the grotto. He saw nothing,unless that, by traces of smoke, others had before himattempted the same thing, and, like him, in vain. Yet he didnot leave a foot of this granite wall, as impenetrable asfuturity, without strict scrutiny; he did not see a fissurewithout introducing the blade of his hunting sword into it,or a projecting point on which he did not lean and press inthe hopes it would give way. All was vain; and he lost twohours in his attempts, which were at last utterly useless.At the end of this time he gave up his search, and Gaetanosmiled.
5.  "Thank you, sir -- thank you," replied the baroness; "youforget that what you have just paid me is much more than apoor woman requires, who intends for some time, at least, toretire from the world."
6.  "Oh, you are beautiful -- always beautiful!" cried Louise."Now, where are you going?"


1.  "To Fontainebleau," replied Eugenie with an almost masculinevoice.
2.  "Why," said Albert, "he was talked about for a week; thenthe coronation of the queen of England took place, followedby the theft of Mademoiselle Mars's diamonds; and so peopletalked of something else."
3.  "Di qua," said one of the men, descending a little pathleading out of the Appian Way. Danglars followed his guidewithout opposition, and had no occasion to turn around tosee whether the three others were following him. Still itappeared as though they were stationed at equal distancesfrom one another, like sentinels. After walking for aboutten minutes, during which Danglars did not exchange a singleword with his guide, he found himself between a hillock anda clump of high weeds; three men, standing silent, formed atriangle, of which he was the centre. He wished to speak,but his tongue refused to move. "Avanti!" said the samesharp and imperative voice.
4.  "To-day I am at your service," replied the count. Thepresident rang the bell. "Does the House approve that theexamination should take place to-day?"
5.  Danglars saw in the muddled look of the tailor the progressof his intoxication, and turning towards Fernand, said,"Well, you understand there is no need to kill him."
6.  "Come, you understand me."


1.  "Then we are once more reunited?" said Andrea.
2.  "Ah, true, I was writing. I do sometimes, soldier though Iam."
3.  "Done!" said Danglars, "I'll take your bet; but to-morrow --to-day it is time to return. Give me your arm, and let usgo."
4.  "Count." said Danglars, "are you speaking seriously?"
5.   "Oh, no; I have seen him eat of everything in Italy; nodoubt he does not feel inclined this evening."
6.  The general, with his head thrown back, hands extended, gazefixed, looked silently at this dreadful apparition; thenseeking the wall to support him, he glided along close to ituntil he reached the door, through which he went outbackwards, uttering this single mournful, lamentable,distressing cry, -- "Edmond Dantes!" Then, with sighs whichwere unlike any human sound, he dragged himself to the door,reeled across the court-yard, and falling into the arms ofhis valet, he said in a voice scarcely intelligible, --"Home, home." The fresh air and the shame he felt at havingexposed himself before his servants, partly recalled hissenses, but the ride was short, and as he drew near hishouse all his wretchedness revived. He stopped at a shortdistance from the house and alighted.


1.  "Yes, yes," said Danglars, laughing, "it would do her agreat deal of good."
2.  "Yes, doctor."
3.  "I know that," replied the Englishman. "But as a man ofhonor should answer another, tell me fairly, shall you paythese with the same punctuality?" Morrel shuddered, andlooked at the man, who spoke with more assurance than he hadhitherto shown. "To questions frankly put," said he, "astraightforward answer should be given. Yes, I shall pay,if, as I hope, my vessel arrives safely; for its arrivalwill again procure me the credit which the numerousaccidents, of which I have been the victim, have deprivedme; but if the Pharaon should be lost, and this lastresource be gone" -- the poor man's eyes filled with tears.
4、  "Sometimes."
5、  "Why so?"




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      "He? You are mistaken. M. Albert would not do us the honorto be jealous; he does not like Eugenie sufficiently.Besides, I care not for his displeasure."

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      "At once."

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       "Number 3."

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      "Mademoiselle Danglars' fortune will be great, no doubt,especially it the telegraph should not make any moremistakes."

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    {  "What to do?"

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      "I do not know," said Mercedes. "You do not, madame; atleast, I hope not. But I will tell you. I was arrested andbecame a prisoner because, under the arbor of La Reserve,the day before I was to marry you, a man named Danglarswrote this letter, which the fisherman Fernand himselfposted." Monte Cristo went to a secretary, opened a drawerby a spring, from which he took a paper which had lost itsoriginal color, and the ink of which had become of a rustyhue -- this he placed in the hands of Mercedes. It wasDanglars' letter to the king's attorney, which the Count ofMonte Cristo, disguised as a clerk from the house of Thomson& French, had taken from the file against Edmond Dantes, onthe day he had paid the two hundred thousand francs to M. deBoville. Mercedes read with terror the following lines: --}

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      "Do you give it to me?"

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      "But then you yourself are known to others?"

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       "Listen to me, Franz," said Albert; "I am glad that theoccasion has presented itself for saying this to you, for Ihave noticed how cold you are in your bearing towards thecount, while he, on the other hand, has always been courtesyitself to us. Have you anything particular against him?"

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    {  "Impossible!" cried Madame Danglars: "a man may murderanother out of revenge, but he would not deliberately drowna child."

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      "I? -- I kill my boy?" cried the distracted mother, rushingtoward Villefort; "I kill my son? Ha, ha, ha!" and afrightful, demoniac laugh finished the sentence, which waslost in a hoarse rattle. Madame de Villefort fell at herhusband's feet. He approached her. "Think of it, madame," hesaid; "if, on my return, justice his not been satisfied, Iwill denounce you with my own mouth, and arrest you with myown hands!" She listened, panting, overwhelmed, crushed; hereye alone lived, and glared horribly. "Do you understandme?" he said. "I am going down there to pronounce thesentence of death against a murderer. If I find you alive onmy return, you shall sleep to-night in the conciergerie."Madame de Villefort sighed; her nerves gave way, and shesunk on the carpet. The king's attorney seemed to experiencea sensation of pity; he looked upon her less severely, and,bowing to her, said slowly, "Farewell, madame, farewell!"That farewell struck Madame de Villefort like theexecutioner's knife. She fainted. The procureur went out,after having double-locked the door.