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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Pere Pamphile had seen Dantes pass not ten minutes before;and assured that he was at the Catalans, they sat down underthe budding foliage of the planes and sycamores, in thebranches of which the birds were singing their welcome toone of the first days of spring.
2.  "No."
3.  "Ah, your excellency, I am overwhelmed with delight."
4.  "Let it be, then, as you wish, sweet angel; God hassustained me in my struggle with my enemies, and has givenme this reward; he will not let me end my triumph insuffering; I wished to punish myself, but he has pardonedme. Love me then, Haidee! Who knows? perhaps your love willmake me forget all that I do not wish to remember."
5.  The delighted builder then offered his services in providinga suitable crew for the little vessel, but this Dantesdeclined with many thanks, saying he was accustomed tocruise about quite alone, and his principal pleasureconsisted in managing his yacht himself; the only thing thebuilder could oblige him in would be to contrive a sort ofsecret closet in the cabin at his bed's head, the closet tocontain three divisions, so constructed as to be concealedfrom all but himself. The builder cheerfully undertook thecommission, and promised to have these secret placescompleted by the next day, Dantes furnishing the dimensionsand plan in accordance with which they were to beconstructed.
6.  "There may be. No one knows what there is."


1.  "Come," said Monte-Cristo, touching his shoulder with hisfinger, "are you a man again, Maximilian?"
2.On the 24th of February, 1810, the look-out at Notre-Dame dela Garde signalled the three-master, the Pharaon fromSmyrna, Trieste, and Naples.
3.  "Yes, I promised you." The Count watched Albert, waving hishand to him. When he had mounted his phaeton, Monte Cristoturned, and seeing Bertuccio, "What news?" said he. "Shewent to the Palais," replied the steward.
4.  "Why, it was won by a horse and rider utterly unknown on thecourse."
5.  "Oh, this time, doctor, you shall not have to reproach mewith weakness. This time I will know the assassin, and willpursue him."
6.  "M. de Villefort," replied the doctor, with increasedvehemence, "there are occasions when I dispense with allfoolish human circumspection. If your daughter had committedonly one crime, and I saw her meditating another, I wouldsay `Warn her, punish her, let her pass the remainder of herlife in a convent, weeping and praying.' If she hadcommitted two crimes, I would say, `Here, M. de Villefort,is a poison that the prisoner is not acquainted with, -- onethat has no known antidote, quick as thought, rapid aslightning, mortal as the thunderbolt; give her that poison,recommending her soul to God, and save your honor and yourlife, for it is yours she aims at; and I can picture herapproaching your pillow with her hypocritical smiles and hersweet exhortations. Woe to you, M. de Villefort, if you donot strike first!' This is what I would say had she onlykilled two persons but she has seen three deaths, -- hascontemplated three murdered persons, -- has knelt by threecorpses! To the scaffold with the poisoner -- to thescaffold! Do you talk of your honor? Do what I tell you, andimmortality awaits you!"


1.  "Then I can speak without fear of tiring your excellency."
2.  "Adieu, then, sir, and do not forget the prescription."
3.  "In conjunction with the affairs of Ali Pasha?"
4.  Villefort drew his armchair nearer to Madame Danglars; thenresting both hands upon his desk he said in a voice morehollow than usual: "There are crimes which remain unpunishedbecause the criminals are unknown, and we might strike theinnocent instead of the guilty; but when the culprits arediscovered" (Villefort here extended his hand toward a largecrucifix placed opposite to his desk) -- "when they arediscovered, I swear to you, by all I hold most sacred, thatwhoever they may be they shall die. Now, after the oath Ihave just taken, and which I will keep, madame, dare you askfor mercy for that wretch!"
5.   "Yes; they were talking about it when we left Paris," saidM. de Saint-Meran; "and where is it decided to transferhim?"
6.  "Why, how could you make such a mistake -- such an oldstager?"


1.  Chapter 105The Cemetery of Pere-la-Chaise.
2.  "Yes, I will take a biscuit, as you are so obliging."
3.  "We must leave you," said Monte Cristo.
4、  "Well, so much the better," said the supercargo; "for it isnot pleasant to think that a comrade has not done his duty."
5、  "Me?" The former sign was repeated. "Are you displeased withme?" cried Valentine in astonishment. M. Noirtier againclosed his eyes. "And what have I done, dear grandpapa, thatyou should be angry with me?" cried Valentine.




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      "What is that?"

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      "Well, then, wretches," cried Danglars, "I will defy yourinfamous calculations -- I would rather die at once! You maytorture, torment, kill me, but you shall not have mysignature again!"

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       "Ah, in such a case one supposes" --

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      "You may well say, perchance," replied the banker; "for hecomes so seldom, it would seem only chance that brings him."

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    {  "Let us go, then. I cannot stay here any longer."

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      "Yes; summoned by M. de Villefort, who is apparently asanxious to get Mademoiselle Valentine married as M. Danglarsis to see Mademoiselle Eugenie settled. It must be a veryirksome office to be the father of a grown-up daughter; itseems to make one feverish, and to raise one's pulse toninety beats a minute until the deed is done."}

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      The apartment consisted of two small rooms and a parlor. Thetwo rooms looked onto the street -- a fact which SignorPastrini commented upon as an inappreciable advantage. Therest of the floor was hired by a very rich gentleman who wassupposed to be a Sicilian or Maltese; but the host wasunable to decide to which of the two nations the travellerbelonged. "Very good, signor Pastrini," said Franz; "but wemust have some supper instantly, and a carriage for tomorrowand the following days."

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      "No, in truth; we parted at Hyeres." And, to give moreweight to his protestation, Caderousse advanced another steptowards the abbe, who remained motionless in his place, ascalm as ever, and pursuing his interrogation. "You lie,"said the Abbe Busoni, with a tone of irresistible authority.

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       "It is not my fault, madame. At Malta, I loved a young girl,was on the point of marrying her, when war came and carriedme away. I thought she loved me well enough to wait for me,and even to remain faithful to my memory. When I returnedshe was married. This is the history of most men who havepassed twenty years of age. Perhaps my heart was weaker thanthe hearts of most men, and I suffered more than they wouldhave done in my place; that is all." The countess stoppedfor a moment, as if gasping for breath. "Yes," she said,"and you have still preserved this love in your heart -- onecan only love once -- and did you ever see her again?"

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    {  "Because they would not spend money so guiltily acquired."

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      "Well, then, if you did, depend upon it, Fernand picked itup, and either copied it or caused it to be copied; perhaps,even, he did not take the trouble of recopying it. And now Ithink of it, by Heavens, he may have sent the letter itself!Fortunately, for me, the handwriting was disguised."