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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Maximilian," said the count, "you asked me during thejourney to allow you to remain some days at Marseilles. Doyou still wish to do so?"
2.  "An agreeable one?" asked the Italian.
3.  "And where? In Italy?" asked the king eagerly.
4.  Caderousse continued to call piteously, "Help, reverend sir,help!"
5.  "Di qua," said one of the men, descending a little pathleading out of the Appian Way. Danglars followed his guidewithout opposition, and had no occasion to turn around tosee whether the three others were following him. Still itappeared as though they were stationed at equal distancesfrom one another, like sentinels. After walking for aboutten minutes, during which Danglars did not exchange a singleword with his guide, he found himself between a hillock anda clump of high weeds; three men, standing silent, formed atriangle, of which he was the centre. He wished to speak,but his tongue refused to move. "Avanti!" said the samesharp and imperative voice.
6.  "Draw nearer, Penelon," said the young man, "and tell us allabout it."


1.  "`How, and why?'
2.  "Yes, certainly."
3.  "Shall I see you?"
4.  "My friend," said Andrea, "I have been dining atSaint-Jean-au-Bois, and expected to catch the coach whichpasses by at midnight, but like a fool I have lost my way,and have been walking for the last four hours in the forest.Show me into one of those pretty little rooms which overlookthe court, and bring me a cold fowl and a bottle ofBordeaux." The waiter had no suspicions; Andrea spoke withperfect composure, he had a cigar in his mouth, and hishands in the pocket of his top coat; his clothes werefashionably made, his chin smooth, his boots irreproachable;he looked merely as if he had stayed out very late, that wasall. While the waiter was preparing his room, the hostessarose; Andrea assumed his most charming smile, and asked ifhe could have No. 3, which he had occupied on his last stayat Compiegne. Unfortunately, No. 3 was engaged by a youngman who was travelling with his sister. Andrea appeared indespair, but consoled himself when the hostess assured himthat No. 7, prepared for him, was situated precisely thesame as No. 3, and while warming his feet and chatting aboutthe last races at Chantilly, he waited until they announcedhis room to be ready.
5.  "I beg you to do so," replied Albert.
6.  "And I have come at once to see you."


1.  "Yes. Your position as secretary to the minister rendersyour authority great on the subject of political news; younever open your mouth but the stockbrokers immediatelystenograph your words. Cause her to lose a hundred thousandfrancs, and that would teach her prudence."
2.  "Eugenie," she said to herself, "is lost, and so are we. Theaffair, as it will be reported, will cover us with shame;for in a society such as ours satire inflicts a painful andincurable wound. How fortunate that Eugenie is possessed ofthat strange character which has so often made me tremble!"And her glance was turned towards heaven, where a mysteriousprovidence disposes all things, and out of a fault, nay,even a vice, sometimes produces a blessing. And then herthoughts, cleaving through space like a bird in the air,rested on Cavalcanti. This Andrea was a wretch, a robber, anassassin, and yet his manners showed the effects of a sortof education, if not a complete one; he had been presentedto the world with the appearance of an immense fortune,supported by an honorable name. How could she extricateherself from this labyrinth? To whom would she apply to helpher out of this painful situation? Debray, to whom she hadrun, with the first instinct of a woman towards the man sheloves, and who yet betrays her, -- Debray could but give heradvice, she must apply to some one more powerful than he.
3.  "You are not exactly right, M. Procureur; you must gofarther back."
4.  "Where can I sleep?"
5.   "No, sir; I have all my pay to take -- nearly three months'wages."
6.  "Reflect that I am your wife!"


1.  "Brucine is extracted from the false angostura* is it not?"inquired Madame de Villefort.
2.  "I will keep it," returned Morcerf; "but I fear that youwill be much disappointed, accustomed as you are topicturesque events and fantastic horizons. Amongst us youwill not meet with any of those episodes with which youradventurous existence has so familiarized you; ourChimborazo is Mortmartre, our Himalaya is Mount Valerien,our Great Desert is the plain of Grenelle, where they arenow boring an artesian well to water the caravans. We haveplenty of thieves, though not so many as is said; but thesethieves stand in far more dread of a policeman than a lord.France is so prosaic, and Paris so civilized a city, thatyou will not find in its eighty-five departments -- I sayeighty-five, because I do not include Corsica -- you willnot find, then, in these eighty-five departments a singlehill on which there is not a telegraph, or a grotto in whichthe commissary of police has not put up a gaslamp. There isbut one service I can render you, and for that I placemyself entirely at your orders, that is, to present, or makemy friends present, you everywhere; besides, you have noneed of any one to introduce you -- with your name, and yourfortune, and your talent" (Monte Cristo bowed with asomewhat ironical smile) "you can present yourselfeverywhere, and be well received. I can be useful in one wayonly -- if knowledge of Parisian habits, of the means ofrendering yourself comfortable, or of the bazaars, canassist, you may depend upon me to find you a fittingdwelling here. I do not dare offer to share my apartmentswith you, as I shared yours at Rome -- I, who do not professegotism, but am yet egotist par excellence; for, exceptmyself, these rooms would not hold a shadow more, unlessthat shadow were feminine."
3.  This room was occupied by Dantes' father. The news of thearrival of the Pharaon had not yet reached the old man, who,mounted on a chair, was amusing himself by training withtrembling hand the nasturtiums and sprays of clematis thatclambered over the trellis at his window. Suddenly, he feltan arm thrown around his body, and a well-known voice behindhim exclaimed, "Father -- dear father!"
4、  "Was it not agreed," asked the count, "that not only myperson, but also that of my friends, should be respected byyou?"
5、  "Indeed madame," said Monte Cristo: "I scarcely know if Idare tell you where I am going."




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      "He is cold," said Debray.

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      "As regards the generality of mankind it is; but not foryou, my dear viscount, who are one of my most intimatefriends, and on whose silence I feel I may rely, if Iconsider it necessary to enjoin it -- may I not do so?"

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       "I? Certainly not," replied the count. "No; I should onlyregret if the horse had not proved good."

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      "Why, what good would it do?" asked Caderousse. "If the poorlad were living, and came to me and begged that I wouldcandidly tell which were his true and which his falsefriends, why, perhaps, I should not hesitate. But you tellme he is no more, and therefore can have nothing to do withhatred or revenge, so let all such feeling be buried withhim."

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    {  "That, too, is impossible."

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      "I again reminded her that you were a friend, and that sheneed not conceal anything from you."}

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      "Then what did you mean" --

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      "See," said d'Avrigny to Villefort, "nature knows how toalleviate the deepest sorrow. No one can say that M.Noirtier did not love his child, and yet he sleeps."

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       "`"It is this: -- `I swear by my honor not to reveal to anyone what I have seen and heard on the 5th of February, 1815,between nine and ten o'clock in the evening; and I pleadguilty of death should I ever violate this oath.'" Thegeneral appeared to be affected by a nervous tremor, whichprevented his answering for some moments; then, overcominghis manifest repugnance, he pronounced the required oath,but in so low a tone as to be scarcely audible to themajority of the members, who insisted on his repeating itclearly and distinctly, which he did.

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    {  "I had been tracked by a customs-officer, who had lost sightof me near the tavern; feeling certain that I intended topass the night there, he had returned to summon hiscomrades, who just arrived in time to hear the report of thepistol, and to take me in the midst of such circumstantialproofs of my guilt as rendered all hopes of proving myinnocence utterly futile. One only chance was left me, thatof beseeching the magistrate before whom I was taken tocause every inquiry to be made for the Abbe Busoni, who hadstopped at the inn of the Pont du Gard on that morning. IfCaderousse had invented the story relative to the diamond,and there existed no such person as the Abbe Busoni, then,indeed, I was lost past redemption, or, at least, my lifehung upon the feeble chance of Caderousse himself beingapprehended and confessing the whole truth. Two monthspassed away in hopeless expectation on my part, while I mustdo the magistrate the justice to say that he used everymeans to obtain information of the person I declared couldexculpate me if he would. Caderousse still evaded allpursuit, and I had resigned myself to what seemed myinevitable fate. My trial was to come on at the approachingassizes; when, on the 8th of September -- that is to say,precisely three months and five days after the events whichhad perilled my life -- the Abbe Busoni, whom I neverventured to believe I should see, presented himself at theprison doors, saying he understood one of the prisonerswished to speak to him; he added, that having learned atMarseilles the particulars of my imprisonment, he hastenedto comply with my desire. You may easily imagine with whateagerness I welcomed him, and how minutely I related thewhole of what I had seen and heard. I felt some degree ofnervousness as I entered upon the history of the diamond,but, to my inexpressible astonishment, he confirmed it inevery particular, and to my equal surprise, he seemed toplace entire belief in all I said. And then it was that, wonby his mild charity, seeing that he was acquainted with allthe habits and customs of my own country, and consideringalso that pardon for the only crime of which I was reallyguilty might come with a double power from lips sobenevolent and kind, I besought him to receive myconfession, under the seal of which I recounted the Auteuilaffair in all its details, as well as every othertransaction of my life. That which I had done by the impulseof my best feelings produced the same effect as though ithad been the result of calculation. My voluntary confessionof the assassination at Auteuil proved to him that I had notcommitted that of which I stood accused. When he quitted me,he bade me be of good courage, and to rely upon his doingall in his power to convince my judges of my innocence.

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      "Now as regards the second question."