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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Have you not taken a bastion?" said a Swiss, who wasdrinking rum out of beer glass.
2.  "Well, if you are really afraid, Monsieur Planchet," resumedD'Artagnan, "I will go without you. I prefer traveling alone tohaving a companion who entertains the least fear.""Monsieur does me wrong," said Planchet; "I thought he had seenme at work."
3.  "It is one that becomes a man accustomed to look his enemies inthe face."
4.  "Then he is there? I shall find him there?"
5.  "What!" cried D'Artagnan, "is your first witness MonsieurPorthos?"
6.  "Ay, ay!" said Athos, exchanging a smile with D'Artagnan andAramis, "it is very clear you acted nobly with regard to the poorlad; that is like a good master."


1.  "The duke is English; the duke fights against us. Let herdo what she likes with the duke; I care no more about himthan an empty bottle." And Athos threw fifteen paces fromhim an empty bottle from which he had poured the last dropinto his glass.
2.  "Ah, ah!" said the cardinal, "I know of whom you speak.""I mean that miserable D'Artagnan."
3.  "Next week I hope my duties will afford me a little liberty, andI will take advantage of it to come and put things in order here,so they must necessarily be much deranged."
4.  "I felt instinctively that someone approached me; it is said thatthe doomed wretch in the deserts of America thus feels theapproach of the serpent.
5.  "At half past ten--an hour after the event."
6.  M. de Treville approved of the resolution he had adopted,and assured him that if on the morrow he did not appear, hehimself would undertake to find him, let him be where hemight.


1.  "Besides, in what manner can I make advances first?""By doing a thing which you know will be agreeable to her.""What is that?"
2.  "I do not understand, my Lord," said she, in order to gain timeand make her adversary speak out. "What do you mean to say? Isthere any secret meaning concealed beneath your words?""Oh, my God, no!" said Lord de Winter, with apparent good nature."You wish to see me, and you come to England. I learn thisdesire, or rather I suspect that you feel it; and in order tospare you all the annoyances of a nocturnal arrival in a port andall the fatigues of landing, I send one of my officers to meetyou, I place a carriage at his orders, and he brings you hitherto this castle, of which I am governor, whither I come every day,and where, in order to satisfy our mutual desire of seeing eachother, I have prepared you a chamber. What is there moreastonishing in all that I have said to you than in what you havetold me?"
3.  "Go to! It appears to me you make dull jokes, my dear,"said Porthos.
4.  Porthos had seen neither the footman nor the carriage, but withhe eye of a jealous woman, Mme. Coquenard had seen everything.Porthos regretted that he had not at once made the lady of thered cushion a princess.
5.   "Then," said Felton, who became impatient, "say yourself, madame,what treatment you wish followed."
6.  "The devil!" thought Porthos, as he walked away, "it appearsI am getting nearer to Monsieur Coquenard's strongbox atlast."


1.  "You may retire," said Milady. "I will not talk.""Here is the knife," said Felton, drawing from his pocket theweapon which he had brought, according to his promise, but whichhe hesitated to give to his prisoner.
2.  "Well?" said Felton.
3.  "She is there," said he.
4、  He repaired, then, instantly to the office of the LIEUTENANT-CRIMINEL. The officer who commanded the post of theRed Cross was sent for, and by successive inquiries they learnedthat Athos was then lodged in the Fort l'Eveque.
5、  "You are mistaken, Planchet," replied D'Artagnan; "and as aproof, there is a crown to drink my health."




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      "I will go this very evening to Treville, whom I will request toask this favor for me of his brother-in-law, MonsieurDessessart."

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       But she was greatly embarrassed. She did not know whether the abbesswas a royalist or a cardinalist; she therefore confined herself to aprudent middle course. But the abbess, on her part, maintained areserve still more prudent, contenting herself with making a profoundinclination of the head every time the fair traveler pronounced the nameof his Eminence.

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      "We will dine directly, my friend; only you must please toremember that this is Friday. Now, on such a day I can neithereat flesh nor see it eaten. If you can be satisfied with mydinner-it consists of cooked tetragones and fruits.""What do you mean by tetragones?" asked D'Artagnan, uneasily."I mean spinach," replied Aramis; "but on your account I will addsome eggs, and that is a serious infraction of the rule-for eggsare meat, since they engender chickens."

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    {  "Be satisfied, my Lord, I will tell all that I have seen. Butdoes your Grace mean to give me the studs without the casket?""The casket would encumber you. Besides, the casket is the moreprecious from being all that is left to me. You will say that Ikeep it."

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      "What you know?"}

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      This time there was no longer any doubt; it was at the Traitor'sCross that lesser criminals were executed. Bonacieux hadflattered himself in believing himself worthy of St. Paul or ofthe Place de Greve; it was at the Traitor's Cross that hisjourney and his destiny were about to end! He could not yet seethat dreadful cross, but he felt somehow as if it were coming tomeet him. When he was within twenty paces of it, he heard anoise of people and the carriage stopped. This was more thanpoor Bonacieux could endure, depressed as he was by thesuccessive emotions which he had experienced; he uttered a feeblegroan which night have been taken for the last sigh of a dyingman, and fainted.

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      "And whenever we find each other, in whatever place it maybe," said Kitty, "you will find me loving you as I love youtoday."

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       Athos fenced with as much calmness and method as if he hadbeen practicing in a fencing school.

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    {  D'Artagnan sighed deeply, for this voice responded to asecret voice of his soul, which told him that greatmisfortunes awaited him.

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      "What you believe?"