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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Who fired that?" he heard an officer exclaim. "By God! who didthat?" Both left him, running toward a certain building. Hepaused a moment and then got down.
2.  The complete ignoring by Hurstwood of his own home came with thegrowth of his affection for Carrie. His actions, in all thatrelated to his family, were of the most perfunctory kind. He satat breakfast with his wife and children, absorbed in his ownfancies, which reached far without the realm of their interests.He read his paper, which was heightened in interest by theshallowness of the themes discussed by his son and daughter.Between himself and his wife ran a river of indifference.
3.  At her room, the wording of this missive occupied her for sometime, for she fell to the task at once. It was most difficult.
4.  "The world is full of desirable situations, but, unfortunately,we can occupy but one at a time. It doesn't do us any good towring our hands over the far-off things."
5.  Hurstwood had gone, at Drouet's invitation, to meet a new baggageof fine clothes and pretty features. He entered, expecting toindulge in an evening of lightsome frolic, and then lose track ofthe newcomer forever. Instead he found a woman whose youth andbeauty attracted him. In the mild light of Carrie's eye wasnothing of the calculation of the mistress. In the diffidentmanner was nothing of the art of the courtesan. He saw at oncethat a mistake had been made, that some difficult conditions hadpushed this troubled creature into his presence, and his interestwas enlisted. Here sympathy sprang to the rescue, but it was notunmixed with selfishness. He wanted to win Carrie because hethought her fate mingled with his was better than if it wereunited with Drouet's. He envied the drummer his conquest as hehad never envied any man in all the course of his experience.
6.  At the Empire Theatre she found a hive of peculiarly listless andindifferent individuals. Everything ornately upholstered,everything carefully finished, everything remarkably reserved.


1.  "This is my first experience."
2.  He thought of the hotels, but instantly he remembered that he hadhad no experience as a clerk, and, what was more important, noacquaintances or friends in that line to whom he could go. Hedid know some hotel owners in several cities, including New York,but they knew of his dealings with Fitzgerald and Moy. He couldnot apply to them. He thought of other lines suggested by largebuildings or businesses which he knew of--wholesale groceries,hardware, insurance concerns, and the like--but he had had noexperience.
3.  "If you'll do that, we'll call it off for the present and I'llget out."
4.  Mrs. Hurstwood nestled comfortably in her corner and smiled. Itwas so nice to be the mother-in-law of a rich young man--onewhose financial state had borne her personal inspection.
5.  Minnie was thinking of the resource which Carrie's board wouldadd. It would pay the rent and would make the subject ofexpenditure a little less difficult to talk about with herhusband. But if Carrie was going to think of running around inthe beginning there would be a hitch somewhere. Unless Carriesubmitted to a solemn round of industry and saw the need of hardwork without longing for play, how was her coming to the city toprofit them? These thoughts were not those of a cold, hardnature at all. They were the serious reflections of a mind whichinvariably adjusted itself, without much complaining, to suchsurroundings as its industry could make for it.
6.  "Why, woman," he exclaimed, "you did it for me! Now you go outthere and do it. It'll be fun for you. Just do as you did inthe room. If you'll reel it off that way, I'll bet you make ahit. Now, what'll you bet? You do it."


1.  "The paper said four men were hurt yesterday."
2.  Neither paid the slightest attention to Hurstwood, who stoodfacing the cold wind, which was chilling him completely, andthinking of his orders.
3.  "You're not mad at me, are you?" he asked softly.
4.  "Yes, it is too bad."
5.   He wrote it carefully down and got out the purse again. "You'llbe at home if I come around Monday night?" he said.
6.  Her wonder was at once replaced by the more subtle quality ofsuspicion.


1.  This settled the discussion for the time being, but there was aresidue of opinion which was not satisfactory. There was no timeat which the claims of his wife could have been moreunsatisfactorily pushed. For years he had been steadilymodifying his matrimonial devotion, and found her company dull.Now that a new light shone upon the horizon, this older luminarypaled in the west. He was satisfied to turn his face awayentirely, and any call to look back was irksome.
2.  "We're all out of flour," she said; "you'd better get some thisafternoon. We haven't any meat, either. How would it do if wehad liver and bacon?"
3.  "How about accidents?" said a voice. "You might get hurt."
4、  "No," he said. "What good would it do? A man doesn't need thissort of thing to be happy."
5、  In a moment Carrie was alone again, and was saying, withanimation:




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      The youth looked exceedingly crestfallen.

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      "Well, I should think you'd feel better." Then she added: "Someone might call."

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       "Well, I don't know," answered Carrie, puzzling, but not offeringto break her promise in his favour.

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      "Certainly," said McGarren, "I can fix that for you, George."

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    {  "What's the matter with him? Is he hurt badly?"

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      He would have asked more, but it did not seem wise, so he decidedto inquire at the depot.}

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      Carrie laughed ecstatically.

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      There was no more to be done upon that score that night. He wenton brooding over his situation until midnight, when he repairedagain to the Palmer House. He wondered what the morning wouldbring forth, and slept anything but soundly upon it.Next day he went again to the office and opened his mail,suspicious and hopeful of its contents. No word from Carrie.Nothing from his wife, which was pleasant.

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       "Yes, I guess so," said his companion, looking up at him. Shewas thinking it was slightly strange.

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    {  On the morrow, however, there was nothing in the papersconcerning the event, and, in view of the flow of common,everyday things about, it now lost a shade of the glow of theprevious evening. Drouet himself was not talking so much OF asFOR her. He felt instinctively that, for some reason or other,he needed reconstruction in her regard.

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      "Better leave a little note for him, telling him where we are.He might turn up."