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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Listen to me! I want to be enlightened on a subject; then,when I shall have learned what I desire to know, I willwithdraw."
3.  "For two reasons."
4.  "Well, the English like good wine, as you may know, monsieur;these have asked for the best. My wife has perhaps requestedpermission of Monsieur Athos to go into the cellar to satisfythese gentlemen; and he, as usual, has refused. Ah, good heaven!There is the hullabaloo louder than ever!"
5.  "Well, well," said the cardinal, "I don't wish you any ill;but you must be aware that it is quite trouble enough todefend and recompense our friends. We owe nothing to ourenemies; and let me give you a piece of advice; take care ofyourself, Monsieur d'Artagnan, for from the moment Iwithdraw my hand from behind you, I would not give an obolusfor your life."
6.  And God, who counts my pains."


1.  They rose about eight o'clock in the winter, about six in summer,and went to take the countersign and see how things went on at M.de Treville's. D'Artagnan, although he was not a Musketeer,performed the duty of one with remarkable punctuality. He wenton guard because he always kept company with whoever of hisfriends was on duty. He was well known at the Hotel of theMusketeers, where everyone considered him a good comrade. M. deTreville, who had appreciated him at the first glance and whobore him a real affection, never ceased recommending him to theking.
2.  "You are right," cried the gentleman; "begone then, on your part,and I will depart as quickly on mine." And bowing to the lady,sprang into his saddle, while her coachman applied his whipvigorously to his horses. The two interlocutors thus separated,taking opposite directions, at full gallop.
3.  The procurator's wife saw him pass in his new uniform and onhis fine horse. She loved Porthos too dearly to allow himto part thus; she made him a sign to dismount and come toher. Porthos was magnificent; his spurs jingled, hiscuirass glittered, his sword knocked proudly against hisample limbs. This time the clerks evinced no inclination tolaugh, such a real ear clipper did Porthos appear.The Musketeer was introduced to M. Coquenard, whose littlegray eyes sparkled with anger at seeing his cousin allblazing new. Nevertheless, one thing afforded him inwardconsolation; it was expected by everybody that the campaignwould be a severe one. He whispered a hope to himself thatthis beloved relative might be killed in the field.Porthos paid his compliments to M. Coquenard and bade himfarewell. M. Coquenard wished him all sorts of
4.  Buckingham conducted the goldsmith to the chamber destined forhim, and which, at the end of half an hour, was transformed intoa workshop. Then he placed a sentinel at each door, with anorder to admit nobody upon any pretense but his VALET DE CHAMBRE,Patrick. We need not add that the goldsmith, O'Reilly, and hisassistant, were prohibited from going out under any pretext.This point, settled, the duke turned to D'Artagnan. "Now, myyoung friend," said he, "England is all our own. What do youwish for? What do you desire?"
5.  "Let us decamp first, and you will understand afterward.""A moment, gentlemen, a moment; give Grimaud time to clearaway the breakfast."
6.  "Don't dream it, Athos. I don't need the quarter of such asum--I who am still only in the Guards--and by selling mysaddles, I shall procure it. What do I want? A horse forPlanchet, that's all. Besides, you forget that I have aring likewise."


1.  "Marie Michon"
2.  The baron took the young officer by the arm, and turned his headover his shoulder, so as not to lose sight of Milady till he wasgone out.
3.  "In the room adjoining the chamber in which she changed hertoilet."
4.  This time D'Artagnan was not hasty. He perceived his mistake;but the friends of Aramis were not at all convinced by hisdenial, and one of them addressed the young Musketeer withaffected seriousness. "If it were as you pretend it is," saidhe, "I should be forced, my dear Aramis, to reclaim it myself;for, as you very well know, Bois-Tracy is an intimate friend ofmine, and I cannot allow the property of his wife to be sportedas a trophy."
5.   "Twenty-five minutes past nine!" cried M. de Treville, looking atthe clock; "why, that's impossible!"
6.  D'Artagnan took the paper hesitatingly and cast his eyes over it; it wasa lieutenant's commission in the Musketeers.


1.  "Good! We have just time to finish this fowl and to drinkone glass of wine to your health, D'Artagnan."
2.  The king looked at the cardinal as if to interrogate him; but hehad not time to address any question to him--a cry of admirationburst from every mouth. If the king appeared to be the firstgentleman of his kingdom, the queen was without doubt the mostbeautiful woman in France.
3.  "Ah, you are awake, madame," he said; "then I have nothing moreto do here. If you want anything you can ring."
4、  "May I not drink to your health, and you to mine?" saidD'Artagnan, filling two glasses with the Beaugency wine which hehad obtained from the liberality of M. Bonacieux."That will do me great honor," said the leader of the posse, "andI accept thankfully."
5、  "That's all that is necessary," said Athos; "now for myidea."




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      The young man and young woman perceived they were watched, andredoubled their speed. D'Artagnan determined upon his course.He passed them, then returned so as to meet them exactly beforethe Samaritaine. Which was illuminated by a lamp which threw itslight over all that part of the bridge.

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      "And I also," said Aramis. "And, indeed, I am not sorry to quitParis; I had need of distraction."

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       "You mean George Villiers?" asked Felton, whose looks becameexcited.

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      "We have asked him for money."

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    {  "I know myself, Father; my resolution is irrevocable.""Then you persist in continuing that thesis?"

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      "Be satisfied. In the proper time and place I will remembereverything. Now then, go, go, in the name of heaven! I wasexpected at sharp midnight, and I am late."}

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      "Three? Marvelous! That falls out oddly! Three is just mynumber!"

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      "What is your name?"

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    {  "Stay!" said D'Artagnan; and taking out his handkerchief, hegagged him.

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      It took some time for D'Artagnan to resume this littledialogue; but then all the ideas of vengeance which he hadbrought with him had completely vanished. This womanexercised over him an unaccountable power; he hated andadored her at the same time. He would not have believedthat two sentiments so opposite could dwell in the sameheart, and by their union constitute a passion so strange,and as it were, diabolical.