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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】13.葡萄牙波尔图
2.11. Arctic and Antarctic sea ice volumes both fall to an all-time low
3.单词association 联想记忆:
4.In 1995 Dutch troops serving as UN peacekeepers failed to prevent Bosnian Serb forces murdering 8,000 Muslim men and boys in the town of Srebrenica in eastern Bosnia.


1.It is the first biography to win the prize, although Mr Greenspan’s autobiography, The Age of Turbulence, was shortlisted in 2007, the year before the financial crisis raised serious questions about the central banker’s legacy.
3.Against: Although it picked up a best editing prize from the LA Film Critics Association, it was ignored by their New York counterparts. Could its momentum be waning
6.Beijing is banning Chinese tour groups from visiting South Korea, the latest retaliation against the planned Korean deployment of the US-built Thaad missile shield, according to two people with knowledge of the plans.


1.According to the report, students from prestigious universities were less willing to start businesses, likely because of high opportunity cost.
2.Chinese tourism to South Korea has boomed in recent years, delighting retailers but irking domestic tourists who have found the country’s attractions swamped with visitors.
3.William Leung, portfolio manager at Cohen & Steers, the US investment house with bn of assets exposed to Asia, agrees. He argues that speculative investment will be driven out of the market as prices fall. He adds that a trend in the industry towards alternative investments should mean that the price of real estate investment trusts rises even if the value of underlying assets grow more slowly. “We don’t think this correction will be so sharp,” he says.
5. previous


4、Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has made riskier bets than this, though, and he didn't part with much of consequence (Justin Anderson and a fake first-round pick) for a shot at working Noel into a lob-finishing/rim-protecting life as the next Tyson Chandler.




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    People who are skeptical about this argument just need look at smartphones and personal computers, which have served as the technological driving force of the past century.

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    Let’s now travel to Greece. There, Andreas Georgiou, the head of its statistical agency between 2010 and 2015, faces prosecutions for his part in uncovering fake Greek public finance data for 2009 and setting the record straight. This week 40 groups, led by the American Statistical Association, and 651 individuals signed a statement in support of Mr Georgiou.

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    {Taobao, subsidiary of Alibaba, came in second place, with a brand value of .9 billion, overtaking China Mobile, Baidu and ICBC.

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    According to China's business magazine New Fortune's 2018 Chinese wealthy list, the top 10 tycoons' total wealth reached 1.72 trillion yuan, accounting for 18% of the combined wealth of the list's total 500, and the top 10's personal wealth has surpassed 100 billion yuan for the first time.

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    Lu also said high-quality hospitals will be built in Tongzhou and new towns in other suburban districts to attract downtown residents and ease traffic jams and other congestions in crowded downtown areas.

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    {Scientists get couples into the lab and looking at their stress levels while they have “difficult” conversations, finding that couples that deal with stress with positive emotions like laughter become less stressed, and tend to stay together for longer.

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