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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Now the latter put a kindly hand on the ex-manager's shoulder."Line up over there," he said.
2.  "What for?"
3.  He put his hand into the first of the boxes and lifted the stack,letting the separate parcels fall. They were bills of fifty andone hundred dollars done in packages of a thousand. He thoughthe counted ten such.
4.  Her fancy plunged recklessly into privileges and amusements whichwould have been much more becoming had she been cradled a childof fortune. With ready will and quick mental selection shescattered her meagre four-fifty per week with a swift andgraceful hand. Indeed, as she sat in her rocking-chair theseseveral evenings before going to bed and looked out upon thepleasantly lighted street, this money cleared for its prospectivepossessor the way to every joy and every bauble which the heartof woman may desire. "I will have a fine time," she thought.
5.  Drouet dropped in at the lodge when he went down town, andswashed around with a great AIR, as Quincel met him.
6.  She stood up from her stool and worked that way for a while, butit was a more difficult position. Her neck and shoulders achedin bending over.


1.  "Who is it you wish to see?" he required.
2.  They dined and went to the theatre. That spectacle pleasedCarrie immensely. The colour and grace of it caught her eye.She had vain imaginings about place and power, about far-offlands and magnificent people. When it was over, the clatter ofcoaches and the throng of fine ladies made her stare.
3.  Carrie went out and there he sat, determining to do something.
4.  "Well, I do," he answered. "If I were you I wouldn't think ofit. It's not much of a profession for a woman."
5.  It was apathy with Hurstwood, resulting from his inability to seehis way out. Each month drew from his small store. Now, he hadonly five hundred dollars left, and this he hugged, half feelingas if he could stave off absolute necessity for an indefiniteperiod. Sitting around the house, he decided to wear some oldclothes he had. This came first with the bad days. Only once heapologised in the very beginning:
6.  "So it looks," said Carrie, whose nerves were quieting under thesound of the rain drops, driven by a gusty wind, as the trainswept on frantically through the shadow to a newer world.


1.  "Look at that woman's dress over there," he said, again turningto Carrie, and nodding in a direction.
2.  "Soap, towels, and a pitcher of ice-water."
3.  Carrie dropped the subject, feeling unable to say more.
4.  "Let's stroll about," he said gayly, rising and surveying all thelovely park.
5.   Mrs. Morgan read this rather flatly, and the director was indespair. He fidgeted around, and then went over to Mr. Quincel.
6.  In the morning he put on his best clothes, which were poorenough, and began stirring about, putting some bread and meatinto a page of a newspaper. Carrie watched him, interested inthis new move.


1.  "I thought you might tell me."
2.  "Have you ever had any experience in the wholesale dry goodsbusiness?" he questioned.
3.  "There," he said, holding back one of his own good cards, andgiving Carrie a chance to take a trick. "I count that cleverplaying for a beginner."
4、  "Well, to-morrow then. I'm living at the Chelsea now."
5、  Chapter XXXIII




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      That night he felt a cold coming on and took quinine. He wasfeverish until morning, and sat about the next day while Carriewaited on him. He was a helpless creature in sickness, not veryhandsome in a dull-coloured bath gown and his hair uncombed. Helooked haggard about the eyes and quite old. Carrie noticedthis, and it did not appeal to her. She wanted to be good-natured and sympathetic, but something about the man held heraloof.

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      The life of the streets continued for a long time to interestCarrie. She never wearied of wondering where the people in thecars were going or what their enjoyments were. Her imaginationtrod a very narrow round, always winding up at points whichconcerned money, looks, clothes, or enjoyment. She would have afar-off thought of Columbia City now and then, or an irritatingrush of feeling concerning her experiences of the present day,but, on the whole, the little world about her enlisted her wholeattention.

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       When Drouet was gone, she sat down in her rocking-chair by thewindow to think about it. As usual, imagination exaggerated thepossibilities for her. It was as if he had put fifty cents inher hand and she had exercised the thoughts of a thousanddollars. She saw herself in a score of pathetic situations inwhich she assumed a tremulous voice and suffering manner. Hermind delighted itself with scenes of luxury and refinement,situations in which she was the cynosure of all eyes, the arbiterof all fates. As she rocked to and fro she felt the tensity ofwoe in abandonment, the magnificence of wrath after deception,the languour of sorrow after defeat. Thoughts of all thecharming women she had seen in plays--every fancy, every illusionwhich she had concerning the stage--now came back as a returningtide after the ebb. She built up feelings and a determinationwhich the occasion did not warrant.

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      "George!" exclaimed Drouet, "I forgot that."

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    {  Chapter XL

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      "If we got married as soon as we got to the other end of thejourney it would be all right."}

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      "I'm out of that," he answered, taking off his coat.

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      "Well," he said, "that's fine. I'm glad to hear it. Of course,you will do well, you're so clever."

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       Carrie was only faintly surprised.

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    {  "No," said Carrie, whose feelings were already localised in thegreat Western city.

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      "He could go along," said Carrie.