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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The doctor?
2.  Our swain amidst the circle press'd, He push'd a maiden trimly dress'd, Andjogg'd her with his elbow; The buxom damsel turn'd her head, "Now that's astupid trick!" she said Juchhe! Juchhe! Juchheisa! Heisa! He! Don't be sorude, good fellow!
3.  Mark this, my friend, And spare my lungs; who would the right maintain, Andhath a tongue wherewith his point to gain, Will gain it in the end. But come, ofgossip I am weary quite; Because I've no resource, thou'rt in the right.A Garden
4.  Altmayer
5.  Give us a song!
6.  Mephistopheles


1.  Mephistopheles
2.  'Tis done! Full soon thou'lt see my exultation; As for my bet no fears Ientertain. And if my end I finally should gain, Excuse my triumphing with allmy soul. Dust he shall eat, ay, and with relish take, As did my cousin, therenowned snake.
3.  Faust
4.  My friend, learn this to understand, I pray! To deal with witches this is still theway.
5.  Mephistopheles
6.  But recently returned from Spain are we, The pleasant land of wine andminstrelsy.


1.  No! It is but a game.
2.  Think! only think! The gems for Gretchen brought, Them hath a priest nowmade his own! A glimpse of them the mother caught, And 'gan with secretfear to groan. The woman's scent is keen enough; Doth ever in the prayer -book snuff; Smells every article to ascertain Whether the thing is holy orprofane, And scented in the jewels rare, That there was not much blessingthere. "My child," she cries, "ill - gotten good Ensnares the soul, consumes theblood; With them we'll deck our Lady's shrine, She'll cheer our souls withbread divine!" At this poor Gretchen 'gan to pout; 'Tis a gift - horse, at least,she thought, And sure, he godless cannot be, Who brought them here socleverly. Straight for a priest the mother sent, Who, when he understood thejest, With what he saw was well content. "This shows a pious mind!" Quothhe: "Self - conquest is true victory. The Church hath a good stomach, she,with zest, Whole countries hath swallow'd down, And never yet a surfeitknown. The Church alone, be it confessed, Daughters, can ill - got wealthdigest."
3.  In the Intermezzo
4.  Tokay
5.   Margaret
6.  Now field and meadow I've forsaken; O'er them deep night her veil dothdraw; In us the better soul doth waken, With feelings of foreboding awe, Alllawless promptings, deeds unholy, Now slumber, and all wild desires; Thelove of man doth sway us wholly, And love to God the soul inspires.Peace, poodle, peace! Scamper not thus; obey me! Why at the thresholdsnuffest thou so? Behind the stove now quietly lay thee, My softest cushion tothee I'll throw. As thou, without, didst please and amuse me Running andfrisking about on the hill, So tendance now I will not refuse thee; A welcomeguest, if thou'lt be still.


1.  (draws a stopper out of the table; fire springs out against him)I burn! I burn!
2.  Mephistopheles
3.  But then the world and man, his heart and brain! Touching these things all menwould something know.
4、  She's rightly served, in sooth, How long she hung upon the youth! Whatpromenades, what jaunts there were, To dancing booth and village fair! Thefirst she everywhere must shine, He always treating her to pastry and to wineOf her good looks she was so vain, So shameless too, that to retain Hispresents, she did not disdain; Sweet words and kisses came anon And thenthe virgin flower was gone.
5、  Mephistopheles




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      A Third

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      Right! out with him who takes offence! A! tara lara da!Altmayer

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       With ladies one should ne'er presume to jest.

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    {  Spirit sublime! Thou gav'st me, gav'st me all For which I prayed! Not vainlyhast thou turn'd To me thy countenance in flaming fire: Gavest me gloriousnature for my realm, And also power to feel her and enjoy; Not merely with acold and wondering glance, Thou dost permit me in her depths profound, Asin the bosom of a friend to gaze. Before me thou dost lead her living tribes,And dost in silent grove, in air and stream Teach me to know my kindred.And when roars The howling storm - blast through the groaning wood,Wrenching the giant pine, which in its fall Crashing sweeps down its neighbourtrunks and boughs, While hollow thunder from the hill resounds; Then thoudost lead me to some shelter'd cave, Dost there reveal me to myself, andshow Of my own bosom the mysterious depths. And when with soothingbeam, the moon's pale orb Full in my view climbs up the pathless sky, Fromcrag and dewy grove, the silvery forms Of by - gone ages hover, and assuageThe joy austere of contemplative thought.

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      Come with us, come with us from Felsensee.

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      Mephistopheles (to Faust)

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       (To Faust, who has left the dance.)

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    {  Drive to the devil, thou hellish pest! Why ride so hard?Voice

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      Who calls me?