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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "What are we to say to this?" asked Franz.
2.  "Plainly enough. Messrs. Thomson & French set no bounds totheir engagements while those of M. Danglars have theirlimits; he is a wise man, according to his own showing."
3.  "Why," said Dantes, "if in two or three days you hail anyfishing-boat, desire them to come here to me. I will paytwenty-five piastres for my passage back to Leghorn. If youdo not come across one, return for me." The patron shook hishead.
4.  "Well, here is an opportunity made to your hand, and itwould be difficult to contrive a better. Have you acarriage?"
5.  "What is the meaning of all this?" inquired Caderousse,frowningly, of Danglars, who had assumed an air of uttersurprise.
6.  "Do not speak so loud, young man -- don't speak so loud. Itfrequently occurs in a state prison like this, that personsare stationed outside the doors of the cells purposely tooverhear the conversation of the prisoners."


1.  "Yes, indeed, to you; I succeeded in deciphering your nameunder the blood with which the letter was stained," repliedMonte Cristo, amid the general outburst of amazement.
2.  "Your grandmamma has just arrived, Valentine," said M. deVillefort.
3.  "With all my heart," replied the marquise; "let the past beforever forgotten. I promise you it affords me as littlepleasure to revive it as it does you. All I ask is, thatVillefort will be firm and inflexible for the future in hispolitical principles. Remember, also, Villefort, that wehave pledged ourselves to his majesty for your fealty andstrict loyalty, and that at our recommendation the kingconsented to forget the past, as I do" (and here sheextended to him her hand) -- "as I now do at your entreaty.But bear in mind, that should there fall in your way any oneguilty of conspiring against the government, you will be somuch the more bound to visit the offence with rigorouspunishment, as it is known you belong to a suspectedfamily."
4.  "Fifty feet!" responded Dantes, almost terrified.
5.  "And what part did he play in this sad drama?" inquired theabbe.
6.  "Oh, sometimes severity is quite necessary," replied Madamede Villefort, with all a mother's real firmness.


1.  "`Silence, child! Hush, we are flying!' I did notunderstand. Why should my father fly? -- he, theall-powerful -- he, before whom others were accustomed tofly -- he, who had taken for his device, `They hate me; thenthey fear me!' It was, indeed, a flight which my father wastrying to effect. I have been told since that the garrisonof the castle of Yanina, fatigued with long service" --
2.  "Agreed," returned Albert; "but remember, Signor Pastrini,that both my friend and myself attach the greatestimportance to having to-morrow the costumes we have askedfor." The host again assured them they might rely on him,and that their wishes should be attended to; upon whichFranz and Albert mounted to their apartments, and proceededto disencumber themselves of their costumes. Albert, as hetook off his dress, carefully preserved the bunch ofviolets; it was his token reserved for the morrow. The twofriends sat down to table; but they could not refrain fromremarking the difference between the Count of Monte Cristo'stable and that of Signor Pastrini. Truth compelled Franz, inspite of the dislike he seemed to have taken to the count,to confess that the advantage was not on Pastrini's side.During dessert, the servant inquired at what time theywished for the carriage. Albert and Franz looked at eachother, fearing really to abuse the count's kindness. Theservant understood them. "His excellency the Count of MonteCristo had," he said, "given positive orders that thecarriage was to remain at their lordships' orders all day,and they could therefore dispose of it without fear ofindiscretion."
3.  Ali raised his hatchet. "Don't stir," whispered MonteCristo, "and put down your hatchet; we shall require noarms." Then he added some words in a low tone, for theexclamation which surprise had drawn from the count, faintas it had been, had startled the man who remained in thepose of the old knife-grinder. It was an order the count hadjust given, for immediately Ali went noiselessly, andreturned, bearing a black dress and a three-cornered hat.Meanwhile Monte Cristo had rapidly taken off his great-coat,waistcoat, and shirt, and one might distinguish by theglimmering through the open panel that he wore a plianttunic of steel mail, of which the last in France, wheredaggers are no longer dreaded, was worn by King Louis XVI.,who feared the dagger at his breast, and whose head wascleft with a hatchet. The tunic soon disappeared under along cassock, as did his hair under a priest's wig; thethree-cornered hat over this effectually transformed thecount into an abbe.
4.  "On my honor."
5.   "You will find them both here, and can make your farewellsin person."
6.  "But, then, to be able to instruct her child," continued theabbe, "she must have received an education herself. Iunderstood from Edmond that she was the daughter of a simplefisherman, beautiful but uneducated."


1.  "You do not answer, madame!" exclaimed the terribleinterrogator. Then he added, with a smile yet more terriblethan his anger, "It is true, then; you do not deny it!" Shemoved forward. "And you cannot deny it!" added Villefort,extending his hand toward her, as though to seize her in thename of justice. "You have accomplished these differentcrimes with impudent address, but which could only deceivethose whose affections for you blinded them. Since the deathof Madame de Saint-Meran, I have known that a poisoner livedin my house. M. d'Avrigny warned me of it. After the deathof Barrois my suspicions were directed towards an angel, --those suspicions which, even when there is no crime, arealways alive in my heart; but after the death of Valentine,there has been no doubt in my mind, madame, and not only inmine, but in those of others; thus your crime, known by twopersons, suspected by many, will soon become public, and, asI told you just now, you no longer speak to the husband, butto the judge."
2.  "Yes, indeed. So, sir, you wish to see all relating to thepoor abbe, who really was gentleness itself."
3.  "Who?"
4、  "Come, take them," and Monte Cristo forced the bank-notesinto his hand.
5、  "And do you know whither he went?"




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      "No," replied Haidee, "he did not dare to keep us, so wewere sold to some slave-merchants who were going toConstantinople. We traversed Greece, and arrived half deadat the imperial gates. They were surrounded by a crowd ofpeople, who opened a way for us to pass, when suddenly mymother, having looked closely at an object which wasattracting their attention, uttered a piercing cry and fellto the ground, pointing as she did so to a head which wasplaced over the gates, and beneath which were inscribedthese words:

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       "What is that?" asked the young man.

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      "I have known a man much more unfortunate than you, Morrel."

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    {  "My dear Franz," replied Albert, "when, upon receipt of myletter, you found the necessity of asking the count'sassistance, you promptly went to him, saying, `My friendAlbert de Morcerf is in danger; help me to deliver him.' Wasnot that nearly what you said?"

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      "My papers, thank God, no, -- my papers are all in capitalorder, because I have none; but M. Cavalcanti's."}

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      "He laid a wager he would tame Medeah in the space of sixmonths. You understand now that if he were to get rid of theanimal before the time named, he would not only lose hisbet, but people would say he was afraid; and a brave captainof Spahis cannot risk this, even to gratify a pretty woman,which is, in my opinion, one of the most sacred obligationsin the world."

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      "No; these grand lords on the other side of the Alpsfrequently marry into plain families; like Jupiter, theylike to cross the race. But do you wish to marry Andrea, mydear M. Danglars, that you are asking so many questions?"

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    {  "I am going to give you a proof," replied the count, and herang the bell.

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      "Yes, yes, yes," said the old man's eye.