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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Thus, sir, unceasing travel is your lot?
2.  Siebel
3.  Faust
4.  What murmurest thou?
5.  People
6.  Hark! did you rightly catch the words? a flea! An odd sort of a guest heneeds must be.


1.  Master, forgive this rude salute! But I perceive no cloven foot. And your tworavens, where are they?
2.  Though I am wont indeed to strict incognito, Yet upon gala - days one mustone's orders show. No garter have I to distinguish me, Nathless the clovenfoot doth here give dignity. Seest thou yonder snail? Crawling this way shehies: With searching feelers, she, no doubt, Hath me already scented out;Here, even if I would, for me there's no disguise. From fire to fire, we'llsaunter at our leisure, The gallant you, I'll cater for your pleasure.(To a party seated round some expiring embers.)Old gentleman, apart, why sit ye moping here? Ye in the midst should be of allthis jovial cheer, Girt round with noise and youthful riot; At home one surelyhas enough of quiet.
3.  What nonsense doth the hag propound? My brain it doth well - nighconfound. A hundred thousand fools or more, Methinks I hear in chorus roar.Mephistopheles
4.  That none may miracles believe, who now will say?The Witch's Kitchen - Faust, Mephistopheles And The MonkiesA large caldron hangs over the fire on a low hearth; various figures appear inthe vapour rising from it. A Female Monkey sits beside the caldron to skim it,and watch that it does not boil over. The Male Monkey with the young onesis seated near, warming himself. The walls and ceiling are adorned with thestrangest articles of witch - furniture.
5.  I would not lead you willingly astray, But as regards this science, you will findSo hard it is to shun the erring way, And so much hidden poison lies therein,Which scarce can you discern from medicine. Here too it is the best, to listenbut to one, And by the master's words to swear alone. To sum up all - Towords hold fast! Then the safe gate securely pass'd, You'll reach the fane ofcertainty at last.
6.  Bessy


1.  His lofty step, His bearing high, The smile of his lip, The power of his eye,His witching words, Their tones of bliss, His hand's fond pressure And ah -his kiss! My peace is gone, My heart is sore, I find it never, And nevermore.My bosom aches To feel him near; Ah, could I clasp And fold him here!Kiss him and kiss him Again would I, And on his kisses I fain would die.Martha's Garden
2.  Mortal! the loftiest attributes of men, Reason and Knowledge, only thuscontemn, Still let the Prince of lies, without control, With shows, and mockingcharms delude thy soul, I have thee unconditionally then! Fate hath endow'dhim with an ardent mind, Which unrestrain'd still presses on for ever, Andwhose precipitate endeavour Earth's joys o'erleaping, leaveth them behind.Him will I drag through life's wild waste, Through scenes of vapid dulness,where at last Bewilder'd, he shall falter, and stick fast; And, still to mock hisgreedy haste, Viands and drink shall float his craving lips beyond Vainly he'llseek refreshment, anguish - tost, And were he not the devil's by his bond, Yetmust his soul infallibly be lost!
3.  Mephistopheles
4.  Ay truly! that is just the proper tone! He wearies me, and would with thanksbe paid!
5.   The Monkeys
6.  Mephistopheles


1.  Captur'd there within is one! Stay without and follow none! Like a fox in ironsnare, Hell's old lynx is quaking there,
2.  Margaret
3.  And you?
4、  Hence overshadowing gloom, Vanish from sight! O'er us thine azure dome,Bend, beauteous light! Dark clouds that o'er us spread, Melt in thin air! Stars,your soft radiance shed, Tender and fair. Girt with celestial might, Wingingtheir airy flight, Spirits are thronging. Follows their forms of light Infinitelonging! Flutter their vestures bright O'er field and grove! Where in their leafybower Lovers the livelong hour Vow deathless love. Soft bloometh bud andbower! Bloometh the grove! Grapes from the spreading vine Crown the fullmeasure; Fountains of foaming wine Gush from the pressure. Still where thecurrents wind, Gems brightly gleam. Leaving the hills behind On rolls thestream; Now into ample seas, Spreadeth the flood; Laving the sunny leas,Mantled with wood. Rapture the feather'd throng, Gaily careering, Sip as theyfloat along; Sunward they're steering; On towards the isles of light Wingingtheir way, That on the waters bright Dancingly play. Hark to the choral strain,Joyfully ringing! While on the grassy plain Dancers are springing; Climbing thesteep hill's side, Skimming the glassy tide, Wander they there; Others onpinions wide Wing the blue air; All lifeward tending, upward still wending,Towards yonder stars that gleam, Far, far above; Stars from whose tenderbeam Rains blissful love.
5、  Frosch




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      And mine she show'd me also in the glass, A soldier's figure, with companionsbold; I look around, I seek him as I pass, In vain, his form I nowhere canbehold.

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      Brander (to Siebel)

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       A worthy object still pursue! Be not a hollow tinkling fool! Soundunderstanding, judgment true, Find utterance without art or rule; And when inearnest you are moved to speak, Then is it needful cunning words to seek?Your fine harangues, so polish'd in their kind, Wherein the shreds of humanthought ye twist, Are unrefreshing as the empty wind, Whistling throughwither'd leaves and autumn mist!

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      Let but this ancient proverb be your rule, My cousin follow still, the wilysnake, And with your likeness to the gods, poor fool, Ere long be sure yourpoor sick heart will quake!

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    {  Upon her neck I fain would hang with joy; To reach it, say, what means mustI employ?

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      If o'er my soul the tone familiar, stealing, Drew me from harrowing thought'sbewild'ring maze, Touching the ling'ring chords of childlike feeling, With sweetharmonies of happier days: So curse I all, around the soul that windeth Itsmagic and alluring spell, And with delusive flattery bindeth Its victim to thisdreary cell! Curs'd before all things be the high opinion, Wherewith the spiritgirds itself around! Of shows delusive curs'd be the dominion, Within whosemocking sphere our sense is bound! Accurs'd of dreams the treacherouswiles, The cheat of glory, deathless fame! Accurs'd what each as propertybeguiles, Wife, child, slave, plough, whate'er its name! Accurs'd be mammon,when with treasure He doth to daring deeds incite: Or when to steep the soulin pleasure, He spreads the couch of soft delight! Curs'd be the grape'sbalsamic juice! Accurs'd love's dream, of joys the first! Accurs'd be hope!accurs'd be faith! And more than all, be patience curs'd!Chorus of Spirits (invisible)}

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      Upward the eddying concourse throng; Thinking to push, thyself art push'dalong.

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    {  Your pardon for my importunity; Yet once more must I trouble you: Onmedicine, I'll thank you to supply A pregnant utterance or two! Three years!how brief the appointed tide! The field, heaven knows, is all too wide! If but afriendly hint be thrown, 'Tis easier then to feel one's way.Mephistopheles (aside)

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      They, as it seems, stand well with you!