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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yes; and remember that two-legged tigers and crocodiles aremore dangerous than the others."
2.  "And I as a dutiful son, as they choose that I shall bedescended from you."
3.  "Yes, in life or death."
4.  "Sir," said Valentine, "my grandfather wishes for a notary."At this strange and unexpected demand M. de Villefort andhis father exchanged looks. "Yes," motioned the latter, witha firmness which seemed to declare that with the help ofValentine and his old servant, who both knew what his wisheswere, he was quite prepared to maintain the contest. "Do youwish for a notary?" asked Villefort.
5.  "Where he comes from I am ignorant; but I can readily tellyou where he is going to, and that is down below, withoutthe least doubt."
6.  "My political opinions!" replied Dantes. "Alas, sir, I neverhad any opinions. I am hardly nineteen; I know nothing; Ihave no part to play. If I obtain the situation I desire, Ishall owe it to M. Morrel. Thus all my opinions -- I willnot say public, but private -- are confined to these threesentiment, -- I love my father, I respect M. Morrel, and Iadore Mercedes. This, sir, is all I can tell you, and yousee how uninteresting it is." As Dantes spoke, Villefortgazed at his ingenuous and open countenance, and recollectedthe words of Renee, who, without knowing who the culpritwas, had besought his indulgence for him. With the deputy'sknowledge of crime and criminals, every word the young manuttered convinced him more and more of his innocence. Thislad, for he was scarcely a man, -- simple, natural, eloquentwith that eloquence of the heart never found when soughtfor; full of affection for everybody, because he was happy,and because happiness renders even the wicked good --extended his affection even to his judge, spite ofVillefort's severe look and stern accent. Dantes seemed fullof kindness.


1.  Dantes obeyed, and commenced what he called his history, butwhich consisted only of the account of a voyage to India,and two or three voyages to the Levant until he arrived atthe recital of his last cruise, with the death of CaptainLeclere, and the receipt of a packet to be delivered byhimself to the grand marshal; his interview with thatpersonage, and his receiving, in place of the packetbrought, a letter addressed to a Monsieur Noirtier -- hisarrival at Marseilles, and interview with his father -- hisaffection for Mercedes, and their nuptual feast -- hisarrest and subsequent examination, his temporary detentionat the Palais de Justice, and his final imprisonment in theChateau d'If. From this point everything was a blank toDantes -- he knew nothing more, not even the length of timehe had been imprisoned. His recital finished, the abbereflected long and earnestly.
2.  "I will come myself."
3.  "Yes; but so little, it can hardly be called eating."
4.  Now this solitude was peopled with his thoughts, the nightlighted up by his illusions, and the silence animated by hisanticipations. When the patron awoke, the vessel washurrying on with every sail set, and every sail full withthe breeze. They were making nearly ten knots an hour. TheIsland of Monte Cristo loomed large in the horizon. Edmondresigned the lugger to the master's care, and went and laydown in his hammock; but, in spite of a sleepless night, hecould not close his eyes for a moment. Two hours afterwardshe came on deck, as the boat was about to double the Islandof Elba. They were just abreast of Mareciana, and beyond theflat but verdant Island of La Pianosa. The peak of MonteCristo reddened by the burning sun, was seen against theazure sky. Dantes ordered the helmsman to put down his helm,in order to leave La Pianosa to starboard, as he knew thathe should shorten his course by two or three knots. Aboutfive o'clock in the evening the island was distinct, andeverything on it was plainly perceptible, owing to thatclearness of the atmosphere peculiar to the light which therays of the sun cast at its setting.
5.  And Albert took out of a little pocket-book with goldenclasps, a remnant of his old fancies, or perhaps a tendersouvenir from one of the mysterious and veiled ladies whoused to knock at his little door, -- Albert took out of thispocket-book a note of 1,000 francs.
6.  "What!"


1.  Chapter 11The Corsican Ogre.
2.  "Where?"
3.  "It may, perhaps, come to this in time," observed MonteCristo; "you know that human inventions march from thecomplex to the simple, and simplicity is always perfection."
4.  "The jeweller began eating his supper, and the woman, whowas ordinarily so querulous and indifferent to all whoapproached her, was suddenly transformed into the mostsmiling and attentive hostess. Had the unhappy man on whomshe lavished her assiduities been previously acquainted withher, so sudden an alteration might well have excitedsuspicion in his mind, or at least have greatly astonishedhim. Caderousse, meanwhile, continued to pace the room ingloomy silence, sedulously avoiding the sight of his guest;but as soon as the stranger had completed his repast, theagitated inn-keeper went eagerly to the door and opened it.`I believe the storm is over,' said he. But as if tocontradict his statement, at that instant a violent clap ofthunder seemed to shake the house to its very foundation,while a sudden gust of wind, mingled with rain, extinguishedthe lamp he held in his hand. Trembling and awe-struck,Caderousse hastily shut the door and returned to his guest,while La Carconte lighted a candle by the smouldering ashesthat glimmered on the hearth. `You must be tired,' said sheto the jeweller; `I have spread a pair of white sheets onyour bed; go up when you are ready, and sleep well.'
5.   The tenants of the humble lodging were a young couple whohad been scarcely married a week; and seeing them, Dantessighed heavily. Nothing in the two small chambers formingthe apartments remained as it had been in the time of theelder Dantes; the very paper was different, while thearticles of antiquated furniture with which the rooms hadbeen filled in Edmond's time had all disappeared; the fourwalls alone remained as he had left them. The bed belongingto the present occupants was placed as the former owner ofthe chamber had been accustomed to have his; and, in spiteof his efforts to prevent it, the eyes of Edmond weresuffused in tears as he reflected that on that spot the oldman had breathed his last, vainly calling for his son. Theyoung couple gazed with astonishment at the sight of theirvisitor's emotion, and wondered to see the large tearssilently chasing each other down his otherwise stern andimmovable features; but they felt the sacredness of hisgrief, and kindly refrained from questioning him as to itscause, while, with instinctive delicacy, they left him toindulge his sorrow alone. When he withdrew from the scene ofhis painful recollections, they both accompanied himdownstairs, reiterating their hope that he would come againwhenever he pleased, and assuring him that their poordwelling would ever be open to him. As Edmond passed thedoor on the fourth floor, he paused to inquire whetherCaderousse the tailor still dwelt there; but he received,for reply, that the person in question had got intodifficulties, and at the present time kept a small inn onthe route from Bellegarde to Beaucaire.
6.  "I admire all that is beautiful," returned the young lady.


1.  "Come, count, you do not do that young man justice."
2.  Villefort, drawn by an irresistible attraction, like that ofthe bird to the serpent, walked towards the house. As heapproached it, Noirtier's gaze followed him, and his eyesappeared of such a fiery brightness that Villefort felt thempierce to the depths of his heart. In that earnest lookmight be read a deep reproach, as well as a terrible menace.Then Noirtier raised his eyes to heaven, as though to remindhis son of a forgotten oath. "It is well, sir," repliedVillefort from below, -- "it is well; have patience but oneday longer; what I have said I will do." Noirtier seemed tobe calmed by these words, and turned his eyes withindifference to the other side. Villefort violentlyunbuttoned his great-coat, which seemed to strangle him, andpassing his livid hand across his forehead, entered hisstudy.
3.  "Each time you have applied to me," said the doctor, "it hasbeen too late; still I will go. But let us make haste, sir;with the enemies you have to do with there is no time to belost."
4、  "Have you not let it go out of your hands?"
5、  "Oh, don't worry about me, Sir Mocker," said Danglars; thenturning to the count he said, "but will you undertake tospeak to the father?"




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      "Now I recollect," said the afflicted old father; "my poorboy told me yesterday he had got a small case of coffee, andanother of tobacco for me!"

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      Chapter 15Number 34 and Number 27.

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       "With all his millions, he will not have enough to pay forhis shroud!" said another.

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      The next morning Danglars awoke late, though he went to bedso early; he had not slept well for five or six nights, evenif he had slept at all. He breakfasted heartily, and caringlittle, as he said, for the beauties of the Eternal City,ordered post-horses at noon. But Danglars had not reckonedupon the formalities of the police and the idleness of theposting-master. The horses only arrived at two o'clock, andthe cicerone did not bring the passport till three. Allthese preparations had collected a number of idlers roundthe door of Signor Pastrini's; the descendants of Marius andthe Gracchi were also not wanting. The baron walkedtriumphantly through the crowd, who for the sake of gainstyled him "your excellency." As Danglars had hithertocontented himself with being called a baron, he felt ratherflattered at the title of excellency, and distributed adozen silver coins among the beggars, who were ready, fortwelve more, to call him "your highness."

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    {  "Monte Cristo is the name of an estate, or, rather, of arock, and not a family name."

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      The prisoner heard the cry, which sounded like the sob of abroken heart, and leaning from the coach he called out,"Good-by, Mercedes -- we shall soon meet again!" Then thevehicle disappeared round one of the turnings of Fort SaintNicholas.}

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      The old servant introduced Morrel by a private entrance,closed the door of the study, and soon the rustling of adress announced the arrival of Valentine. She lookedmarvellously beautiful in her deep mourning dress, andMorrel experienced such intense delight in gazing upon herthat he felt as if he could almost have dispensed with theconversation of her grandfather. But the easy-chair of theold man was heard rolling along the floor, and he soon madehis appearance in the room. Noirtier acknowledged by a lookof extreme kindness and benevolence the thanks which Morrellavished on him for his timely intervention on behalf ofValentine and himself -- an intervention which had savedthem from despair. Morrel then cast on the invalid aninterrogative look as to the new favor which he designed tobestow on him. Valentine was sitting at a little distancefrom them, timidly awaiting the moment when she should beobliged to speak. Noirtier fixed his eyes on her. "Am I tosay what you told me?" asked Valentine. Noirtier made a signthat she was to do so.

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      "I was once very fond of it, but I do not indulge now."

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       "Yes, madame."

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    {  "And you, sire, prevent me from sleeping with yoursecurity."

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      "Then you advise me to accept?"