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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Repeat it! Repeat it!" cried D'Artagnan; "it will make a littlechange."
2.  "Well, monsieur, let us go to him. Let us adjure him, in thename of the God before whom he must perhaps appear, to speak thetruth. I will take him for judge in his own cause, monsieur, andwill believe what he will say."
3.  "But they may come any moment, for you left word that I awaitedthem?"
4.  This raillery exasperated Jussac. "We will charge upon you,then," said he, "if you disobey."
5.  "I have an idea," said D'Artagnan.
6.  "Perfectly sure."


1.  "My dear Cousin, His Eminence, the cardinal, whom Godpreserve for the happiness of France and the confusion ofthe enemies of the kingdom, is on the point of putting anend to the hectic rebellion of La Rochelle. It is probablethat the succor of the English fleet will never even arrivein sight of the place. I will even venture to say that I amcertain M. de Buckingham will be prevented from setting outby some great event. His Eminence is the most illustriouspolitician of times past, of times present, and probably oftimes to come. He would extinguish the sun if the sunincommoded him. Give these happy tidings to your sister, mydear cousin. I have dreamed that the unlucky Englishman wasdead. I cannot recollect whether it was by steel or bypoison; only of this I am sure, I have dreamed he was dead,and you know my dreams never deceive me. Be assured, then,of seeing me soon return."
2.  "What would you have, Planchet? What must come is written.""Monsieur does not then renounce his excursion for this evening?""Quite the contrary, Planchet; the more ill will I have towardMonsieur Bonacieux, the more punctual I shall be in keeping theappointment made by that letter which makes you so uneasy.""Then that is Monsieur's determination?"
3.  "Write that name on a bit of paper, lest I should forget it. There isnothing compromising in the name of a town. Is it not so?""Eh, who knows? Never mind," said Milady, writing the name on half asheet of paper; "I will compromise myself."
4.  "Inform the queen!" said Athos; "and how? Have we relationswith the court? Could we send anyone to Paris without itsbeing known in the camp? From here to Paris it is a hundredand forty leagues; before our letter was at Angers we shouldbe in a dungeon."
5.  "You are wrong, then. I would take the hundred pistoles. Youknow you have staked the harnesses against the horse or a hundredpistoles, at your choice."
6.  "How! You don't know him?"


1.  "My God, how agitated you seem!"
2.  "Yes," said Athos, "it reminds me of a family jewel.""It is beautiful, is it not?" said D'Artagnan.
3.  "MORBLEU, monsieur!" said he, "however far I may come, it is notyou who can give me a lesson in good manners, I warn you.""Perhaps," said Athos.
4.  "You will bring lights, and relieve the sentinel," continuedFelton.
5.   "But we are no longer in the city, sir," said she.The young officer preserved silence.
6.  At the first sound of the morning trumpet the friendsseparated; the Musketeers hastening to the hotel of M. deTreville, the Guards to that of M. Dessessart. Each of thecaptains then led his company to the Louvre, where the kingheld his review


1.  "Hold out your hand and swear!" cried Athos and Aramis at once.Overcome by example, grumbling to himself, nevertheless, Porthosstretched out his hand, and the four friends repeated with onevoice the formula dictated by D'Artagnan:
2.  "That man, then, was not--"
3.  Milady assumed her smile of a resigned victim, and shook herhead.
4、  But at the moment when the cardinal saw his means alreadyfructify, and applauded himself for having put it in action, aninhabitant of La Rochelle who had contrived to pass the royallines--God knows how, such was the watchfulness of Bassompierre,Schomberg, and the Duc d'Angouleme, themselves watched over bythe cardinal--an inhabitant of La Rochelle, we say, entered thecity, coming from Portsmouth, and saying that he had seen amagnificent fleet ready to sail within eight days. Stillfurther, Buckingham announced to the mayor that at length thegreat league was about to declare itself against France, and thatthe kingdom would be at once invaded by the English, Imperial,and Spanish armies. This letter was read publicly in all partsof the city. Copies were put up at the corners of the streets;and even they who had begun to open negotiations interruptedthem, being resolved to await the succor so pompously announced.This unexpected circumstance brought back Richelieu's formeranxiety, and forced him in spite of himself once more to turn hiseyes to the other side of the sea.
5、  "No," said Athos.




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      "'Order to conduct to--the person named Charlotte Backson,branded by the justice of the kingdom of France, but liberatedafter chastisement. She is to dwell in this place without evergoing more than three leagues from it. In case of any attempt toescape, the penalty of death is to be applied. She will receivefive shillings per day for lodging and food'".

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      The commissary then, instead of continuing to interrogate him,made him a long speech upon the danger there is for an obscurecitizen to meddle with public matters. He complicated thisexordium by an exposition in which he painted the power and thedeeds of the cardinal, that incomparable minister, that conquerorof past minister, that conqueror of past ministers, that examplefor ministers to come--deeds and power which none could thwartwith impunity.

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       "That which I found at your feet, and replaced in your pocket.""Hold your tongue, imprudent man! Do you wish to destroy me?""You see very plainly that there is still danger for you, since asingle word makes you tremble; and you confess that if that wordwere heard you would be ruined. Come, come, madame!" criedD'Artagnan, seizing her hands, and surveying her with an ardentglance, "come, be more generous. Confide in me. Have you notread in my eyes that there is nothing but devotion and sympathyin my heart?"

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      "For Monsieur de Wardes?" said Kitty.

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      "No less," said Athos, as pale as a corpse. "But methinks I needwine!" and he seized by the neck the last bottle that was left,put it to his mouth, and emptied it at a single draught, as hewould have emptied an ordinary glass.}

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      Everything fell out as Mme. Bonacieux prophesied. On hearing thepassword, Germain bowed. In a few minutes, Laporte was at thelodge; in two words D'Artagnan informed him where Mme. Bonacieuxwas. Laporte assured himself, by having it twice repeated, ofthe accurate address, and set off at a run. Hardly, however, hadhe taken ten steps before he returned.

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      "Can you not understand that Monsieur d'Artagnan, being my friend, mighttake me into his confidence?"

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       "It is feared that it may be the smallpox, sir," replied Porthos,desirous of taking his turn in the conversation; "and what isserious is that it will certainly spoil his face.""The smallpox! That's a great story to tell me, Porthos! Sickof the smallpox at his age! No, no; but wounded without doubt,killed, perhaps. Ah, if I knew! S'blood! Messieurs Musketeers,I will not have this haunting of bad places, this quarreling inthe streets, this swordplay at the crossways; and above all, Iwill not have occasion given for the cardinal's Guards, who arebrave, quiet, skillful men who never put themselves in aposition to be arrested, and who, besides, never allow themselvesto be arrested, to laugh at you! I am sure of it--they wouldprefer dying on the spot to being arrested or taking back a step.To save yourselves, to scamper away, to flee--that is good forthe king's Musketeers!"

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    {  "You are right, monsieur, it is not with you that I have anythingto do; it is with Madame."

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      D'Artagnan, who had secured the key, shut himself up in thecloset without reply.