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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Unhappy girl," replied Eugenie, "unhappy girl, do you say,sir? No, indeed; the exclamation appears quite theatricaland affected. Happy, on the contrary, for what am I in wantof! The world calls me beautiful. It is something to be wellreceived. I like a favorable reception; it expands thecountenance, and those around me do not then appear so ugly.I possess a share of wit, and a certain relativesensibility, which enables me to draw from life in general,for the support of mine, all I meet with that is good, likethe monkey who cracks the nut to get at its contents. I amrich, for you have one of the first fortunes in France. I amyour only daughter, and you are not so exacting as thefathers of the Porte Saint-Martin and Gaiete, who disinherittheir daughters for not giving them grandchildren. Besides,the provident law has deprived you of the power todisinherit me, at least entirely, as it has also of thepower to compel me to marry Monsieur This or Monsieur That.And so -- being, beautiful, witty, somewhat talented, as thecomic operas say, and rich -- and that is happiness, sir --why do you call me unhappy?"
2.  "The mission with which I am charged, sir," replied thevisitor, speaking with hesitation, "is a confidential one onthe part of him who fulfils it, and him by whom he isemployed." The abbe bowed. "Your probity," replied thestranger, "is so well known to the prefect that he wishes asa magistrate to ascertain from you some particularsconnected with the public safety, to ascertain which I amdeputed to see you. It is hoped that no ties of friendshipor humane consideration will induce you to conceal thetruth."
3.  "I did not like to go to him without first seeing you."
4.  "Ah, there is your proud and selfish nature. You wouldexpose the self-love of another with a hatchet, but youshrink if your own is attacked with a needle."
5.  "Oh, for pity's sake!"
6.  "Now," replied the count, shrugging his shoulders, "shall Itell you the cause of all these stupidities? It is because,at your theatres, by what at least I could judge by readingthe pieces they play, they see persons swallow the contentsof a phial, or suck the button of a ring, and fall deadinstantly. Five minutes afterwards the curtain falls, andthe spectators depart. They are ignorant of the consequencesof the murder; they see neither the police commissary withhis badge of office, nor the corporal with his four men; andso the poor fools believe that the whole thing is as easy aslying. But go a little way from France -- go either toAleppo or Cairo, or only to Naples or Rome, and you will seepeople passing by you in the streets -- people erect,smiling, and fresh-colored, of whom Asmodeus, if you wereholding on by the skirt of his mantle, would say, `That manwas poisoned three weeks ago; he will be a dead man in amonth.'"


1.  "By circumstances?"
2.  "What did you please to say, sir?" asked Caderousse.
3.  "And have you them yet?"
4.  Beyond a bare, weather-worn wall, about a hundred paces fromthe spot where the two friends sat looking and listening asthey drank their wine, was the village of the Catalans. Longago this mysterious colony quitted Spain, and settled on thetongue of land on which it is to this day. Whence it came noone knew, and it spoke an unknown tongue. One of its chiefs,who understood Provencal, begged the commune of Marseillesto give them this bare and barren promontory, where, likethe sailors of old, they had run their boats ashore. Therequest was granted; and three months afterwards, around thetwelve or fifteen small vessels which had brought thesegypsies of the sea, a small village sprang up. This village,constructed in a singular and picturesque manner, halfMoorish, half Spanish, still remains, and is inhabited bydescendants of the first comers, who speak the language oftheir fathers. For three or four centuries they haveremained upon this small promontory, on which they hadsettled like a flight of seabirds, without mixing with theMarseillaise population, intermarrying, and preserving theiroriginal customs and the costume of their mother-country asthey have preserved its language.
5.  "That M. Danglars speculates, whereas he never does."
6.  "Ah, duelling," cried the count; "a pleasant manner, upon mysoul, of arriving at your end when that end is vengeance! Aman has carried off your mistress, a man has seduced yourwife, a man has dishonored your daughter; he has renderedthe whole life of one who had the right to expect fromheaven that portion of happiness God his promised to everyone of his creatures, an existence of misery and infamy; andyou think you are avenged because you send a ball throughthe head, or pass a sword through the breast, of that manwho has planted madness in your brain, and despair in yourheart. And remember, moreover, that it is often he who comesoff victorious from the strife, absolved of all crime in theeyes of the world. No, no," continued the count, "had I toavenge myself, it is not thus I would take revenge."


1.  "When I am convinced that the statement is false."
2.  "So, but according to all probability she soon will be,"replied Edmond.
3.  Monte Cristo shuddered, and arose. The concierge held outthe strips of cloth upon which the Abbe Faria had spread theriches of his mind. The manuscript was the great work by theAbbe Faria upon the kingdoms of Italy. The count seized ithastily, his eyes immediately fell upon the epigraph, and heread, "`Thou shalt tear out the dragons' teeth, and shalltrample the lions under foot, saith the Lord.'"
4.  "What is that?" asked Andrea.
5.   "On what subject shall I converse with her?" said Albert, ina low tone to Monte Cristo.
6.  "What!" cried Albert, whose courage revolted at the idea ofbeing plundered tamely, "not make any resistance!"


1.  "And what are his claims to the peerage?"
2.  "No it cannot be!"
3.  "Bless me, I quite forgot the races. Did you bet?"
4、  "The brother of Louis XVII.! How inscrutable are the ways ofprovidence -- for what great and mysterious purpose has itpleased heaven to abase the man once so elevated, and raiseup him who was so abased?"
5、  "Yes, it is indeed he. Five millions -- a pretty sum, eh,Peppino?"




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      "Alas," stammered Villefort, "I do not lose a single word."

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      "Upon what subject?" asked Madame Danglars.

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       "Well, I think" -- Andrea stopped and looked around.

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      The day following this scene, at the hour the banker usuallychose to pay a visit to Madame Danglars on his way to hisoffice, his coupe did not appear. At this time, that is,about half-past twelve, Madame Danglars ordered hercarriage, and went out. Danglars, hidden behind a curtain,watched the departure he had been waiting for. He gaveorders that he should be informed as soon as Madame Danglarsappeared; but at two o'clock she had not returned. He thencalled for his horses, drove to the Chamber, and inscribedhis name to speak against the budget. From twelve to twoo'clock Danglars had remained in his study, unsealing hisdispatches, and becoming more and more sad every minute,heaping figure upon figure, and receiving, among othervisits, one from Major Cavalcanti, who, as stiff and exactas ever, presented himself precisely at the hour named thenight before, to terminate his business with the banker. Onleaving the Chamber, Danglars, who had shown violent marksof agitation during the sitting, and been more bitter thanever against the ministry, re-entered his carriage, and toldthe coachman to drive to the Avenue des Champs-Elysees, No.30.

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    {  "What are you doing here?" asked the count, seeing himcovered with dust; "I did not send for you, I think?"

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      "No; certainly not."}

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      "Oh, madame, I do not presume to call myself your friend,but at all times I am your most respectful servant." Thecountess left with an indescribable pang in her heart, andbefore she had taken ten steps the count saw her raise herhandkerchief to her eyes. "Do not my mother and you agree?"asked Albert, astonished.

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      "What was his name?" inquired the count, who seemed tobecome somewhat interested in Bertuccio's story.

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       "Yesterday morning, it appears, Franz declined the honor."

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    {  "Oh, nothing more easy. Each fish was brought over in a cask-- one filled with river herbs and weeds, the other withrushes and lake plants; they were placed in a wagon built onpurpose, and thus the sterlet lived twelve days, the lampreyeight, and both were alive when my cook seized them, killingone with milk and the other with wine. You do not believeme, M. Danglars!"

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      "Well, then, it is but fair that you should be paid for yourloss of time and trouble," said the count; and he made agesture of polite dismissal. The notary left the roombackwards, and bowing down to the ground; it was the firsttime he had ever met a similar client. "See this gentlemanout," said the count to Bertuccio. And the steward followedthe notary out of the room. Scarcely was the count alone,when he drew from his pocket a book closed with a lock, andopened it with a key which he wore round his neck, and whichnever left him. After having sought for a few minutes, hestopped at a leaf which had several notes, and compared themwith the deed of sale, which lay on the table. "`Auteuil,Rue de la Fontaine, No. 28;' it is indeed the same," saidhe; "and now, am I to rely upon an avowal extorted byreligious or physical terror? However, in an hour I shallknow all. Bertuccio!" cried he, striking a light hammer witha pliant handle on a small gong. "Bertuccio!" The stewardappeared at the door. "Monsieur Bertuccio," said the count,"did you never tell me that you had travelled in France?"