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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I have paid you five hundred of them."
2.  "As to the man to be depended upon, I have him under myhand, monsieur," said M. Dessessart, pointing to D'Artagnan;"and as to the four or five volunteers, Monsieur has but tomake his intentions known, and the men will not be wanting.""Four men of good will who will risk being killed with me!"said D'Artagnan, raising his sword.
4.  A flash of terrible joy, but rapid as thought, gleamed from theeyes of Milady.
5.  "What is to be done?" asked D'Artagnan.
6.  "Then I paid the host six."


1.  "Now," continued he, addressing Planchet, "you have eightdays to get an interview with Lord de Winter; you have eightdays to return--in all sixteen days. If, on the sixteenthday after your departure, at eight o'clock in the eveningyou are not here, no money--even if it be but five minutespast eight."
2.  "A handsome young man, three- or four-and-twenty years old, mild,amiable, and well made?"
3.  "Monsieur," said the cardinal, "you have been arrested by my orders.""So they tell me, monseigneur."
4.  Then he had made himself another enemy, less to be feared,he thought; but nevertheless, he instinctively felt, not tobe despised. This enemy was Milady.
5.  The couple, then, although they had not seen each other for eightdays, and during that time serious events had taken place inwhich both were concerned, accosted each other with a degree ofpreoccupation. Nevertheless, Bonacieux manifested real joy, andadvanced toward his wife with open arms. Madame Bonacieuxpresented her cheek to him.
6.  "Ah, you are quite the pet of the ladies, Monsieur Porthos!"resumed the procurator's wife, with a sigh.


1.  "So," replied De Winter, laughing, "that beautiful hair soskillfully disheveled, that white skin, and that languishinglook, have not yet seduced you, you heart of stone?""No, my Lord," replied the impassive young man; "your Lordshipmay be assured that it requires more than the tricks and coquetryof a woman to corrupt me."
2.  "How could I know what I was the bearer of?"
3.  "How much is it worth?"
4.  "That is easily done," said Aramis.
5.   "That is to say," stammered Milady, "I am not really very intimate withany of them. I know them from having heard one of their friends,Monsieur d'Artagnan, say a great deal about them.""You know Monsieur d'Artagnan!" cried the novice, in her turn seizingthe hands of Milady and devouring her with her eyes.Then remarking the strange expression of Milady's countenance, she said,"Pardon me, madame; you know him by what title?"
6.  "You gave De Wardes a meeting on Thursday last in this veryroom, did you not?"


1.  On the bank of the river the executioner approached Milady, and boundher hands and feet.
2.  "Well, monsieur," said he, "you appear to be more stupidthan I am, for you forget there is a little quarrel toarrange between us two."
3.  "What do you mean?" cried D'Artagnan. "In the name of heaven,explain yourself!"
4、  By degrees, Milady became more communicative. She askedD'Artagnan if he had a mistress.
5、  "Well," said D'Artagnan, smiling at the misanthropy ofAthos, which from any other person would have offended him,"I ride what I can get; I am not so proud as you. So AUREVOIR, dear Athos."




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      In the Rue de Seine he met Planchet, who had stopped beforethe house of a pastry cook, and was contemplating withecstasy a cake of the most appetizing appearance.He ordered him to go and saddle two horses in M. deTreville's stables--one for himself, D'Artagnan, and one forPlanchet--and bring them to Athens's place. Once for all,Treville had placed his stable at D'Artagnan's service.Planchet proceeded toward the Rue du Colombier, andD'Artagnan toward the Rue Ferou. Athos was at home,emptying sadly a bottle of the famous Spanish wine he hadbrought back with him from his journey into Picardy. Hemade a sign for Grimaud to bring a glass for D'Artagnan, andGrimaud obeyed as usual.

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       "But why did we not breakfast at the Parpaillot?""Because we have very important matters to communicate toone another, and it was impossible to talk five minutes inthat inn without being annoyed by all those importunatefellows, who keep coming in, saluting you, and addressingyou. Here at least," said Athos, pointing to the bastion,"they will not come and disturb us."

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      As Porthos and Aramis were undressing him, in the hope offinding his wound not mortal, a large purse dropped from hisclothes. D'Artagnan picked it up and offered it to Lord deWinter.

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    {  "'And I will say that you are the Sextus. I will denounce youbefore men, as I have denounced you before God; and if it benecessary that, like Lucretia, I should sign my accusation withmy blood, I will sign it.'

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      "My brave young man, I will blow out your brains. HOLA, Lubin,my pistols!"}

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      "Taste some of this ham, D'Artagnan; it is exquisite," saidAthos, cutting a slice, which he placed on the young man's plate."What a pity it is there were only four like this in the cellar.I could have drunk fifty bottles more."

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      "Give me your arm, then."

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       And this feeling had been more painfully perceived by youngD'Artagnan--for so was the Don Quixote of this second Rosinantenamed--from his not being able to conceal from himself theridiculous appearance that such a steed gave him, good horsemanas he was. He had sighed deeply, therefore, when accepting thegift of the pony from M. D'Artagnan the elder. He was notignorant that such a beast was worth at least twenty livres; andthe words which had accompanied the present were above all price."My son," said the old Gascon gentleman, in that pure BearnPATOIS of which Henry IV could never rid himself, "this horse wasborn in the house of your father about thirteen years ago, andhas remained in it ever since, which ought to make you love it.Never sell it; allow it to die tranquilly and honorably of oldage, and if you make a campaign with it, take as much care of itas you would of an old servant. At court, provided you have everthe honor to go there," continued M. D'Artagnan the elder, "--anhonor to which, remember, your ancient nobility gives you theright--sustain worthily your name of gentleman, which has beenworthily borne by your ancestors for five hundred years, both foryour own sake and the sake of those who belong to you. By thelatter I mean your relatives and friends. Endure nothing fromanyone except Monsieur the Cardinal and the king. It is by hiscourage, please observe, by his courage alone, that a gentlemancan make his way nowadays. Whoever hesitates for a secondperhaps allows the bait to escape which during that exact secondfortune held out to him. You are young. You ought to be bravefor two reasons: the first is that you are a Gascon, and thesecond is that you are my son. Never fear quarrels, but seekadventures. I have taught you how to handle a sword; you havethews of iron, a wrist of steel. Fight on all occasions. Fightthe more for duels being forbidden, since consequently there istwice as much courage in fighting. I have nothing to give you,my son, but fifteen crowns, my horse, and the counsels you havejust heard. Your mother will add to them a recipe for a certainbalsam, which she had from a Bohemian and which has themiraculous virtue of curing all wounds that do not reach theheart. Take advantage of all, and live happily and long. I havebut one word to add, and that is to propose an example to you--not mine, for I myself have never appeared at court, and haveonly taken part in religious wars as a volunteer; I speak ofMonsieur de Treville, who was formerly my neighbor, and who hadthe honor to be, as a child, the play-fellow of our king, LouisXIII, whom God preserve! Sometimes their play degenerated intobattles, and in these battles the king was not always thestronger. The blows which he received increased greatly hisesteem and friendship for Monsieur de Treville. Afterward,Monsieur de Treville fought with others: in his first journey toParis, five times; from the death of the late king till the youngone came of age, without reckoning wars and sieges, seven times;and from that date up to the present day, a hundred times,perhaps! So that in spite of edicts, ordinances, and decrees,there he is, captain of the Musketeers; that is to say, chief ofa legion of Caesars, whom the king holds in great esteem and whomthe cardinal dreads--he who dreads nothing, as it is said. Stillfurther, Monsieur de Treville gains ten thousand crowns a year;he is therefore a great noble. He began as you begin. Go to himwith this letter, and make him your model in order that you maydo as he has done."

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    {  "Seeing you constantly surrounded by Musketeers of a very superbappearance, and knowing that these Musketeers belong to Monsieurde Treville, and were consequently enemies of the cardinal, Ithought that you and your friends, while rendering justice toyour poor queen, would be pleased to play his Eminence an illturn."

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      "And I for Planchet," said D'Artagnan.