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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Planchet had followed the road; like Athos, he had discovered the stainsof blood; like Athos, he had noted the spot where the horses had halted.But he had gone farther than Athos--for at the village of Festubert,while drinking at an inn, he had learned without needing to ask aquestion that the evening before, at half-past eight, a wounded man whoaccompanied a lady traveling in a post-chaise had been obliged to stop,unable to go further. The accident was set down to the account ofrobbers, who had stopped the chaise in the wood. The man remained inthe village; the woman had had a relay of horses, and continued herjourney.
2.  "Yes, Treville, yes," said the king, in a melancholy tone; "andit is very sad, believe me, to see thus two parties in France,two heads to royalty. But all this will come to an end, Treville,will come to an end. You say, then, that the Guardsmen sought aquarrel with the Musketeers?"
3.  "I have counted upon you on this occasion, monsieur.""Yes?"
4.  And as he bound her while saying these words, Milady uttered two orthree savage cries, which produced a strange and melancholy effect inflying away into the night, and losing themselves in the depths of thewoods.
5.  "In the first place, Monsieur Athos is arrested.""Arrested! Athos arrested! What for?"
6.  The Musketeer advanced two steps, and pushed D'Artagnan asidewith his hand. D'Artagnan made a spring backward and drew hissword. At the same time, and with the rapidity of lightning, thestranger drew his.


1.  She was sent by her mistress to the false De Wardes. Hermistress was mad with love, intoxicated with joy. Shewished to know when her lover would meet her a second night;and poor Kitty, pale and trembling, awaited D'Artagnan'sreply. The counsels of his friend, joined to the cries ofhis own heart, made him determine, now his pride was savedand his vengeance satisfied, not to see Milady again. As areply, he wrote the following letter:
2.  "I believe it."
3.  "Oh, my God, my God," cried Mme. Bonacieux, "what is it?""It is the uniform of the cardinal's Guards. Not an instant to be lost!Fly, fly!"
4.  This event had hastened the resolutions of the cardinal; andtill the king and he could take the command of the siege ofLa Rochelle, which was determined, he had sent Monsieur todirect the first operations, and had ordered all the troopshe could dispose of to march toward the theater of war. Itwas of this detachment, sent as a vanguard, that our friendD'Artagnan formed a part.
5.  "I have been sufficiently unjust to believe so; but during the last twoor three days I have obtained proof to the contrary, for which I thankGod--for it would have cost me very dear to think she had forgotten me.But you, madame, you appear to be free," continued the novice; "and ifyou were inclined to fly it only rests with yourself to do so.""Whither would you have me go, without friends, without money, in a partof France with which I am unacquainted, and where I have never beenbefore?"
6.  "Fire, then," said Athos.


1.  When left alone, the two friends at first kept an embarrassedsilence. It however became necessary for one of them to break itfirst, and as D'Artagnan appeared determined to leave that honorto his companion, Aramis said, "you see that I am returned to myfundamental ideas."
2.  The stranger advanced slowly, and as he advanced, after enteringinto the circle of light projected by the lamp, Miladyinvoluntarily drew back.
3.  "Gentlemen," said Jussac, "it is with great regret that Ipronounce the thing impossible. Duty before everything.Sheathe, then, if you please, and follow us."
4.  Then, calling Planchet, he said, "Now, my lad, you may claimyour seven hundred livres, but you did not run much riskwith such a note as that."
5.   "She is afraid so."
6.  The cavalier laughed aloud, which appeared to exasperateMilady still more.


1.  "I have an idea," said D'Artagnan.
2.  Rochefort had scarcely departed when Mme. Bonacieux re-entered. Shefound Milady with a smiling countenance.
3.  "From the queen! Oh, oh!" said M. de Treville. "Why, it isindeed a true royal jewel, which is worth a thousand pistoles ifit is worth a denier. By whom did the queen send you thisjewel?"
4、  D'Artagnan pursued his way. He had given his word not to watchMme. Bonacieux, and if his life had depended upon the spot towhich she was going or upon the person who should accompany her,D'Artagnan would have returned home, since he had so promised.Five minutes later he was in the Rue des Fossoyeurs."Poor Athos!" said he; "he will never guess what all this means.He will have fallen asleep waiting for me, or else he will havereturned home, where he will have learned that a woman had beenthere. A woman with Athos! After all," continued D'Artagnan,"there was certainly one with Aramis. All this is very strange;and I am curious to know how it will end."
5、  "And does the husband of this frightful creature stilllive?" said Aramis.




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      "Will not escape him?" replied the stranger, knitting his brow."No; before a woman you would dare not fly, I presume?""Remember," said Milady, seeing the stranger lay his hand on hissword, "the least delay may ruin everything."

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      "My faith!" replied D'Artagnan, recognizing Athos, who, after thedressing performed by the doctor, was returning to his ownapartment. "I did not do it intentionally, and not doing itintentionally, I said 'Excuse me.' It appears to me that this isquite enough. I repeat to you, however, and this time on my wordof honor--I think perhaps too often--that I am in haste, greathaste. Leave your hold, then, I beg of you, and let me go wheremy business calls me."

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       "No, no! It is not true," said Milady, in a tone of voice sofirm, and with a countenance so unchanged, that ifD'Artagnan had not been in such perfect possession of thefact, he would have doubted.

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      "Your Majesty will not forget that I have done everything in mypower to prevent a rupture."

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    {  "What do you say?"

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      "Monsieur Man-in-a-hurry, you can find me without running--ME,you understand?"}

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      "Give a ball; you know how much the queen loves dancing. I willanswer for it, her resentment will not hold out against such anattention."

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      During the exchange of these two words Felton drew back quickly,and when Lord de Winter entered, he was several paces from theprisoner.

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       And D'Artagnan heard the door of communication openedviolently.

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    {  "Place confidence in me, madame; do me that honor, my queen, andI will find a messenger."

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      "Monsieur d'Artagnan," said the commissary, addressing Athos,"declare all that passed yesterday between you and Monsieur.""But," cried Bonacieux, "this is not Monsieur d'Artagnan whom youshow me."