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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I will," said Holmes. "In the first place, your Grace, I am boundto tell you that you have placed yourself in a most serious positionin the eyes of the law. You have condoned a felony, and you have aidedthe escape of a murderer, for I cannot doubt that any money whichwas taken by James Wilder to aid his accomplice in his flight camefrom your Grace's purse."
2.  "Your case is not complete, then?" I asked.
3.  "Murder, if ever there was one upon earth."
4.  "Anything else?"
5.  "This outburst rather astonished me, as you can think. 'Well,'said I, 'other people don't think quite so much of me as you seem todo, Mr. Pinner. I had a hard enough fight to get this berth, and Iam very glad to have it.'
6.  "Yes, but very small ones. Too narrow for anyone to pass through.""As you both locked your doors at night, your rooms wereunapproachable from that side. Now, would you have the kindness togo into your room and bar your shutters?"


1.  "I am afraid I miss the point."
2.  Mr. Amberley sat down heavily. He sensed impending danger. I read itin his straining eyes and his twitching features.
3.  "Not for worlds. But why were you doing this?"
4.  "Well, sir, if it isn't too great a liberty, I am a neighbour ofyours, for you'll find my little bookshop at the corner of ChurchStreet, and very happy to see you, I am sure. Maybe you collectyourself, sir. Here's British Birds, and Catullus, and The Holy War- abargain, every one of them. With five volumes you could just fill thatgap on that second shelf. It looks untidy, does it not, sir?"I moved my head to look at the cabinet behind me. When I turnedagain, Sherlock Holmes was standing smiling at me across my studytable. I rose to my feet, stared at him for some seconds in utteramazement, and then it appears that I must have fainted for thefirst and the last time in my life. Certainly a gray mist swirledbefore my eyes, and when it cleared I found my collar-ends undoneand the tingling after-taste of brandy upon my lips. Holmes wasbending over my chair, his flask in his hand.
5.  As we left the house Lestrade remained in the front room, whilethe repentant constable opened the door to let us out. Holmes turnedon the step and held up something in his hand. The constable staredintently.
6.  "Well, it must be the creature who lives in the only comfortableroom in the place and has her photograph above his fireplace. Uponmy word, Watson, there is something very attractive about that lividface at the window, and I would not have missed the case for worlds.""You have a theory?"


1.  "Anything else?"
2.  "'Ample.'
3.  "So you might describe me," said Holmes cheerfully. "My companion isalso a dangerous ruffian. And together we are going through yourhouse."
4.  She gave a gasp, and her head dropped back in the chair."Come, Lady Hilda. You have the letter. The matter may still beadjusted. I have no desire to bring trouble to you. My duty endswhen I have returned the lost letter to your husband. Take my adviceand be frank with me. It is your only chance."
5.   "I could see that the end had not been in his mouth. Therefore heused a holder. The tip had been cut off not bitten off, but the cutwas not a clean one, so I deduced a blunt pen-knife."
6.  He held out his hand. On the palm were three little pyramids ofblack, doughy clay.


1.  "You remember," said he, "that some little time ago when I readyou the passage in one of Poe's sketches in which a close reasonerfollows the unspoken thoughts of his companion, you were inclined totreat the matter as a mere tour-de-force of the author. On myremarking that I was constantly in the habit of doing the same thingyou expressed incredulity."
2.  "You are dreaming!"
3.  cross-purposes," said my friend, with dignity. "If you could stepdownstairs with us, we may each be able to give some light to theother upon this miserable affair."
4、  "Try Canadian Pacific Railway," said Holmes.
5、  "I shall be honoured."




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      "You deduced it, then?"

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      "What about the Hall lake and the chance of a pike?" said Holmes.The face of the innkeeper clouded.

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      "Well, then, of course I saw it all, and I ran off as hard asmy feet would carry me to this man Breckinridge; but he had soldthe lot at once, and not one word would he tell me as to wherethey had gone. You heard him yourselves to-night. Well, he hasalways answered me like that. My sister thinks that I am goingmad. Sometimes I think that I am myself. And now--and now I ammyself a branded thief, without ever having touched the wealth forwhich I sold my character. God help me! God help me!" He burstinto convulsive sobbing, with his face buried in his hands.There was a long silence, broken only by his heavy breathing,and by the measured tapping of Sherlock Holmes's finger-tips uponthe edge of the table. Then my friend rose and threw open thedoor.

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    {  "Where is he?" he gasped.

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      "'I am sorry that I broke my promise, Jack,' said she, 'but if youknew all the circumstances I am sure that you would forgive me.'"'Tell me everything, then,' said I.}

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      "So there you have my tragedy. I hoped against hope, but it wasnot until I had reached home that the terrible signs which you seeupon my face told me that I had not escaped. What was I to do? I wasin this lonely house. We had two servants whom we could utterly trust.There was a house where I could live. Under pledge of secrecy, Mr.Kent, who is a surgeon, was prepared to stay with me. It seemed simpleenough on those lines. The alternative was a dreadful one- segregationfor life among strangers with never a hope of release. But absolutesecrecy was necessary, or even in this quiet countryside there wouldhave been an outcry, and I should have been dragged to my horribledoom. Even you, Jimmie- even you had to be kept in the dark. Why myfather has relented I cannot imagine."

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      "'You have called me names enough,' said he; 'I will not stand itany longer. I shall not say another word about this business, sinceyou have chosen to insult me. I will leave your house in the morningand make my own way in the world.'

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       "I am in hopes of getting it. That is why I am here. The more Ithink of the matter the more convinced I am that the letter hasnever left this house."

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    {  "Is there a cellar with a good strong lock?"

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      "Where could I have it safer? If we could take it out of Whitehallsomeone else could surely take it out of my lodgings."