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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Good Lord!" said D'Artagnan, who, as we have often said, never stumbledat anything. "It appears to me that we are making a great trouble of avery simple thing. In two days, and by using up two or three horses(that's nothing; I have plenty of money), I am at Bethune. I present myletter from the queen to the superior, and I bring back the deartreasure If go to seek-not into Lorraine, not into Belgium, but toParis, where she will be much better concealed, particularly while thecardinal is at L Rochelle. Well, once returned from the country, halfby the protection of her cousin, half through what we have personallydone for her, we shall obtain from the queen what we desire. Remain,then, where you are, and do not exhaust yourselves with useless fatigue.Myself and Planchet are all that such a simple expedition requires."To this Athos replied quietly: "We also have money left--for I have notyet drunk all my share of the diamond, and Porthos and Aramis have noteaten all theirs. We can therefore use up four horses as well as one.But consider, D'Artagnan," added he, in a tone so solemn that it madethe young man shudder, "consider that Bethune is a city where thecardinal has given rendezvous to a woman who, wherever she goes, bringsmisery with her. If you had only to deal with four men, D'Artagnan, Iwould allow you to go alone. You have to do with that woman! We fourwill go; and I hope to God that with our four lackeys we may be insufficient number."
2.  "I have a miraculous balsam for wounds--a balsam given to me bymy mother and of which I have made a trial upon myself.""Well?"
3.  "And against whom?" cried the king.
4.  "Speak, my child, speak," said D'Artagnan; "I listen.""Here? Impossible! That which I have to say is too long,and above all, too secret."
5.  "Gentlemen, gentlemen," cried D'Artagnan, who began to get aglimpse of the result of the adventure, "the thing is serious.Let us try not to jest, if we can. Go on Aramis, go on.""All at once, a tall, dark gentleman--just like yours,D'Artagnan."
6.  "Aramis! Porthos!" cried Athos, and laughed aloud."What is it?" asked D'Artagnan, who did not at all comprehend thehilarity of his friend.


1.  "And you say you will wait for me at Armentieres?""At Armentieres."
2.  Bazin, who looked at his master, without comprehending the causeof this change, in a melancholy manner, allowed the omelet toslip into the spinach, and the spinach onto the floor."Now this is the moment to consecrate your existence to the Kingof kings," said D'Artagnan, "if you persist in offering him acivility. NON INUTILE DESIDERIUM OBLATIONE."
3.  They walked arm in arm, occupying the whole width of the streetand taking in every Musketeer they met, so that in the end itbecame a triumphal march. The heart of D'Artagnan swam indelirium; he marched between Athos and Porthos, pressing themtenderly.
4.  "Now, gentlemen, a sortie!" cried Athos.
5.  "That is true," said his antagonists.
6.  And the troop continued their route.


1.  And at these words, the Musketeer, in irreproachable costume,belted as usual, with a tolerably firm step, entered the cabinet.M. de Treville, moved to the bottom of his heart by this proof ofcourage, sprang toward him.
2.  "Indeed!" said Milady, in an anxious tone; "explainyourself, for I really cannot tell what you mean."And she looked at D'Artagnan, who embraced her tenderly,with eyes which seemed to burn themselves away.
3.  "Ah, ah! You incline me to think so," said the king. "There isno doubt they went thither to fight themselves."
4.  At this moment the four Guards appeared at the door of theantechamber, but seeing four Musketeers standing, and theirswords by their sides, they hesitated about going farther."Come in, gentlemen, come in," called D'Artagnan; "you are herein my apartment, and we are all faithful servants of the king andcardinal."
5.   "What, monsieur, will you leave us so soon?"
6.  "How so?"


1.  "Your Eminence means, I presume, the knife stab in the Ruede la Feronnerie?"
2.  D'Artagnan dismissed Planchet, and requested his visitor to beseated. There was a moment of silence, during which the two menlooked at each other, as if to make a preliminary acquaintance,after which D'Artagnan bowed, as a sign that he listened."I have heard Monsieur d'Artagnan spoken of as a very brave youngman," said the citizen; "and this reputation which he justlyenjoys had decided me to confide a secret to him.""Speak, monsieur, speak," said D'Artagnan, who instinctivelyscented something advantageous.
3.  The heart of the young man overflowed with joy. An opportunitypresented itself to him in which there would be at the same timeglory to be acquired, and money to be gained; and as a far higherencouragement, it brought him into close intimacy with a woman headored. This chance did, then, for him at once more than hewould have dared to ask of Providence.
4、  "He will ask you what you want, and you will answer by these twowords, 'Tours' and 'Bruxelles.' He will at once put himself atyour orders."
5、  At the end of a quarter of an hour, however, surprised at thelength of the journey, she leaned forward toward the door to seewhither she was being conducted. Houses were no longer to beseen; trees appeared in the darkness like great black phantomschasing one another. Milady shuddered.




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      But at the sight of the young man, who detached himself from thewall like a statue walking from its niche, and at the noise ofthe steps which she heard resound behind her, Mme. Bonacieuxuttered a little cry and fled.

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      "Oh, yes, him! I know him; not personally, but from having heardthe queen speak of him more than once as a brave and loyalgentleman."

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       "It is I," said D'Artagnan in a subdued voice, "I, the Comtede Wardes."

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      "But if he should be at home and see me?"

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    {  It could not be said that it was wine which produced thissadness; for in truth he only drank to combat this sadness, whichwine however, as we have said, rendered still darker. Thisexcess of bilious humor could not be attributed to play; forunlike Porthos, who accompanied the variations of chance withsongs or oaths, Athos when he won remained as unmoved as when helost. He had been known, in the circle of the Musketeers, to winin one night three thousand pistoles; to lose them even to thegold-embroidered belt for gala days, win all this again with theaddition of a hundred louis, without his beautiful eyebrow beingheightened or lowered half a line, without his hands losing theirpearly hue, without his conversation, which was cheerful thatevening, ceasing to be calm and agreeable.

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      "You must be Satan!" cried she.}

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      Neither was it, as with our neighbors, the English, anatmospheric influence which darkened his countenance; for thesadness generally became more intense toward the fine season ofthe year. June and July were the terrible months with Athos.For the present he had no anxiety. He shrugged his shoulderswhen people spoke of the feature. His secret, then, was in thepast, as had often been vaguely said to D'Artagnan.This mysterious shade, spread over his whole person, renderedstill more interesting the man whose eyes or mouth, even in themost complete intoxication, had never revealed anything, howeverskillfully questions had been put to him.

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      "Safe and sound, as true as my name's Jack Butler.""Well," said Milady, "if you keep your word, instead of fivehundred, I will give you a thousand pistoles."

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       "Come hither, I say, and don't be afraid," continued Athos. "Atthe very moment when I was about to pay you, I had placed mypurse on the table."

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    {  "Or, at least, I will go--later."

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      "Well," replied Athos, "I am not far from approving the ideaof Monsieur Porthos."