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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "'Tis cold, all right, this morning," said the one on the left,who possessed a rich brogue.
2.  "No," he said, in his sanest moments, "I can't do it. I'll getsomething else and save up."
3.  "Look at the bloke ridin'."
4.  The captain looked in recognition, but there was no especialgreeting. The newcomer nodded slightly and murmured somethinglike one who waits for gifts. The other simply motioned to-wardthe edge of the walk.
5.  "Thank you," she answered, with some trepidation and went out.
6.  "Hurstwood!" exclaimed Carrie, rising. Her face had changedseveral shades since this announcement was made. She lookedwithin and without herself in a half-dazed way.


1.  When Hurstwood returned he was not so elated as when he wentaway, and now she was obliged to drop practice and get dinner.Here was an early irritation. She would have her work and this.Was she going to act and keep house?
2.  That was not before he had become settled, however. Carrie andhe went looking for a flat, as arranged, and found one inSeventy-eighth Street near Amsterdam Avenue. It was a five-storybuilding, and their flat was on the third floor. Owing to thefact that the street was not yet built up solidly, it waspossible to see east to the green tops of the trees in CentralPark and west to the broad waters of the Hudson, a glimpse ofwhich was to be had out of the west windows. For the privilegeof six rooms and a bath, running in a straight line, they werecompelled to pay thirty-five dollars a month--an average, and yetexorbitant, rent for a home at the time. Carrie noticed thedifference between the size of the rooms here and in Chicago andmentioned it.
3.  When they were alone, Drouet did not change in the least. Hetalked in the same general way as if they were out in the street.Carrie left her things.
4.  "At the Boston Store."
5.  The fact that people took him to be better off than he was, hewell understood. It was so painfully clear to him that itretarded his search. Not that he wished to be less well-appearing, but that he was ashamed to belie his appearance byincongruous appeals. So he hesitated, wondering what to do.
6.  At last, however, troubles became too thick. The hounding ofcreditors, the indifference of Carrie, the silence of the flat,and presence of winter, all joined to produce a climax. It waseffected by the arrival of Oeslogge, personally, when Carrie wasthere.


1.  "Not until afterwards," said the ex-manager. "I'll see youlater. Are you stopping here?"
2.  That night the pretty little flat seemed a commonplace thing. Itwas not what the rest of the world was enjoying. She saw theservant working at dinner with an indifferent eye. In her mindwere running scenes of the play. Particularly she remembered onebeautiful actress--the sweetheart who had been wooed and won.The grace of this woman had won Carrie's heart. Her dresses hadbeen all that art could suggest, her sufferings had been so real.The anguish which she had portrayed Carrie could feel. It wasdone as she was sure she could do it. There were places in whichshe could even do better. Hence she repeated the lines toherself. Oh, if she could only have such a part, how broad wouldbe her life! She, too, could act appealingly.
3.  "Oh, let up," he answered. "What difference does it make? Youcouldn't associate with her, anyway. They've got too much money.
4.  Carrie swallowed this story in all its pristine beauty. Shesincerely wished he could get through the summer. He looked sohopeless.
5.   The important night of the first real performance came. She didnot suggest to Hurstwood that he come and see. He did not thinkof going. It would only be money wasted. She had such a smallpart.
6.  "I guess we have a few days yet," he said.


1.  "Did you see by the paper they are going to call out themilitia?" Hurstwood heard one of them remark.
2.  "I believe I'll turn in," said the man.
3.  Hurstwood was perfectly indifferent. He took it for granted thatit would be worthless. All he cared for was to have it endurableenough to allow for pretension and congratulation afterward.
4、  She could not help sharing in Lola's love for a good time. Therewere days when they went carriage riding, nights when after theshow they dined, afternoons when they strolled along Broadway,tastefully dressed. She was getting in the metropolitan whirl ofpleasure.
5、  "Oh, that's all right," answered the little girl, good-naturedly,glad to be of service.It had been days since Hurstwood had done more than go to thegrocery or to the news-stand. Now the weariness of indoors wasupon him--had been for two days--but chill, grey weather had heldhim back. Friday broke fair and warm. It was one of thoselovely harbingers of spring, given as a sign in dreary winterthat earth is not forsaken of warmth and beauty. The blueheaven, holding its one golden orb, poured down a crystal wash ofwarm light. It was plain, from the voice of the sparrows, thatall was halcyon outside. Carrie raised the front windows, andfelt the south wind blowing.




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      This lack of pride and interest made Carrie almost hate him.

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      "Did you see that woman who went by just now?" he said to Carrieon the first day they took a walk together. "Fine stepper, wasn'tshe?"

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       "She didn't deserve what she got out of me, that is sure. Ididn't do so much, if everybody could just know."

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      Carrie's heart sank.

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    {  "They've got a notice here of the part I'm going to play to-morrow night," said Carrie to her friend.

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      On Friday Carrie remembered her appointment with Hurstwood, andthe passing of the hour when she should, by all right of promise,have been in his company served to keep the calamity which hadbefallen her exceedingly fresh and clear. In her nervousness andstress of mind she felt it necessary to act, and consequently puton a brown street dress, and at eleven o'clock started to visitthe business portion once again. She must look for work.}

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      The critic of the "Evening World," seeking as usual to establisha catch phrase which should "go" with the town, wound up byadvising: "If you wish to be merry, see Carrie frown."

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      "Not when you have a gentle horse," said Carrie.

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       He received no answer. Carrie was quieting, however, under theinfluence of his plea.

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    {  Transplantation is not always successful in the matter of flowersor maidens. It requires sometimes a richer soil, a betteratmosphere to continue even a natural growth. It would have beenbetter if her acclimatization had been more gradual--less rigid.She would have done better if she had not secured a position soquickly, and had seen more of the city which she constantlytroubled to know about.

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      He smiled and went lightly away. Carrie was thoroughlyimpressed. She had never come in contact with such grace. Asfor Drouet, he was equally pleased.