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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yes, your excellency; he came from Marseilles, where he hadbeen deputy-procureur. His zeal had procured himadvancement, and he was said to be one of the first who hadinformed the government of the departure from the Island ofElba."
2.  "Oh, count, what a service you might render me! I shouldlike you a hundred times better if, by your intervention, Icould manage to remain a bachelor, even were it only for tenyears."
3.  "That is it precisely, Signor Aladdin; it is hashish -- thepurest and most unadulterated hashish of Alexandria, -- thehashish of Abou-Gor, the celebrated maker, the only man, theman to whom there should be built a palace, inscribed withthese words, `A grateful world to the dealer in happiness.'"
4.  "Take some, then, and come back immediately." Barrois tookaway the waiter, and hardly was he outside the door, whichin his haste he forgot to shut, than they saw him throw backhis head and empty to the very dregs the glass whichValentine had filled. Valentine and Morrel were exchangingtheir adieux in the presence of Noirtier when a ring washeard at the door-bell. It was the signal of a visit.Valentine looked at her watch.
5.  Morrel allowed his hand to fall into that which the countextended to him; then with an inexpressibly sorrowfulinclination of the head he quitted the count and bent hissteps to the east of the city. Monte Cristo remained on thesame spot until Maximilian was out of sight; he then walkedslowly towards the Allees de Meillan to seek out a smallhouse with which our readers were made familiar at thebeginning of this story. It yet stood, under the shade ofthe fine avenue of lime-trees, which forms one of the mostfrequent walks of the idlers of Marseilles, covered by animmense vine, which spreads its aged and blackened branchesover the stone front, burnt yellow by the ardent sun of thesouth. Two stone steps worn away by the friction of manyfeet led to the door, which was made of three planks; thedoor had never been painted or varnished, so great cracksyawned in it during the dry season to close again when therains came on. The house, with all its crumbling antiquityand apparent misery, was yet cheerful and picturesque, andwas the same that old Dantes formerly inhabited -- the onlydifference being that the old man occupied merely thegarret, while the whole house was now placed at the commandof Mercedes by the count.
6.  "Monsieur de Morcerf has received a letter from Franz,announcing his immediate return." Valentine turned pale, andleaned her hand against the gate. "Ah heavens, if it werethat! But no, the communication would not come throughMadame de Villefort."


1.  "We have no time to lose; I will question, and do you answerme." Noirtier made a sign that he was ready to answer. "Didyou anticipate the accident which has happened to yourgranddaughter?"
2.  "Really, all you have related to me is exceedinglyinteresting," said Monte Cristo, observing the young manwith a gloomy satisfaction; "and you have done well toconform in everything to the wishes of my friend Sinbad; foryour father is indeed here, and is seeking you."
3.  "Just this. I will so advantageously bestow 2,000 piastres,that the person receiving them shall obtain a respite tillnext year for Peppino; and during that year, anotherskilfully placed 1,000 piastres will afford him the means ofescaping from his prison."
4.  "Is he armed?"
5.  "Take care," returned Albert; "no one has been able toaccomplish that."
6.  "Did he send you?"


1.  "Oh, you frighten me! But speak; I will listen."
2.  "I must calculate our chances; I will give you the signal."
3.  "For the dead man, yes," replied M. de Boville, "but not forthe survivor; on the contrary, this Dantes saw a means ofaccelerating his escape. He, no doubt, thought thatprisoners who died in the Chateau d'If were interred in anordinary burial-ground, and he conveyed the dead man intohis own cell, took his place in the sack in which they hadsewed up the corpse, and awaited the moment of interment."
4.  "What a question! Now, do you know, baron, I have a greatmind to pick a quarrel with you for asking it; as if all theworld did not know who the Countess G---- was."
5.   "Did you recognize him?"
6.  "A Tuscan count."


1.  "By heaven, M. Bertuccio, you make use of heraldic terms;where did you study heraldry?"
2.  "Come," thought Danglars, "it is the same old story." Andwhile he smiled as he attempted to regard the affair as ajoke, he felt his temples get moist with perspiration.
3.  "But how did she become so?"
4、  "Quite sufficient," replied the count, as, taking out histablets, he wrote down "No. 27, Rue du Helder, 21st May,half-past ten in the morning."
5、  "Oh, count, what a service you might render me! I shouldlike you a hundred times better if, by your intervention, Icould manage to remain a bachelor, even were it only for tenyears."




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      "Yes, and your conversation is most interesting; and as Iwish to enjoy it as long as possible, steer for MonteCristo."

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      "You do wrong."

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       "Teresa was clothed from head to foot in the garb of theCount of San-Felice's daughter. Vampa took Cucumetto's bodyin his arms and conveyed it to the grotto, while in her turnTeresa remained outside. If a second traveller had passed,he would have seen a strange thing, -- a shepherdesswatching her flock, clad in a cashmere grown, with ear-ringsand necklace of pearls, diamond pins, and buttons ofsapphires, emeralds, and rubies. He would, no doubt, havebelieved that he had returned to the times of Florian, andwould have declared, on reaching Paris, that he had met anAlpine shepherdess seated at the foot of the Sabine Hill. Atthe end of a quarter of an hour Vampa quitted the grotto;his costume was no less elegant than that of Teresa. He worea vest of garnet-colored velvet, with buttons of cut gold; asilk waistcoat covered with embroidery; a Roman scarf tiedround his neck; a cartridge-box worked with gold, and redand green silk; sky-blue velvet breeches, fastened above theknee with diamond buckles; garters of deerskin, worked witha thousand arabesques, and a hat whereon hung ribbons of allcolors; two watches hung from his girdle, and a splendidponiard was in his belt. Teresa uttered a cry of admiration.Vampa in this attire resembled a painting by Leopold Robert,or Schnetz. He had assumed the entire costume of Cucumetto.The young man saw the effect produced on his betrothed, anda smile of pride passed over his lips. -- `Now,' he said toTeresa, `are you ready to share my fortune, whatever it maybe?' -- `Oh, yes!' exclaimed the young girlenthusiastically. -- `And follow me wherever I go?' -- `Tothe world's end.' -- `Then take my arm, and let us on; wehave no time to lose.' -- The young girl did so withoutquestioning her lover as to where he was conducting her, forhe appeared to her at this moment as handsome, proud, andpowerful as a god. They went towards the forest, and soonentered it. We need scarcely say that all the paths of themountain were known to Vampa; he therefore went forwardwithout a moment's hesitation, although there was no beatentrack, but he knew his path by looking at the trees andbushes, and thus they kept on advancing for nearly an hourand a half. At the end of this time they had reached thethickest of the forest. A torrent, whose bed was dry, ledinto a deep gorge. Vampa took this wild road, which,enclosed between two ridges, and shadowed by the tuftedumbrage of the pines, seemed, but for the difficulties ofits descent, that path to Avernus of which Virgil speaks.Teresa had become alarmed at the wild and deserted look ofthe plain around her, and pressed closely against her guide,not uttering a syllable; but as she saw him advance witheven step and composed countenance, she endeavored torepress her emotion. Suddenly, about ten paces from them, aman advanced from behind a tree and aimed at Vampa. -- `Notanother step,' he said, `or you are a dead man.' -- `What,then,' said Vampa, raising his hand with a gesture ofdisdain, while Teresa, no longer able to restrain her alarm,clung closely to him, `do wolves rend each other?' -- `Whoare you?' inquired the sentinel. -- `I am Luigi Vampa,shepherd of the San-Felice farm.' -- `What do you want?' --`I would speak with your companions who are in the glade atRocca Bianca.' -- `Follow me, then,' said the sentinel; `or,as you know your way, go first.' -- Vampa smileddisdainfully at this precaution on the part of the bandit,went before Teresa, and continued to advance with the samefirm and easy step as before. At the end of ten minutes thebandit made them a sign to stop. The two young personsobeyed. Then the bandit thrice imitated the cry of a crow; acroak answered this signal. -- `Good!' said the sentry, `youmay now go on.' -- Luigi and Teresa again set forward; asthey went on Teresa clung tremblingly to her lover at thesight of weapons and the glistening of carbines through thetrees. The retreat of Rocca Bianca was at the top of a smallmountain, which no doubt in former days had been a volcano-- an extinct volcano before the days when Remus and Romulushad deserted Alba to come and found the city of Rome. Teresaand Luigi reached the summit, and all at once foundthemselves in the presence of twenty bandits. `Here is ayoung man who seeks and wishes to speak to you,' said thesentinel. -- `What has he to say?' inquired the young manwho was in command in the chief's absence. -- `I wish to saythat I am tired of a shepherd's life,' was Vampa's reply. --`Ah, I understand,' said the lieutenant; `and you seekadmittance into our ranks?' -- `Welcome!' cried severalbandits from Ferrusino, Pampinara, and Anagni, who hadrecognized Luigi Vampa. -- `Yes, but I came to ask somethingmore than to be your companion.' -- `And what may that be?'inquired the bandits with astonishment. -- `I come to ask tobe your captain,' said the young man. The bandits shoutedwith laughter. `And what have you done to aspire to thishonor?' demanded the lieutenant. -- `I have killed yourchief, Cucumetto, whose dress I now wear; and I set fire tothe villa San-Felice to procure a wedding-dress for mybetrothed.' An hour afterwards Luigi Vampa was chosencaptain, vice Cucumetto deceased."

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      "Don't you remember," said the patron, "I told you thatamong the crew there were two Corsican brigands?"

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    {  "Cucumetto departed, without losing sight of Carlini, for,doubtless, he feared lest he should strike him unawares; butnothing betrayed a hostile design on Carlini's part. He wasstanding, his arms folded, near Rita, who was stillinsensible. Cucumetto fancied for a moment the young man wasabout to take her in his arms and fly; but this matteredlittle to him now Rita had been his; and as for the money,three hundred piastres distributed among the band was sosmall a sum that he cared little about it. He continued tofollow the path to the glade; but, to his great surprise,Carlini arrived almost as soon as himself. `Let us drawlots! let us draw lots!' cried all the brigands, when theysaw the chief.

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      "But," said Danglars, whose weak mind was at first quiteoverwhelmed with the weight of this pitiless logic, markingevident premeditation and force of will, "what is yourreason for this refusal, Eugenie? what reason do youassign?"}

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      "`Your mode of life as a smuggler,' said he to me one day,`will be the ruin of you; if you get out, don't take it upagain.' -- `But how,' inquired I, `am I to maintain myselfand my poor sister?'

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      "Is there any particular priest you wish to pray withValentine?" asked d'Avrigny.

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    {  "How? Do you not comprehend?"

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      "For what purpose?"